Island of Rings

Dream: Sunday, February 14, 1999

By Jeannette L. Vetter

Earth turning
First Scence
I found myself viewing heaven in panorama as if in a movie theater. My eyes could see many things at once.The whole picture was so beautiful and I was awed.

I could see mountains, valleys, streets, big and small homes, and everything I observed was of exquisite taste. The space I was peering into began slowly with me focusing on some people walking. I saw all of heaven bustling with activity, and happy people going from place to place. Their faces and bodies glowed. In fact all of heaven was glowing. The clouds, mountains, people, cities, countryside all seemed to be in accord and all had the same purity of heart.

As I moved about I became one with heaven and was a part of this place. I knew I belonged here. I felt like a baby being born again coming out of darkness into this beautiful light. It even felt like I was gulping for air as my lungs expanded with the pure freshness of this air. It took me a few moments to compose myself. I gasped my chest and steadied my feet. I was a mere observer before, but now I sensed that I had become a part of this place. I looked around in amazement stunned because initially I was a spectator watching this panorama of heaven, but then, I suddenly became part of it.

I stood immobile at first not knowing where to go. I turned my head looking around. I looked up the street past the building on the right side where I saw mountains. As I stood there looking people were passing me by. Presently, I heard a voice say, "Jeannette, go across the street, turn left, and walk down the sidewalk to the place I want you to visit." I seemed to know right where to go as if I had been there before.

I walked vigorously feeling very strong to the place I was told to visit. When I arrived at my destination, I was uneasy, but only because I was not sure about my mission. As I walked up the steps of the dwelling I noticed the railing was made of iron. From the outside it looked like a mansion built of red brick. The oak door was massive and its doorknob appeared to be made of pure gold. I knocked on the door and it opened to a huge courtyard. The outside beauty of the city was repeated on the inside. There were trees, bushes, and a waterfall that emptied into a pool whose bed was filled with rocks iridescent in color and smooth in appearance. I looked up and saw birds flying just below the clouds on the inside of this mansion. You could hear their singing. I was enthralled listening to their song and feeling the gentle breeze on my face. I cannot expound enough upon the beauty and ecstasy I felt. As I looked at the trees along the inside of the brick structure, I heard the gentle footsteps of people coming toward me, which woke me up to the fact that I had a mission to accomplish. The serenity of the surroundings made me feel strong. The presence of the people's spirits whose home this was came before I actually saw them. I gently turned to greet them and was filled with joy to find that it was my friend and her adult son.

At this point I no more than thought about sitting down when chairs materialized for us all. A quick glance told me that the carpenter who built these chairs knew his craft. They were built for a king, tastefully inlayed with gold and brocade fabric with gold threads in the quilted backing and seat covers. We all sat down and began cheerfully talking. I said, "this is a beautiful mansion." My friend said, "the Lord told me to come here." I turned to smile at her son as we continued to carry on our conversation in a different language, which, oddly, I did not understand. As my friends were talking, the Lord's voice spoke to me and told me to rise from my chair and go over to the fireplace. I said, "excuse me, but the Lord has spoken to me, and I must follow what He has asked me to do." I asked where the fireplace was, and my friend said, "the Lord's fireplace is right over there" at which point I looked and saw it.

There was one log placed on an iron log stand to hold the wood up above the base of the brick firestone. The Lord said to me, "Jeannette, take my iron rod in your hand." I took the iron rod in my hand at which point my hand and the iron rod became one. The Lord placed a fine white powdery substance on the end of my fingers. He said to me, "Jeannette, place your hand on the iron in the fireplace." Following His instructions, I walked towards the fireplace. As I reached into the fireplace, everything around me became quiet. This fireplace ambiance was all that existed now -- the iron rod, my hand that became one with the rod, the bevel fireplace, and whatever I was about to witness. The Lord said, "Jeannette, the substance on your fingers will become fire when you touch the iron stand in the fireplace, but do not be afraid. I am going to show you what is to come." As I reached in towards the fireplace iron holder, I rubbed the substance between my fingers. Bending down I placed my hand on the iron and the iron burst into flames. I did not burst into flames, but I had the sensation of fire inside of me as if the holy substance on my fingers flowed through me becoming a part of me.

Second Scence
I found myself back on earth looking at a huge massive angel. He was very muscular and extremely somber. His complexion was pale and his eyes very dark.
  The Lord said, "Behold, Jeannette, be not afraid." I trembled at these words as the dark, sinister angel and I looked eye to eye. The Lord said, "Be not afraid of this angel for I have sent him to do my word. I will show you what is to come." I could see the angel was holding the reins of four horses, and I heard them stomping and pawing the dirt with their sizeable hoofs as they snorted and neighed. Their eyes were glaring and impressed me with a fierce look of impending doom. The Lord said, "Be not afraid. Tell the people I am coming. Tell them everything I am about to show you. Leave nothing out. Warn them."
Our Day
I saw the angel drop the horses' bridles. I stepped aside in order to get out of the way as they galloped in my direction. Riding past me I noticed that the white horse had fallen while the others pursued onward. At the sound of the thundering hoof beats, I heard blood curdling screams and saw people running back and forth buying and selling trying to escape the pale horse, which pursued them. I heard them pounding at the gates of heaven and will never forget the sound of their pounding fists echoing all around. Because everyone was screaming, there was no one to hear their cries.

The Holy Spirit felt my pain at seeing this horror and He said, "Jeannette, these are the ones who waited and did not believe my Word. They did not believe in Noah's day, neither do those who cry here believe." I was shuddering and became weak at the sound of the terror that I was witnessing. The Holy Spirit said, "Come, Jeannette I have more to show you." He and I became one, which gave me strength to continue.

The Holy Spirit took me to another place upon the earth in this same time frame. I again saw the gloomy angel let go of the reins of each horse only this time one by one. They did their bidding upon the earth as it shook and rocked. The Holy Spirit placed me by a river where the stench of death was unbearable. I saw death everywhere. The river was polluted and smelled of sulfur while the water in the river looked gray and murky. Although the land all around me was still there, the trees and vegetation were blackened by fire. I heard people's voices in the devastation about me and was amazed that there was still life. Some had hung on. I thought to myself, "why don't they cry out to God to save them?" The Holy Spirit knew what I was thinking and said, "They are cursing the Living God." I gasped at this because it distresses me to hear about anyone cursing God.

The Holy Spirit took me above the earth. God said, "Jeannette, look and watch. Write what you see. Tell them what is to come." I again witnessed a silence upon the earth as never before. This is what I saw:


As I looked down upon the earth, I saw an island. When the silence began, I saw this island turn into molten lava. In the center of the island was a black hole, from which red, molten, hot lava flowed, then black rings, then red, then black, in this order. I saw the ocean on all sides of the island. As the ocean and the island met it created large black columns of clouds which rose several miles into the atmosphere of the earth.

At this point I woke up feeling like I had been on a real, live journey. I was exhausted and started crying. I knew that I had not slept. The Holy Spirit softly said, "Jeannette, be not troubled, I understand your grief." I felt comforted and felt the gentleness of His arms around me. I would have succumbed to the devastation of this dream. Like many dreams and visitations before this one, THE LORD protects me from the evil one that is forever stalking a prey. I rested in the arms of my Savior this morning and with every breath I take I thank God. While it is today I will Praise His Name, the Name above all names, Jesus.


Hab 2:1-4

1 I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved.

2 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

4 Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith. (KJV)


Behold, be not afraid."

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