Dream: Dawn of Monday Morning, October 27,1997



by Jeannette L. Vetter

© jlvetter 1998

It was in the twilight morning hours that this dream occurred. It started in Paris with me walking down the Champs Elysees Boulevard. Because I have been there, I knew the city and its focal points of interest. I watched the people walk by as they did their shopping at the marketplace. Sidewalk cafes, bread and pastry stores, clothing stores, and shops are everywhere. The River that runs through the heart of the city had unusually clear water for I could see all the way to the bottom. Its surface had a luminous glow, and there was a fountain in the middle of it. Some people were picnicking on the grass along its side and some were playing Rugby or soccer.

As I was walking on the wall beside the water, I thought, "Lord why am I here? I am a long way from home." I continued to walk on the wall and noticed these two men clothed in black suits coming toward me. One man said, "Follow me." I was hesitant to comply because black is the color I like least of all, and it made me suspicious of who these men were. They had no unusual or distinctive features, and they seemed like ordinary males dressed like businessmen going to work. They did not force themselves upon me though I kept my distance. The people on the Boulevard of the Champs Elysees were watching these men follow me, but I tried to ignore them. They said, "You must follow. I have something very important to show you." I hesitated for a moment and asked, "Lord, is this of you?" One of the men spoke again, "Please come for I have something to show you." Not having any negative vibes I said, "O.K." I kept my distance, however, so I could escape in case something unpleasant was going to happen. I kept watching them with great intensity as I followed. Somehow I had the impression it was safe to go with them and that I could leave their presence at any time without harm; so I followed more closely. One of them knew that I had relaxed and that I felt secure in the assumption God had sent them to me. He said, "Jeannette, I want you to see what will happen in the very near future." 

They took me just above the earth, and I could see the European and two American continents with the ocean separating them. Looking down I saw a small group of men lay out a map of the whole world. We came in closer like a telescopic lens until we were in a huge room that looked like a war room. There was a large map on a table almost the size of the floor. The whole world was spread out on it in like manner to what I saw when I was escorted above the earth by the men in black. Due to the color of the black suits, and due to what I was being shown, I assumed that the two men who were guiding me were warrior angels. There were towns, villages, cities, people, and armies all in miniature size upon this map of the world. The group of men surrounding the map had miniature armies, banks, trade centers, everything in detail as if they were creating their own version of what they wanted on the earth and where they wanted groups of people and countries to be placed. The angel said "LOOK and SEE."

I saw the men around the table change the shape of the continent. Whole countries were destroyed and some broken. What was left of the broken ones was divided among their associates. Boundaries were changed and these powerful men at the table were swapping nations, destroying people, and letting loose horrible plagues upon populations with indifference and great abandon. I stood behind one man, who seemed to be the major player. He grabbed my beloved country of America and crumbled it to pieces in his hand with glee. He shook his fist and said, "This is mine and I have her now!" He stood out from the rest of the players because he was sitting at the head of the table and all the other players seemed to wait for his next move. He would position events to produce catastrophes, and the main action and momentum was pivotal of his move. None of the rest of the players dared move prior to him. Every so often there was a rumble, and whenever a rumble was heard, the whole room moved in mass as the map on the table reshaped to their bidding. Whenever this occurred, I could hear people screaming in terror and I shut my eyes in fright in order to distance myself from the devastation I was witnessing. I could not fathom such evil or comprehend what I saw. I kept my eyes shut for a brief period, and upon opening them I found myself standing on the shores of France looking out across the sea toward America.

As my eyes followed the ocean waves break upon the shores, the surf brought with them sounds that chilled me. They were the very sounds of the rumble and thunder and screams I heard in the room, but they were coming from across the sea and around the world. I looked back at Paris and saw the Champs Elysees Boulevard being divided and the city becoming two parts with the wall that I had been walking on being the dividing line. I was not allowed to leave until I saw it all again. I was shown the scene as before repeating the same sequences. I looked back across the ocean toward my country and saw clouds bellowing up. As I looked toward America the ocean started to roll in a great roar and I heard sounds with which I am not familiar. I felt great heaviness in my soul. I looked at the angels and one said, "They must choose which side they will serve. You walked the line and built the wall, they must choose."


