By Jeannette L. Vetter

Night Vision: April 21, 1999

My eyes opened to two pillars above me. What was strange was my view was looking up at the pillars while I was lying on my back. As I turned my head to my left to figure out why I was in a lying position, I realized that my arms were restrained. It felt like my arms were chained to the pillars. I could see that I was lying on a huge porch with 4 massive pillars to support the porch roof. I looked at the structure of this building; I saw immediately that it was a church. The outside was white with marble pillars, typical southern Greek style architecture. As I was lying there I could see behind me, and I turned in the spirit to face the massive church. Note: I could see myself still bound to the pillars. I stood upright facing the front of the church. The walls of the front of the church were transparent. I could see that the outside world and the inside of this church had become one at the front entrance. There were no longer any barriers from the outside to the inside. In the spirit I was above the congregation, and I saw that the church was full. I waited to see what was to transpire next. I looked to the front of the church and saw that there was a door and it was open. It seemed strange to me to see a door frame with no supporting walls around it.

Standing in the open door with her back to the congregation was a beautiful woman, ..... naked. I could also see myself bound to the two pillars. I then looked to the front of the church (inside) and saw the preacher. I saw the people starting to file out of the church and leave through the open front door. There were only about four people left in the pews. The preacher stepped down from the podium, fell to his knees, held his head in his hands, and started weeping. I then left from inside the church and was back again between the two pillars. I looked to the left and saw the gorgeous naked woman. She was so beautifully evil. She leered, laughed, and was bent upon mesmerizing the people. You could sense that her intent was to lead them to the slaughter.

The beautiful woman
The congregation filed outside into the open air and were seated on the ground, which had grass. The beautiful woman somehow turned inside out as she turned to shut the doors to the church. There seemed to be a spiritual and physical bar on the door of the church. The door was shut, and I heard the sound of the lock. The people inside the church were locked inside and those outside could not return. Then I saw the evil naked woman turn to speak. I turned my head and we locked eyes. With great authority I took command over her in the spirit and forbid her to speak before me.


I then raised up upon my knees and pointed my finger to the congregation which now had changed and were no longer a part of the church. I said in an audible voice, " do not partake of her, do not look at her." I saw that they were craving after her. Men and women alike had the same intense desire as lust filled the air. She glowed and glistened with beautiful evil. As the people started to gaze at her, their faces changed before my very eyes. They became one with her, they looked like her and mirrored her demeanor.

With all the strength I had I raised upon my knees again, and with all the intensity I could muster, my voice booming this time, I said to each person with my eyes running to and fro looking into his or her eyes, "do not partake of her, do not look at her." They heard my statement but chose to listen to her. I fell back with my arms still bound to the pillars and felt my strength failing. I was covered with a white cloth robe that was tattered and torn. I could feel my wounds and the strength leaving my body. The dream started to fade as I watched myself slowly ebbing away between the two pillars. I awoke immediately and my thought and words aloud were "Oh, my Lord Jesus, they killed the prophet Zacharias in Jerusalem between the Temple and the altar, are they going to kill again between the pillars of Your house?" I could still feel the effects of my wounds and I had little strength even after 8 hours of sleep.



Angel pillar
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