Sheets of Rain


by Jeannette L. Vetter night vision: July6, 2000
The scene before me focused upon a massive elephant. The elephant's trunk was extending high exposing its huge tusk. The eyes of the elephant expressed tremendous pain. I could hear no sound, but I could see he was wounded upon his right knee. A deep gash had ripped his flesh and the meat of his leg was exposed. An elephant keeper in traditional Indian dress was tending the wound upon the leg with a pressure water hose. He was feverishly trying to keep the elephant's wound from worsening. I could see that efforts of the man were of no use. The elephant's right knee began to bleed profusely. The elephant roared and began to falter and fell upon the left knee in trying to protect the right knee. He began to bare his weight on his hind legs.

The elephant attendee was frantically washing and attending the wound. He would reach up from time to time to console the elephant. There was an explosion in the spirit realm that only I could hear. At the end of the sound of explosion, sheets of rain came down. The sheets of rain touched neither the elephant nor the man. The sheets of rain were transparent as glass upon a lake and it was a continuous flow from heaven to the earth. At the precise moment the sheets of rain poured the massive elephant fell to its belly in agony. I could hear the rain as it was pouring downward. It filled the air and it was fresh and clean. The Indian attendee and elephant began to diminish in size as if they disappeared in the distance. The sheets of rain consumed the whole vision. I could now hear the agony of the elephant for it was dying before my eyes. The last scene was the cry of death that expelled from the elephant. I shook myself and felt great pain in the vision; my fear was for the man who still was clinging to the elephant that was decaying from within before my eyes and his. The sheets were now consuming the whole vision.

I shook myself and felt great pain in the vision; my fear was for the man who still was clinging to the elephant...

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Christ Walking With His Disciples... Aritist Unknown



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