Interpretation of Paris

by Lee Y. Martin, Ph.D, ©1997


The Game of Billiionaries

Have you ever played the game of Monopoly? For those who have not, it's a competitive game whereby each player tries to become the sole possessor of all the assets of the game, all the real estate properties, motels, houses, railroads, utilities, and money from the bank. What we saw in this dream was a life-size game of Monopoly whereby the players around the table manipulated the world's assets.

The fantasia of the dream depicted the reality of world events today. It was Monopoly on a grand scale, a game of greed the likes of which has never been known before. Jeannette saw one player prevailing over the others posturing as the winner while the other players had to wait for him to act. He was in control and their welfare was tied to his next move. The action of the dream reflected what the Bible reports about the activity of the coming Antichrist and his ten regional kings. It is prophesied that a handful of ten men will yield their power and strength to a powerful world ruler for a short period called one hour and control the entire world:


  Rev 17:12-13

12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. (KJV)


  Notice that in the dream all players waited for the major player to act. He represented the endtime controller of all the earth's assets and precedes Jesus for a brief period of seven years as the consummate ruler of the world.1 All the other players waited for this despot to move before making any moves themselves. Of a truth the dream corresponds exactly to what has been written by John the Revelator regarding this man. The sad part is that whenever they moved and whatever they did rendered grave consequences for the rest of the world. Each time a move was made a rumble was heard and a great shaking followed. This exemplifies what we can expect to see during the coming rule of the Antichrist. The dream depicted how this evil man will rule the world, that is, through the trading centers of commerce. It also was a mini-vision foretelling what would happen in the United States of America later in the day of the predawn vision. Artist: Currier, Nathaniel & Ives, JamYear: 1885

Jeannette saw the player comrades manipulating people, armies, trade centers, banks, everything having to do with commerce and the political rule of governments. If you want to know what kind of commerce will be bandied about in the latter days, read Revelation 18. The entire chapter speaks to the merchandising activity in today's world markets. Interestingly the items listed are similar to those in the dream. She saw the trading of intangible things such as villages, towns, and armies; inanimate things and mammon such as trade centers and banks; but the worst thing of all was that she saw the merchandising of the souls of men (See Revelation 18:13 for this equivalent). She heard people scream as these rulers callously destroyed whole tribes of people by unleashing plagues. It is hard to believe that rational people would do this, but the fact of the matter is that some people are worried that our escalating population (which has enlarged by 1 billion people within a short ten year period) must be stemmed by whatever means necessary to prevent a critical shortage of the world's resources. These people say there will not be enough to accommodate the ever-enlarging population. Other people say this is merely a smoke screen to cover the real reason for negative population growth, i.e., the control of people. Do we not see population constraints in China through birth control and in other countries through "freedom of choice" political platforms? Could the screams she heard be those of aborted babies? Or could the cries be those of people caught in the genocide of entire ethnic groups in like fashion to that programmed by Hitler in this century? There is a fierce pragmatism going on today which says the end justifies the means.

The visionary saw the players change boundaries of countries, which is nothing new. Wars have resulted in boundary changes throughout history. Within this century, however, the boundaries of many countries have been commuted not so much as by the spoils of war as by the edicts of men. For instance, after WWI, the countries of Jordan, Iraq and several smaller ones were measured out on a tablecloth napkin at a restaurant with strokes of a pen by the victors of that war. And since WWII, there are as many as 50 new countries including Israel which never existed before in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Some of these new "trees, which have put on their leaves" (Luke 21:29,30), are struggling for survival today. The third world is in turmoil, and it appears as if the Antichrist endtime world-ruler will emerge as a benevolent dictator similar to Hitler who pretends to solve the problems of nations. He'll be accepted by everyone just like Hitler, and according to the book of Revelation will be hailed and worshipped as the Savior of the world. Nevertheless, behind the scenes, what will be going on will be the horrendous manipulation by an elitist group of billionaires who control the trading centers of world markets.

