Vision: 88-1821

Vision: Friday. April 07,2000

By Jeannette L. Vetter



  The vision opened inside a large parlor. The room was filled with typical early American furniture, which seemed massive and overpowering. I looked around to get my bearings and to try and figure out where I was. My eyes scanned the room towards the front door. I could see a light of tremendous power coming through the door. I started to run away from the light because I knew this was a powerful light force. It was something I did not understand. I was very frightened. When I turned to start to run, I heard the voice of GOD speak. He said, "Jeannette." I stopped in my tracks. I heard the powerful force shake the house. GOD said, "Jeannette look up." I saw the ceiling of the house had disappeared, and in its place were these dark-bellowing clouds rolling and swirling. I could see into the powerful clouds. GOD said, "Look at the 88 and the number 88 was formed by the powerful force of clouds. GOD said, "Jeannette look at the number 1821." The same formation happens to this number. These numbers stayed in view and were very clear. God had audibly spoken to me about what I was looking at. Then as the numbers started to go up into the powerful force, the swirling clouds formed a gathering at the base of the numbers into a funnel towards the ground where I was standing. The noise was incredible and deafening. When the sphere touched the ground, it sucked up backwards pushing the numbers upwards into the light power and the powerful force disappeared. I stood there for a few seconds, in wonderment.


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I heard GOD call my name. He said, "Jeannette, go to the bank." The spirit of GOD placed me outside. I was again in bewilderment. I was looking around outside, and I noticed the house was on my right. I said to God, "is that the White House?" He said, "Yes." The White House was very similar to George Washington's house in Mount Vernon. Gardens and beautiful very old giant trees surrounded the house. I looked to my right and noticed a huge tree with no leaves had been sheared off at the base. I said, "GOD, what happen to the tree?" He said, "My hand did this." The tree's trunk had been snapped at the base leaving exposed the jagged splintered pieces. The remaining part of the base was still in the ground. I could see it was very ancient and old. At one time, this giant tree stood between the house and the bank in front of me. No grass had grown beneath it and the odd thing is that it had no leaves. GOD said, "Jeannette, look at the stone in front of the bank."

"a huge tree with no leaves had been sheared off at the base..."


The stone was a marble with strange hieroglyphic pictures on it. I noticed the shapes had what looked like hands on the ends of the letters, at least they looked similar to letters to me. The color of the shapes had the coloring of pearls. I heard GOD say, "Jeannette, go inside the bank." I walked in the direction of the building. The bank was made of solid marble, the same as the stone in front of it. There were no doors and no seams. When I approached the stone building, an opening appeared and I walked inside. Inside there was no furniture, windows or activity of the usual nature for a bank.
Stone Marble with strange hieroglyphic writing

In the middle of the room was a counter of marble for transactions, and the vault was behind the counter. The vault had a solid door with iridescent pearl coloring just like the pictures on the stone in front of the bank. A teller named Barbara (I instantly knew her name) was waiting inside. She had dark hair and her skin was very white. I said, "Barbara, I have these pieces of paper in my hands. What is it? I have never seen papers like these before." She said, "Jeannette, this is money." I said, "It doesn't look like money. Look at the strange pictures on them, and one of them is smaller than the others. She said, "The smaller one has taken the place of coins. We don't use coins anymore. They are too heavy and bulky." Then I asked her what the strange writing on the money was. We started to examine the strange looking money. It had the same type of writing as the stone in front of the bank, but more refined. The color of the money was pearl and iridescent looking with shiny greens, blues, and reds. When you held it up to the light, it was reflective. There was a picture of a god on the front. It looked like a god of some sort (not one I could recognize of the strange ancient idol gods, rather it seemed to have all of their shapes combined). It was larger than the American dollar bill I was familiar with, but not by much. I looked at the smaller bill; the ends of the bill had dark black green borders about 2 inches on each end. The picture in the middle was the same god but not as refined, nor was it the same quality as the larger bill. Barbara said, "This is temporary money until everything is in place." I found myself back asleep in my bed. I was tired and exhausted by the vision.






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