Mark 8:34 ... let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
Dream: Sunday, February 7, 1999
by Jeannette L. Vetter
  My daughter and I were talking as we often do, but this time we were in a room filled with clothes. She said, "Mom, why don't you wear this jacket." She held out a beautiful brocade jacket, with a matching dress. As she waited for my answer, I looked at the jacket without touching it and said, "No, I don't want it." She answered, "Well, I want it" and immediately put it on while I watched. Behind her I saw what appeared to be an open-air flea market only the merchandise was not for sale. I saw extended family members who are supposed to be Christians and who already have plenty of everything grab clothing items along with household goods and furniture from one of my wealthy relative's estate. As they put the clothes on they became grotesque in shape, and their facial features became less apparent. The more apparel they put on the less I could recognize who they were.

Suddenly, I was standing beside a table with a map in my hand. My granddaughter was sitting in a chair with a map placed on a table. We had a clear view of a valley with a city in the distance. The road to the city began at our table and continued down through the valley to a long extension bridge that crossed over a body of water. It extended up into the clouds where I could see the lights of a glowing city. Our maps looked exactly like the scenic view we were looking at. Both her map and mine had the same outline drawing of the valley and the city. One difference between her map and mine was the topography. Hers was less complicated in keeping with her age. We both had the foundation and long ramp leading up to the suspension portion of the bridge on our maps. Three golden circles were drawn upon the foundation underneath the ramp, each circle contiguous to the next. We noticed the circles had been drawn on our maps as well. The maps had drawings, which showed waterways, cities, streets, countryside, people, homes, and the beautiful city across a body of water. Along the road path on either side were the green landscaping, cities, and people. The road was a one-way course leading to the ramp and the suspension portion that went high into the clouds. The beautiful city had star-shaped lights that sparkled in a continuous fashion.


I told my granddaughter to write the date on her map. She heard her mother calling and looked at me. I said in a compassionate tone, "Sweetie, write the date." She said, "OK." I could see her write the date in this fashion -- / /99. I noticed that she left out the month and day.

I turned my attention to the view of the valley and city. I watched people walk across the bridge. Some of them fell back to the land on our side where the earth swallowed them up. Some went part way onto the ramp, fell back to our side, and then started over. None ever fell into the water. The earth either swallowed them up or they started over. Few went all the way across. Those that did were lone figures on the one-way road. Some jammed up at the bridge entrance and did not even get started on their journey to the city of lights. Many did not attempt to cross over and wandered off to follow roads in other directions. Often the ones on the ramp portion became a mass of people who fell into the earth with little or no effort to change course.

  I looked at my map and it moved and glowed with the vision of the city before me. My granddaughter and I had our maps. Since I knew the way, I made sure her map was clearly marked with all of the information needed to complete our journey. I said to her, "Its beautiful! I can see the city and it is beautiful! We have our maps and we can go straight there." I said this to her because her map was in a primitive stage of development. I would tell her where to mark or what to put down upon it so that hers would be complete. She could not see the city nor, thankfully, the people that fell and disappeared into the earth.
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