Effects of World Commerce
Stock, Bonds


It is significant that this dream was given to Jeannette on the morning that the shock wave from the huge Oriental stock market crash in October of 1997 was felt in the United States. The Oriental bomb's shock waves moved from East to West with its repercussions taking several days to reach the United States on October 27th. Perhaps this was the "rumble" Jeannette heard after the major player in the game positioned events that produced catastrophes around the world. Is it not true that the Oriental stock market crash toppled Yamaichi Securities, one of the Big Four brokerage firms in Japan? And did not Asian stock markets plunge as much as 50% in the matter of a few short weeks? Korea was a big victim of the financial "plague" and needed a bailout from the central bankers of the world. It has been reported that over 17,000 companies failed in 1997 and another 50,000 are expected to go under this year. In the economic community this catastrophe has been spoken of as a deadly virus which leaped across the sea. 2 Perhaps this was the plague the players let loose in Jeannette's dream.

She reports that the waves of the sea brought horrible sounds that chilled her. The monetary shock wave of 1997 began in Thailand. It spread to Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Hong Kong was not excluded, and it spread westward through the Asian and European continents via India, Rome, and then London. Finally, on Monday, October 27th several days later, Wall Street felt the rumble. The stock market recovered in the US on Tuesday but kept gyrating wildly throughout the remainder of the year. Even today trading in stocks and bonds is a volatile place to be invested. Not one place in the world was exempt from the turmoil of the October crash of '97. Brazil's index failed but did not recover as did the United States and needed to reevaluate its currency. In Japan four of the world's largest banks are on the verge of bankruptcy according to Martin Weiss' "Safe Money Report" Special Supplement of March 6, 1998. The world's trading markets reeled and rumbled as a result of the Oriental crash in like fashion to what Jeannette saw in her dream. In reality the selling pressure started in Asia and spread Westward like a giant tidal wave. The next time the quake could begin in the USA, for do we not see the entire financial community in America and abroad eagerly await every few months for one man's report about the Federal Reserve Board's decision concerning interest rates charged by the central banks of the United States?

The interconnectedness of commerce the world over was the undercurrent of Jeannette's dream. The rumble she heard presaged events in the United States before it happened. Effects of the Oriental stock market infamy were devastating in some places though marginally hurtful in others. Significance lies in the fact that around the world when one market is affected, all the others react to it. That week in October currencies were affected, stocks and bonds were affected, governments were affected, jobs were affected, lives were affected, 3 in short, the whole world wobbled as a result of one major move in the real life sport of megabillionaires who manipulate currencies and who rule the world through the purse. On the surface all seems well and few understand. But behind the scenes a small group of men actually control the world's wealth and manipulate it like a game of Monopoly.

This time the United States was spared the ravages of a serious economic collapse. But the day is coming when everyone must be prepared for a worldwide financial disaster and the inevitable rule of the Antichrist. When this happens, believers must be prepared to withstand the pressure to take the mark of the beast (Revelation 13:16,17) in order to survive. To succumb to the mark for temporal life is to miss eternal life (Revelation 14:9,10). We should not let the lull in a major stock market decline fool us. Every major stock market crash in U.S. history began when the economy was near its strongest point, which it is today. 4 Get attuned to God's Scriptural timetable in order to be prepared for the day of battle with the forces of darkness.

Men in Black

Jeannette thought the black suits represented warrior angels. Perhaps they did. On the one hand, the suits, being black, refer to the attire Wall Street tycoons and bankers wear. On the other hand, black symbolizes the fact that we are dealing with the unseen realm of the forces of darkness. Black represents evil, darkness or death as well as that which consumes and holds. We know from science that the color black does not reflect any of the rays in sunlight. In short, black absorbs and uses up. It does not grant or liberate. Astronomers have labeled black holes in the sky as such because whatever is swept into the gravitational field of one is swallowed never to be released again, and this includes light. Could the black suits be a clue that these angels were taking Jeannette to a dark hidden place, the seat of Satan who is the prince of the power of darkness? From scripture we know that in the past his seat has been in Babylon (Isaiah 14:4 with 12), Tyre (Ezekial 28:12,13), and Pergamos (Revelation 2:13). Could it now be in Paris?



