Monday, Octobor 12, 1998 † By Jeannette L. Vetter


    When the vision began, I found myself at the edge of my time and space, in a different atmospheric condition surrounded by a foggy haze. Somehow I knew that I could go no farther for I sensed that to do so meant I had to step into a future time from which I didn't know if I could come back.

As I looked ahead the mist pulled apart leaving a windowlike irregular hole in which I saw a quick, forward-looking, three-dimensional scene. The vision was short, baffling, and mysterious -- a puzzling collage of written and audible words amidst two clearly discernible graphics. It was confusing not because of its content but because everything seemed to be happening so fast and at the same time.

I saw the top portion of a man hanging from the horizontal crossbeam of a crucifixion cross, and I assumed it to be Jesus, for he looked like the typical Catholic image of Jesus hanging on a cross. The vertical beam that holds up the crossbeam was missing. Standing in front of the crucifix was a soldier dressed in the attire of the Pope's guards at the Vatican. He vehemently spoke to the man on the crossbeam, saying, "The Pope has declared this today. Who would dare to call the Pope a liar?" As I was listening to his venomous speech, I simultaneously heard a voice from out of the blue speaking loudly with words I did not understand -- words, which an inward witness told me, were Latin. The following are those words as they scrolled across the beam while being spoken:

"De solemn omni annisus tribus proximis annis ego sum panis vitae sin textus."


After they were spoken audibly once, the same words scrolled across the crossbeam a second time as the Holy Spirit quietly subvocalized them to me. It was as though He wanted to be sure I did not miss any word. (Having the distinct impression I was to write them down, after the vision, I immediately got out of bed and phonetically wrote them on paper.) I could tell from the voice that it was God speaking. He spoke the Latin words with force, and I knew He was revealing the Pope's declaration of His intent to usurp Jesus' role as the bread of life. God finished speaking in English these words: "The Pope has declared the words that are written on the crossbeam." This last part He spoke in a more somber disheartened tone as if He were disappointed that people would reject His Son's work on the cross for the Pope's charismatic appeal to be the bread of life. Thus, He was proclaiming the Pope's intent to assume greater power than he has heretofore exercised, but not as the vicar of Christ, rather, instead of Christ.

That morning I set out alone in order to see if I could learn the meaning of the Latin words. My praying partner was out of town for a couple of weeks. I went to a Catholic Church first looking for someone who spoke Latin. I saw some Latin words on the archway inside the church, and I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit who spoke to me quietly, saying, "These are some of the words upon the crossbeam." A praying patron told me she thought the Old Latin words over the archway meant: "I am the bread and life." I subsequently found a lady who worked in the church and who helped me find some of the word meanings in a Latin dictionary, but because she could not speak Latin, she was of little help in interpreting the message from God.

Next I went to our local library where an attendant showed me the section housing the Latin dictionaries and books. She pulled off the shelf an average sized black book about an inch thick and handed it to me saying that it might help me. Its title was Quote's in Latin. After searching through it for a half-hour or more, I did not find anything coming close to the Latin sentence. I did find a quote, however, very similar to what the soldier had said to the man on the cross, to wit, "Who would dare to call the Pope a liar?" There was one word difference. The Latin quote read, "Who would dare to call the sun a liar?" I wrote the Latin phrase down and left because I was running out of time. But just in case I needed to come back to search further in the book I wrote down the call letters from the back of the book's binder: CTCL3D32.DLL. On my computer I searched the internet for places that could help me unravel the message of the vision. I found pictures of the Vatican guards and I discovered their uniform attire was identical to that which I had seen in the vision. Never before had I seen a Vatican soldier. In fact, I didn't even know the Vatican had an army.

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