The Cross Of Calvary

Follow Me

By Jeannette L. Vetter

Dream: July 20, 1999

My companions and I were traveling to a concert or revival of some kind. I was driving the car. We came to a complete stop as we approached the city. I did not engage in conversation with my companions who were laughing and joking and who were excited about where we were going. There seemed to be a great spatial distance between them and me. On occasion, I would look in the rearview mirror and they appeared backwards or reversed which is natural, but this seemed unnatural to me, and I wondered why it seemed so. Even though we occupied the same car I was not a part of the group. My thoughts were on what I was seeing and about being very unhappy at being here.

As we drove along an extremely congested boulevard, I was wondering why I was here. To my left were what appeared to be a grove of trees, a very large cedar-like hedge, the trees being perfectly groomed, encircling a pond with ice on it. It was a garden park setting. People were pouring onto the grounds, standing in front of the hedges, and waiting in groups for all the slots in their group to be filled before pushing their way through the hedge. There were many groups and as people walked up to the hedge they filled the slots. I noticed that sometimes children would fill the slots without parents and vice versa. Some people hesitated to fill the slots and walked away but not many. As the groups became completed, they disappeared through the hedge.

On the other side of the hedge -- I could see through it -- I noticed people sitting down on the grass on the outer edges of a circle of ice that was thin and translucent. Upon entering through the hedge, everyone had to walk on the periphery of the ice before sitting down on the grass. The people on the ice were engaging in many strange acts, some of which were unexplainable. For example, a few persons would appear to leave their body, float away, and then return. The leader of the activity on the ice (I could not tell whether he was a speaker, preacher, or music director) was orchestrating everything. He spoke in a strange unintelligible voice and seemed to entice the crowd to whatever level of excitement he wanted. He made antics of waving his hands, pointing in a direction towards a group of people which sent them into delirious body movements or howling. He seemed to be acting in a controlled fashion because I would see him direct the band to play a high shrill sound which none in the audience could hear, then turn around and point to somebody to respond to the high shrill sound with strange acts. It was all sort of mechanical like it was being controlled from an outside source. The people, including the leader, seemed to be puppets responding to an outside controlling source. Let me see if I can make it clearer. The music was performed by direction of the leader who faced the band first, then turning around, he waved his hand towards the people who responded with the same high pitched notes of music which no one in the arena heard. It was sort of like dogs who can hear high pitched notes that humans cannot hear responding to a call. I thought to myself I am not going in there because I sensed that something was not right, and I did not want to walk on the thin ice.

After concentrating on the circle of trees for awhile, my thoughts returned to the ever-increasing traffic in which we were stuck. I began to think about how I might get out of here. My companions were so excited about getting into the sphere of merriment they paid no attention to the traffic congestion. While assessing the situation, I noticed the curbs were very high. My side of the roadway had a broken white line while on the other side of the median there was a yellow broken line. The more I wanted out, the darker it seemed to get in the car, and the more dark and vague my companions became in the back seat. I wondered what was going on and looked for an opening to escape from the car onto my side of the street. I felt that I could not escape if I went to the other side. I had decided that I was not going to slide into any of the vacant spaces, which were waiting for patrons to fill up. I finally sat still in the car and began to pray as the oppressive darkness became more intense.

" Follow Me"
After praying for a bit, I suddenly saw a beautiful angel in white come along side of my car on the passenger's side who said, "Follow me." I knew those words because my Savior had said them to His disciples. He had Jewish features, dark hair, and His skin was very dark yet translucent.I knew the way of escape was provided and said to my companions, "Come on, don't you hear His call?" I didn't hesitate one bit. I crossed over the passenger's side to exit on the right side of the car and left this mad scene following the angel. I do not know why but my companions did not respond. The road in front of me was clear as I followed Him. We walked a great distance up the road that rose to a rise upon the horizon.
Looking down into the city I noticed glass skyscrapers, masses of people walking, innumerable cars following each other like ants, and buildings that reached into the sky at every conceivable level. Everything below seemed to be moving towards the circle of trees I had seen. The whole city was bustling with festival activity.

The Jewish looking angel led me down from the rise we had traversed to a harbor where many ships were anchored. I had no thought for my safety as I followed Him. Walking through the crowds, I saw people looking at us who moved in the opposite direction and who laughingly pointed towards me. I ignored them and continued to keep pace with the angel. As we came to the end of a pier the angel spoke, "Jeannette, dive into the water." I saw myself make a head first dive into the water without hesitation. Coming to the top I made my way to a small buoy with lines attached that sectioned off the middle of the channel. I heard the angel tell me to go into the channel. I let go of the buoy and swam toward the middle of the channel, and as I did, a submarine brushed pass me. I saw a small boat to my left, which was about to sink because there were so many people in it. They too were laughing and having a party while making fun of me. I kept on swimming towards the open sea. I passed many warships traveling in the sea-lanes that were headed for the piers in the harbor from which I just came. As I was treading water while resting I noticed a huge ocean liner cruise pass me. The people aboard at the railing gestured towards me and waved without offering to give me assistance. As I yelled at them to let me come aboard they just smiled and left me there. Being in the middle of the sea the waves started to get bigger and became more violent but I wasn't tired or scared. Yet, I wondered why I was out here watching the world go by on ships.

Suddenly I was sucked under to the deepest part of the ocean. I felt the blackness and darkness of the ocean encompass me as I was spiraling downward. I thought to myself that this is where I will die. After reaching bottom, I felt the sand of the ocean floor sediment plug my nostrils. I began to pray. The thought of how much I loved God gave me peace even though my lungs were empty of air. In these peaceful last moments I felt an upward surge of power pulling me to the surface. My lungs filled with air, and I noticed I had been placed upon a sailing ship where I was the figurehead on the bowsprit. The ship and I were one. I heard the wind rippling the sails as they flapped against it. I felt the refreshing spray of moisture upon me as the ship and I cut through the water, which was smooth and clear. I did not understand my position of being one with the ship so I looked around and behind me and to my delight I saw Jesus piloting the wheel of the ship. He was the angel who had been guiding me all along.

FRIEDRICH, Caspar David On the Sailing Boat c. 1819 The Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Jesus overlooking Jerusalem


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