Twelve Gates of Heaven

Around March 10, 2007



I prepared myself for bed around the week of March 10, 2007, and fell into it exhausted from work about 2:30 a.m. Early in the morning, I had this vision:


As I arrived in a space outside of heaven, I was bowed down upon my knees with my hands and face facing the ground. I heard the voice of the Lord say, “Jeannette look.” As I arose to look I saw that the atmosphere was natural daylight. Then the Lord said, “The 12 gates of heaven are opened.” As they opened, I was blinded and my hand raised up to my heart for the brilliance of what was blinding me. I gasped at the site of what I was seeing. At the same instance that He spoke those words to me and with His overshadowing Presence beside me, this is what I saw: I was able to see the 12 gates of heaven open simultaneously with a loud shaking boom that shook the ground I was on. I heard and felt the vibrating waves transmitting throughout my very being. The colors of the jewel settings in the gates shown with streams of light beaming forth like the sun’s rays towards the outer atmosphere. There were 12 heavenly beings dressed as royalty with robes of kings and crowns set upon their heads. They had royal scepters in their right hands. All of the garments, scepters, and crowns had exquisite jewels shining forth. Each heavenly being stepped forth (together) and jointly made eye contact with God and me. There was a moment of silence as they were gazing towards us, and then the Lord said, “Heaven is opened unto you.”


While praying, because of the magnitude of the vision and the words of the Lord, I give this account with great awe and am overwhelmed about the encounter with God in the heavens. I am not even worthy to receive such a vision and to stand with God Almighty. With lowliness of heart, I know the wretchedness of my soul as I give this account. I sign this as being true and as one who must give account about seeing such heavenly things of God.

For My Beloved Savior and Lord Jesus Christ,
Jeannette L. Vetter







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