Alignment of Evil

November 22, 1999

by Jeannette L. Vetter


  On the morning of November 22, 1999, I awoke as usual to my alarm clock. As I rose to get out of bed, I was overcome by a deep sleep even before my head hit the pillow. I felt myself fall backwards asleep. I was immediately placed into a scene within a wooden frame house. I saw people I knew, some of whom were of different faiths. Some were praying with faces on the floor rocking back and forth, some were moaning, and many were fearful. The men were checking the walls of the structure I was placed inside of. The leader was giving orders and sent younger men to accomplish the task. I looked around and noticed Lee standing before a smaller window than the one I was placed before. I heard people praying in a loud voice. I heard Lee also speaking in a loud voice to the Lord as the others were, but her voice was clear and precise in quoting scripture.

The Leader and Lee were working together with the younger Christians of many different faiths. I did not move towards any or join in praying. I felt compelled to join, but I knew I had another mission. They were not aware of my presence and did not know I was there. I heard the Lord's voice deep within my spirit, and it filled my whole being with power consuming me throughout my body and mind. We were one in mind and spirit.

My vision was sharp, and I noticed that the huge bay window in front of me was of a different substance than the rest -- highly transparent or translucent. The Lord said, "Jeannette, look to the left through the window behind Lee." As I turned my head to my left, my eyes followed the frame of the window, I noticed how large the bay window was, its curvature, and the strong beams that support it. It ended right before the smaller window, which was a regular standard window. I looked passed Lee into the area outside. (I was outside but yet still standing in my place inside.) I saw a large tree with green foliage and a huge owl perched on one of the top branches hidden among the leaves. Its feathers were different from that of a normal owl. They were shiny, illuminating light as it shown upon them, similar to duck feathers. The owl's head turned around in the typical way of owls, and it looked far upon the horizon to its extreme left.

The owl and I looked at the same time to the approaching of two bears walking towards us. One was a huge grizzly bear of massive size and a smaller bear (about half the size of the grizzly) which looked like a brown bear. As they approached, I heard them talking. The massive grizzly bear was as mean as he looked. He was giving instructions to the smaller bear. I heard him tell the smaller one, "I am going to eat time." Their pace was intense and did not stop. The massive bear was very instructive to the smaller one; they talked all the way towards us. I saw the detail of their fur, shoulders, and size. It seemed like I was of a greater stature than either the owl or the bears.



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  When the two bears came to the point where they were in line with the tree and the owl, the owl flew towards me with his wingspan consuming the whole dimensional space from horizon to horizon. The owl lifted itself up at the grizzly bear's words. Its wings came together to a point then lift him up and spread outward to a full wingspan, towards me. At this display of a full wingspan, I could see in detail the depth of his feathers that hung out in a great colossal display.

I was quickly back in the house. The owl and the bears at the same time marched towards the house as if all of them had been waiting for the right alignment of each other to proceed forward. At the alignment I noticed the tree leaves started falling. The area outside looked like the typical suburban neighborhood. The sky turned dark and the shadows of darkness grew and started to overcome the land. It became very still and empty outside. The people outside the cabin who were in their homes were all devoured by the darkness. I heard whaling of grief of such magnitude it chilled me to the bone. Strangely, the sound was in tune with the prayers of the saints inside of the cabin. The whole earth was travailing and trembling at the sounds of the marching of the bears and the flight of alignment of the three.

I was inside in front of the huge bay window as the two bears marched right up to me and stopped. The giant grizzly bear rose on its hind feet and placed its paws on the translucent glass covering. In a great roar with its massive paws on the glass, it showed its teeth and its huge opened mouth as if offended. I could see and hear what it was thinking and doing. When he saw he could not get to me because my protective covering did not give in at all, he drop his paws and marched forward around the corner of the house I was in. The smaller bear stopped to watch and observe the big bear. He marched toward a big brick fireplace that was outside of this cabin. Upon the mantle was a time clock. He rose and placed his paws on the mantle and devoured the clock. I then woke up.




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2.) Book: Animation Factory

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