The Paris Connection

Someone has said, if you want to know the source of things, follow the money. Was this the reason the angels told Jeannette, "Follow me"? If these men were warrior angels and they were wearing black, whose side were they on? I submit that the black suits did not finger them as Satan's servants but that they symbolized the message from God, which they were bringing to the church through this dream. Had they been evil angels they would not have revealed the place where intrigue originates.

The Eiffel Tower (French: Tour Eiffel, [tu? ?f?l]) is a 19th century iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris that has become both a global icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world.

The purpose of the black suits was to gain the attention of Jeannette and the bystanders who watched them follow her as she walked on the wall. As it turned out they took one of God's prophets to the source of the coming woes of the Tribulation Period spoken of by Daniel the prophet and John the Revelator. Through this prophetic gift, Jeannette had a powerful revelation of what citizens of this earthly "global village" can expect in the days ahead. When she followed the angels, they took her straight into the secluded den of darkness where an oligarchy rules the world with their wealth.

Many think that the Vatican is where the power will be deployed. Others think it will be in revived Babylon, the city that Saddam Hussein has been restoring for the last 15 or so years. Still others believe it will be at the United Nations in New York. But according to this dream, Satan's seat and scepter is Paris. Can this be reconciled with scripture? I believe it can. Revelation 18 details the destruction of Babylon and lists the various lamentations over its demise by the merchandisers of the world. So we know an economic factor is involved. This is what the game of Monopoly depicted. The person coming will pose as the rightful heir to the world, and because we know through prophecy he must be a son of David (2 Samuel 7:12,13), whoever rules must have a lineage deriving from Israel. In short, he must be a Jew or claim to be one. Otherwise he would not be Anti(Instead of)Christ. Furthermore, Jewish people would never bow down to nor worship someone who isn't a Jew. We know from scripture that Israelites will be betrayed by him in the midst of the seven year covenant which they have made with him. (Daniel 9:27) However, another tribe besides that of Judah wields a scepter in Israel. It is beyond the ability of this web site to elaborate upon the Biblical documentation, which adduces that this man will be of the lineage of the tribe of Dan. Yet there is scriptural evidence that Dan is the progenitor of the Antichrist. (See the vision entitled "The Dandelion" for some of its documentation.)

The city of Paris is named after the son of the King of Troy. He is the one who fell in love with Helen, the wife of the King of Sparta, kidnapped her, and started the ten-year Trojan War. The French namesakes of "Troyes" and "Paris" derive from the settlers of Troy in Asia Minor and they came from Sparta in Greece. In turn, some of the settlers of Sparta migrated there from the Western coast of Lebanon in the area known as Phoenicia. This was the area next to where the people of Dan settled in defiance of their God-given portion of land beside Judah and Benjamin. We learn from Judges 5:17 that Dan "...remained (sojourned or dwelt) 5 in ships..." So we can surmise that Dan migrated to Southern Greece as history attests via the Phoenician shipping routes. Tracing back to Dan seems easier than tracing forward, but regardless of which direction one takes, the French and Germanic people herald in part from Troy, Greece, and the Danites.

We now have a reason why Jeannette was sent to Paris to witness the machinations of the wicked. There is in France an organization called the Prieure de Sion, which has as one of its objectives to secure political power, and they have done so by controlling the banking systems of the world. Another equally important goal is producing a Priest-king who will rule as the bonafide inheritor of the world in order to fulfill the promise to Abraham by God 6


.... The families of Merovingian descent were thoroughly steeped in politics and their objectives included political power. This would also seem to have been true of the Prieure de Sion and a number of its grand masters. There is no reason to assume that politics should not be equally important to both Sion and the bloodline today. Indeed, all the evidence suggests that Sion thinks in terms of a unity between what used to be called the Church and state -- a unity of secular and spiritual, sacred and profane, politics and religion. In many of its documents Sion asserts that the new king, in accordance with Merovingian tradition, would "rule but not govern." In other words he would be a priest-king who functions primarily in a ritual and symbolic capacity; and the actual business of governing would be handled by someone else -- conceivably by the Prieure of Sion. 7(Emphasis  mine)

