Angel, Angel



Jeannette L. Vetter


Angel Visitation: May 19.1999

I was awakened in the middle of the night by the touch of an angel. This was not a dream. I was startled and somewhat frightened because he was kneeling beside my bed with his arms outstretched over my body and hishead lying sideways on the covers looking at me. He was shinning brightly with a golden aura emanating from him. His hair and skin as well had a golden color emanating from him. His garments were white with a sash and he had on sandals. Everything about him glistenedwith this golden color. I let out a cry but no one awakened. I was in the bed with my visiting granddaughter but she did not wake up. My heart almost stopped beating because of his presence. He smiled at me, and then I said, "Jesus," "Jesus," "Jesus," three times not knowing what to do. A voice within told me after each appellation of Jesus, "Do not be afraid for this is my messenger who is bringing you a message." I knew the voice to be the Lord's.

I very quickly fell backward into a deep sleep. This same encounter occurred again later that night only the second time his head was turned the other way. It was as if he were protecting me from something. I was touched by an angel twice last night.


Interpretation of Angel, Angel


Lee Y. Martin, Ph.D.,





"Get Your self Ready To Meet the Lord in the Air"



As usual something unusual occurred here. Jeannette had a new experience of actually being visited by an angel who touched her. The visitation occurred twice which we consider as the double witness that establishes something as true. Paul said:

2 Cor 13:1
This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. (KJV)

Now for the unusual part. When Jeannette called to inform me of her visitation, she was bewildered and excited. She has been with angels in visions and dreams often, but never had she actually been in the presence of one. I let her finish her account of the visitation and then I told her how I had an unusual awakening this morning also. Before I was fully conscious something down on the inside of me - not in my head but in my chest area - said the words above, "Get yourself ready to meet the Lord in the air." I almost dismissed it as a scattered thought which we can have when we are not concentrating on anything in particular or the tail end of a dream. When Jeannette told me about the angel visitation, I knew it was peculiar that we should both have a strange spiritual happening in the same time frame as during the same night. We both agreed we should pray about this. She came over later that morning and as I prayed I spoke prophetically that the words I had heard was the message the angel was bringing from the Lord. Wow! How sobering it is to realize that God gives his children pieces of the puzzle of His plans and we must assemble them together. In this way we believe God is confirming His Word to us. We have had too many of these odd occurrences of things to believe it to be just a coincidence. If we are right folks, you had best not wait too long to "get yourself prepared to meet the Lord in the air." The whole world scene is permeated with a sense that something is about to happen. We are almost ready to put another page on our web site entitled Pillars which is definitely directed towards the culmination of events. You won't want to miss this endtime message from the Lord. Because God's timing is an eternal now, it is hard to know with any certainty when the Rapture will occur. So don't go sell everything you have. As for Jeannette and me, we are preparing to meet the Lord but planting trees anyway. We might find ourselves eating the fruit off them! Planting trees does not negate faith. It just means that since we don't know the hour or the day we will continue to add to our retirement funds and wait expectantly that He will come at any moment. These endtime messages have really enhanced our excitement in seeing Jesus soon.


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