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About I.E.R.F.

"Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." Mark16:15

India Evangelistic & Relief Fellowship was founded in 1978 by Rev. Dr. Joseph & Rachel Kodavatikanti, a man of vision, who had a heart for his own people. For the last 25 years, he and his wife Rachel have pioneered the church planting and discipleship training in the rural parts of India. He was faithful to the call and started the work with his family leaving his decent Federal government job. After 7 years of great suffering and faithful ministry., Lord bless his ministry and brought many godly people like you to support the work. Started with 2 pastors and 5 orphan children, now flourishing and putting forth many branches.

In spite the crushing persecution, I.E.R.F by divine intervention they are winning souls for His Kingdom and in the process serving the Lord, they have expanded on an international bases.

India is the second largest populated country in the world today with over 1.02 billion people, where they worship 360 million different gods. There are 16 major languages spoken, with Telugu being the second most spoken language. I.E.R.F. focuses primarily on the Telugu people groups. However, they have planted churches in Tamil, Kannada and even in "Hindi" people groups. To date , there have been more than 125 churches planted all over India.


Rev. K. Joseph opened and continues to run an orphanage in India for 251 children. Many of the children are brought to the orphanage because of poverty, broken families, or lack of people to care for them.

Rev. Joseph's main intention is to "train the Nationals" and help them to plant churches among the un reached people groups in India. Basically, he trains these little orphans to be missionaries in their own country.

Rev. K. Joseph's entire family is involved in the ministry. Today, I.E.R.F. is one of the the most powerful ministries in the Southern part of India. Everyday, people are coming to the Lord.

"Reaching the Unreached of India with compassion of Jesus Christ."

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27

Ministries of I.E.RF.


1. Church Planting. Planted 114 churches all over India and 120 pastors are in our fellowship. Regular Bible classes yearly twice are conducted for these pastors and leaders.

2. Missionary Journeys.

3. Evangelistic crusades.

4. Bible Outreach

5. Pastor's Training Programs.

6. Discipleship training for young missionaries.

7. Jail & Prison Ministry: Working in 11 prisons comforting the prisoners and winning their lives for Jesus.

8. Holy Melodies-Audio Worship Cassettes.

9. Parishudha Pravahini (Holy Streams)-Christian T.V. Broadcasting. This T.V. Ministry is seen by 350,000 people. Broadcasting the Good News in a weekly program.

10. Holiness Monthly Christian Devotional Magazine. A monthly magazine, HOLINESS, in multicolor is regularly published, reaching 3,000 people.


1. Orphanages. An Orphanage of 251 children are taken of care in our home.

2. 23 Child Development Centers to promote the living of tribal children. In this Child Care Ministry: 1,781 poor and untouchable children are getting food and education.

3. U.C.L.I. Schools. A High School 1-10 grades.

4. Poor Widows and Leprosy Care: 48 poor widows and 32 lepers are being treated and given help regularly. There is a relief work also carried out in natural calamities. There are many evangelistic activities such as crusades, Bible classes for pastors, women fellowship, youth retreats, and pure drinking water supply to the poor villages, etc.

5. Medical Camps: Free Medical treatment to the poor.

6. Relief in Natural Calamities.

7. "Living waters"-distribution of free drinking water. Sinking bore wells in remote villages.

8. Holy Academy Residential Junior college. A Junior College 11 and 12 grades for poor and destitute children. (Free college education for economically poor students.)

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Highlights of 2004 -2005

The children in our Child Development Centers 1 girl received a gold medal for India at the International Karate Sports held in Sri Lanki in 2004.

Thousands came to the Lord through Evangelistic crusades in India.

Jail and Prison Ministry is progressing in 10 places saved 11 souls in the year 2004. One man was released after six and half years imprisonment and as he could not get job any where, living with us helping us in the ministry. Another two also witnessing how Jesus saved their lives. Plates, Mats, Tables and chairs, blankets and a TV set etc, are presented to these jails at the request of the concerned authorities. This year planning to extend to 5 more prisons.

We need help to replace a little girl's leg lost in an accident the cost is $1,500. Her leg will be replaced with a fiber leg.

We have added a Junior College

Please pray for us as our organization, INDIA EVANGELISTIC AND RELIEF FELLOWSHIP, holding many Christian activities, the rivals are watching me very closely to find some fault so that they can end the work of the Lord.



Happy children in our home.


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Prayer Warriors & Financial Supporters Needed

For tax deductible donation make your check out to:

Christian Home Fellowship

P.O. Box 7878

Riverside, CA 92513-7878


1. $35 per month to support a missionary family.
2. $25 per month to sponsor an orphan. Your fit provides food, shelter, education, and the ministry of Jesus Christ to an orphan in need.
3. $3 per Bible in the Telugu language. The Bible outreach has a goal of distributing 50,000 Bibles.
  4. You can sponsor a monthly Christian TV program with a gift of $300 per month.
  5. Your gift of $5,000 can build a church which could serve 300 people in a small village!
  6. Your monthly commitment of $10, $20, $50, $100 or more can help this ministry to continue its work in India.
  7. A donation of $100 can provide sight to poor and needy people. (A free Eye operation).
  8. $10 will provide school supplies to a poor student.
  9. A donation of $1,100 will provide a bore well for drinking water.
  10. Participate in short term mission trips to India to assist IERF.



Remember: The little amount you would send will make a BIG difference in India.

My best regards to my Internet friends!

May God bless you abundantly!

All the orphan children are sending their loving hugs to all of you.

With love your brother in Christ,


Joseph and Rachel Kodavatikanti






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