From the above we note a movement by some to unify the church and state to resemble it as it was during the Holy Roman Empire. The visible ruler would be a benevolent figurehead who would rule but not govern. Actual governing would be behind the scenes in the hands of those who control the banks, for as Karl von Habsburg of France has been quoted as saying "history shows that power flows toward that which controls the purse strings."8

The Plumbline and The Wall

In the dream God revealed that the seat of world control is in Paris, not the United States nor the United Nations, and it is secretive, economic, and powerful. Remember, though, that God is ultimately in control, but has decreed seven years to Satan to work his own will and God's wrath through a wicked tyrant. At the end of the twin "Three and a Half Times a Season" period, God's judgment on the peoples of the world -- because they loved not the truth (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12) -- will have been accomplished. Then Jesus can return with His saints to establish a Kingdom of righteousness and truth. In order to return with His saints, they must have been taken out before the return. Dear brother and sister hold fast to your belief in a "rapture" 9 because you don't want to be here when the murderous rumbles begin. Prepare yourself, make ready your garments, and wash them in the blood of Jesus so that you won't be left behind when Jesus comes to snatch away His bride. If there is one overlapping theme to all the visions and dreams on this web site, it is that judgment is close, even on the doorstep, and we must choose which side we will serve. There won't be time to get ready when the trumpet blows.

Jeannette walked the line and has built her wall as the angel reported in her dream. Now you must choose to build your wall and stay out of the world and darkness. The line Jeannette walked was the choice she made to serve God by receiving the gift of prophecy God gave to her. Prophets are not popular because they must speak whatever God wants, be it for edification or warning about judgment to come. She has chosen to report whatever God shows her. It is a difficult walk since we are in the last days and judgment is the prominent theme of the Lord's messages. The visions and dreams we're reporting at this web site are all in the vein of judgment. The plumbline has been set in the midst of God's people:

  Amos 7:8

8 And the LORD said unto me, Amos, what seest thou? And I said, A plumbline. Then said the Lord, Behold, I will set a plumbline in the midst of my people Israel: I will not again pass by them any more... (KJV)

Each believer must build his wall of protection according to its measurement. All who love the Word will check the scriptures and heed the warning to build their wall of protection by washing themselves with the water of the Word as the Scriptures teach in Ephesians 5:26. God has spoken in Isaiah:

  Isa 28:17

17 Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies... (KJV)

Thus Isaiah reveals the material with which to build the walls -- righteousness and judgment. So let's put on our robe of righteousness, make judgments based upon God's Word, and keep ourselves unspotted from lies and deception.

  Luke 21:36

36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be ACCOUNTED WORTHY TO ESCAPE all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. (KJV)

These are the words of our Lord Jesus, friend, so there must be something we are supposed to escape. But to do so we must be accounted worthy. It appears as if the plummet of righteousness is the means of being worthy, and judgment (or discernment) is the measuring line to build the wall. Nothing is straighter than a plumbline because it has a weight on the bottom of the string pulling and forcing it straight by virtue of gravity. Because of this a wall can be built upright and straight. I submit that the weight on the plummet is the knowledge of judgment to come. Understanding that the severity of God equals His grace and love (they are reciprocals) people ought to be working at building their walls through knowledge derived from Holy Scripture. Walls are not built by "experiencing" God. They are built the hard way, through Bible study and learning about what pleases Him from His Word. May I suggest that this is not the time to tear down walls as some people are singing in church. Without the teachings from the Bible -- our doctrinal walls of protection -- one is exposed to every lying "doctrine of devils" (1 Timothy 4:1) around. We are admonished not to be "tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive" (Ephesians 4:14). According to these and other scriptures including the prophetic word in this dream, we are to " build walls and walk the lines" for protection from confusion and deceit.

If you are looking to the future to usher in the last days, you're backing up. The last days are here. Cleanse yourself, lift up your head, and look up (Luke 21:28). Time is running out and our redemption draws nigh. Build your wall of protection using the plumbline of Biblical righteousness. Walk the wall as the prophetess has done. Be careful to judge all things by the Word for the time of exceptionally subtle wickedness and cunning craftiness is upon us. May God be merciful and help us see how to build so that we don't have to experience the barbarous shaking and turbulent rumbles which are decreed and have indeed already begun.



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