Dream: November 22, 1999


Jeannette L. Vetter


This dream was terribly disturbing because of what I saw happen to the Church of Jesus and the war that is upon the horizon.  


My Beloved Savior Jesus Christ
"Lord by your words and command I am yours"



I saw a high rise tower that rose far above the ground. I was told to go into the high rise, and as I walked through the lobby doors, I saw many Christians busily going from one meeting to the next on different floors of the skyscraper. I entered an elevator, which stopped frequently on different floor levels as we went up and down. The people knew which floor to get off. All of them were gazing excitedly at the level of power they were given. Each participant to these meetings had a number corresponding to that number on the panel-board, and their numbers were in their hands. I could not tell if it was in their hand on a piece of paper or written upon their hand. I was told not to look at the numbers on the switchboard, but to observe the countenances of the people instead.

I watched each individual as he came into the elevator and after he left. On our descent, according to the level of power each one had received, as he left the elevator he was choked with tongues hanging out, parched, and swollen. Their bodies became contoured beyond recognition, the distortions being more pronounced according to the level of power they had received. I was horrified at these scenes, and stayed in the elevator close beside the Lord. I asked the Lord, "Why am I here? These people are going straight to hell." At my words, the elevator doors opened in the bowels of the earth, and we were in the belly of hell.

Belly of Hell



Hell had consumed the people on our downward descent replacing each one with a contoured body revealing a level of power in direct proportion to the demon's hideousness by which he had been ensnared. The person no longer resembled a person. I watched the depths of hell snatch them all away. They could no longer speak my Beloved Savior's Name -- the Name of Jesus. I could not help them. I said, "Lord I don't want to see anymore. Jesus, please don't show me any more."

In response to my plea, He said, "Jeannette, I want to show you the top." He sensed my fear, for I could feel the dragon's breath and its presence in the elevator. Lurching at me was the spirit of the most low in the depths of perdition, but the most powerful measured in degrees of comparison. I said, "Lord, by your words and command I am yours." At these words, I sensed I was walking in Jesus' power in the very midst of the dragon spirit's presence. I was protected by my beloved Jesus and moved only at His command. I looked straight ahead and dared not let my eyes wonder. I only looked at what the Lord wanted me to see.

The presence of evil left as our elevator started up to the very top of the high rise. Only the most prominent leaders were there. The elevator went past the last panel button, and the doors opened to a huge complex that encompassed the whole upper portion of the tower's penthouse. As the doors opened, I was in the spirit and now became a part of the vision. I walked through the doors. I was lead to stand in back of the meeting. Many people were there. I was told to go up front so I slowly walked through the crowd. I stood away from the leader, but was stern in my position and did not give a listening ear to his power or demonstration of it. I knew who it was, for I saw him when Jesus and I were in the bowels of hell, with only the veil of the Lord to protect me.

I looked at the crowd and positioned myself between them and the power of hell. There was one person there whom I could not save, for he wanted what the devil offered. He left with the same countenance as the devil. I angered the leader even more because the crowd seemed to hear me even though I spoke no words. I positioned myself more forcefully against the pouring out of the evil spirit's venom. I arose above the evil, and the light in me was oppressive to the darkness in these moments upon the altars of hell. (The light was not a visible light but the Spirit of God who spoke to their hearts.)

The devil became afraid, for the Spirit of God was reaching the hearts of these people. The devil's dark spirit of force said, "Those who do not receive me, will lose their heads." I saw one call out to Jesus and with the words of Jesus' name upon his lips his head fell. I saw one of the leader's evil hand slice the man's head off. At this, I heard the Lord say, "Run Jeannette, for it is time for you to hide." I ran. As I was running and hiding, the Lord said, "Jeannette, look to this time."



Civil War

Civil war soldier

As I was running, I stopped and saw an open oval scene of soldiers dressed in drab clothing. They were not dressed in the military garb of a mighty army.



They were a rag-tag group of small men that were fighting a larger army. They did not have the same weapons as the better-equipped army. The rag-tagged group fought hard and had caused a great divide in the country. They were gentlemen that stood for God and country. It seemed to me they were of the same nation. Some were half dressed, wounded, and sick. Others were captured and tortured by their countrymen. The government's army took great delight in annihilating their countrymen. They were cruel and had no honor. I heard the Lord say, "Jeannette, listen to the torturers, for they will reveal the name of the smaller army."

I heard one of the torturers say to a young boy, "You are from the south. You are the last hold out. The armed forces of our country have now come together, and we will win this revolt. You will never rise again, to strike at us. We have won the battle determining which God our country will serve. Washington has a hold now over all the country, for John Ball is in Washington." Just as the man was going to place the last blow on this young man, the captain came in and told him to set this man free for he was related to John Ball. The torturer said, "I don't care, he was on the wrong side." I heard no more of their conversation. The Lord said, "Jeannette, this war will last 2 years, and in the last of the 2 years 5 months and 43 days, it will begin for the whole world."



Picket at Fort Mahone in Front of Fort Mahone, Petersburg, Virginia.

Soldiers in Gun Fight Gaul, Gilbert History U. S. History

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