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We are told in God's Word that His gifts and calling are without repentance (Romans 11:29). When God has gifted an individual it behooves the one to responsibly walk in that gift humbly and circumspectly. Jeannette L. Vetter has been so chosen to "hear" from God as a seer and prophet. She makes no claim for standing in the office of a prophet for God alone decides who stands in that place and men know it without proclamation. We are all admonished, however, to covet or desire to prophesy (I Corinthians 12:31 with 14:39), so there must be something of import in doing so.

Jeannette has operated in the gift of seer since childhood but did not understand its import until the last few years of her adult life. Until recently most of the dreams and visions she has received were of a personal nature meaning that they were about friends or matters relating to her personal environment. Of late, she has been receiving words from the Lord that are of import to the whole world and especially to the church of God.

When the Lord told her one day that these visions and dreams did not belong to her -- they were for the whole body of Christ -- she began searching for a way to make them available to the church at large. A major reason this web site was created is because so many of the prophetic words Jeannette is receiving relates to imminent judgment and we feel we do not have much time left to alert God's people to prepare themselves to meet the Lord. Jesus is coming for His bride. There will not be time to get ready when He comes. The parable of the ten virgins reveals this fact. Very simply, the five who were ready went to the wedding and the other five did not. Hopefully these revelatory "words" from the Lord will excite as well as instill an awesome expectation in those who receive these messages.

Regarding the interpretation of the visions and dreams, it was the desire of the interpreter that Jeannette not be held responsible for a false interpretation. Hence, the name of the interpreter was purposely given. It is humbly acknowledged that an interpretation is given by the Lord (Daniel 2:23,30; Genesis 40:8) and that an interpretation can be insufficient, incomplete and even false. In this case the interpreter has relied solely on the Holy Spirit's guidance in prayer and meditation on the Word for a true interpretation. It is accepted by both the visionary and the interpreter that the Word is not subject to the gifts but that the gifts are subject to the Word. Hence, the need to be attentive to the entire spectrum of Scripture.

Jeannette has learned to record immediately in a journal the vision or dream being careful not to allow her own views to filter into God's Words. She is cautious to report the vision exactly as it was received and to be doubly vigilant not to mess with God's Words. Never does Jeannette seek to hear from God having understood that false prophets conjure up familiar spirits at will. This gives place to demonic communications and we are told not to give place to the devil (Ephesians 4:27).

At times, the interpretation was obvious -- especially with personal ones -- but at other times it was long sought after. Quite frequently, due to the interpreter's 40 years of voracious study of the Holy Scriptures, the interpretation was immediate. Many of the visitations have not been included here because they would be too lengthy to cite and then interpret. Since the visionary and the interpreter do not want people taking a word from the Lord and twisting it to mean whatever one wants --- which can be done using allegory -- it was decided to put out only those dreams and visions which obviously align with scripture.

We sought the Lord's guidance before going public, because it was not our desire to throw God's pearls before people who would trample on them. But when we discovered that not only was Jeannette hearing from God, but the interpreter was also having an unsolicited word, or information that confirmed her visitation from the Lord, we agreed that the Lord was attuning His message with us both. Therefore we felt that God was directing us to this work. In fact, He even gave Jeannette during her prayer time the name for this ministry, to wit, White Stones Ministries. We feel that the Lord wanted the stones to represent the individual visitations of the Lord who is showing us thereby the way to our wedding with Jesus. There are many Christians "out there" who are unschooled in the Word and are being deceived into thinking the world is on the verge of a new age of love and peace without Jesus, the Prince of Peace, coming first. The prophetic revelations at this web site seem to refute this assumption and we are following the admonition of Hebrews 10:25..."exhorting one another and so much the more as ye see the day approaching." May the Lord open the eyes of those who happen to surf onto this page.

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