Eyes of the Word by Jeannette L. Vetter

Dream: Friday, July 15, 2005

By Jeannette L. Vetter


I was stirring slightly to raise and start my day. I was still sleepy from reading a book late last night until about 1:00 AM. The subject of the book touched on drawing closer to God and His presence. The content of the book is very close to my heart. Heavy sleep began to sweep over me.


The Dream:

I saw myself looking for a place where I could study, read my Bible and worship. I heard this voice call out to me, “Jeannette, why don’t you go to the chapel in Heaven”. I was immediately in the chapel. I looked for a spot in the chapel that was hidden so I would not be noticed. To my delight the silence was beautiful and the chapel was empty. Inside, I saw stadium style seats constructed of beautiful ornate wood slightly sloping upwards. Above them I noticed a balcony.


The aisles were wide, and there were curtains made of heavy gold brocade surrounding the chapel’s exterior walls. A gold colored light permeated the room. In its center on an elevated platform, there was a tent with sheer curtains hanging on rods on its four sides. A thin white smoke amidst light was escaping from inside the tent drifting into the chapel area below the elevated platform. The sheer-like material of the tent curtains was made of a translucent gold. As the white smoke and light poured from the tent, the motion of it made the sheers sway.

I sat down in front of the chapel because I wanted to be closer to the altar of worship, and since no one was inside the chapel, I could get closer. I had my Bible open and started reading the scriptures. I used my hand to touch the printed words on the pages. I often do this as I read, for I feel closer to Him if I touch and read the words of God at the same time. As I was embellished in my study with thoughts of the words of the Bible, I heard footsteps. As I looked up I saw a group of people sitting down inside the chapel. The first man who came in asked me to join them. I said, “Oh, no I don’t know enough to join you. I must study my Bible.” He sat down, others came in, and also sat with him. It was obvious they were of one accord. The transparent white smoke and light flowed over them now and into the chapel.

When they were all seated, in came this Jewish looking man. His hair was dark colored, and he was lean and muscular. The people in the tent were noisily excited at his appearance, and there was an acknowledgement between the man and them. His eyes met theirs, and through their countenances I seemed to notice an intense yearning of hearts between them. No question about it, they were friends.

He strolled down the wide aisle, came up front below the stage, and sat down in front of them. I was on his right side. He began speaking from the gospel of Revelation. I noticed he did not mention the first three chapters of the book. As he spoke, the words of God came with a wave of power that swept over all of us. He began with these words, “In the End times you shall do these things,” and then he immediately began reading in the book of Revelation. His opening statement caused us to gasp. As we became filled with the gospel of Revelation, we seemed to be one with him. Our souls leaped with the joy of incomprehensible inspiration and divine love. As the man spoke, his eyes were open in a normal position, but above his normal set of eyes, there was a second set of eyes in his forehead. We all sat in awe of the power that emanated from him as he spoke and that flowed like a set of waves upon the shoreline, we being the shoreline. As the words settled and deepened into our fiber, they seemed to be a fire setting us ablaze with the power of the gospel.

There was no thought of self or what others were doing. Our eyes were fixed on every word that flowed from him. He was the sole focus of our attention. As he approached a certain place in the message of Revelation, his expression changed to serious sternness, and then he rose up. As he rose, only he and I were translated to a room on earth with a table setting for a meal. He was at the head of the table and I was still sitting on his right. The table was set with a white tablecloth on which were bowls of olive oil that had leaves resting in the bottom. Bread was placed beside it. He continued his speaking in the book of Revelation, and his eyes again shown with the same intensity. As he spoke, and only when he did speak the gospel, would four eyes appear on his face. At the point he stopped speaking in the chapel of Heaven he took up here on earth in this room.

I noticed outside the room through a door a path to the open door. There were three points along the path where people on the path closest to one of the three points stopped and pondered whether to come inside. Those people closest to the door stopped, waited, and looked inside but did not enter in. Others who were at the second point a little farther back made the decision to completely turn around and go back down the path that leads away from the open door. At the furthest point, I could see the people were in great confusion and at times would look past the 2nd and 1st points into the open door beckoning them to come and dine. They only gave a glance, however, and were pulled toward the darkness of the world.
  My attention was drawn back to the man’s words of the gospel. I then noticed some of the people sitting around the table. Some of them were my friends that I dearly love and others were people I had never met. We all heard the glorious gospel that the man was speaking ingrained in our hearts and minds. He spoke these words, “Eat the olive oil, and dip your bread into the oil”. When he spoke these words he raised his arm and the oil was dripping or seeping from within him and continued to run down onto the table pooling and pouring down onto each of us seated at the table. I said to him, “You have oil running down your clothes. Let me wipe it from your sleeve.” He looked at me and said, “This is the anointing oil for each of you. My anointing is given to you for this point in the end time.” At his words our bodies soaked in the olive oil and we too seeped with his anointing. He instructed us to break our bread into pieces, dip it into the olive oil, and eat it. At his words we did what we were instructed to do. He said in a commanding voice, “You are with me and I am with you.”
Eye with a tear.
I awoke with tears, tears in my heart that was so broken with joy. My heart is ever set as a pillow for the Lord to wash him with sweet words of praise and with tears of love for my Beloved King of Kings.

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