Dream: Wednesday, March 11, 1998


by Jeannette L. Vetter
  First Dream

The dream began with an Angel summoning me over to him. I walked up to him without speaking anything. As I stood there, he said to me, "Jeannette God wants you to take the stones that you have in the wheelbarrow and start building the wall where He has already laid the foundation. The tools are there for you to hone, apply mortar, smooth and to lay each one. The plumbline has been placed for you. After you have finished the ones in the wheelbarrow, use the other stones one by one to build the wall. Apply each one with your hands."


I looked at the whole scene that was before me and this is what I saw. The place was in a rock quarry. There was a wheelbarrow and all of the tools were there for my use just like the angel said. The plumbline was set and the foundation for the wall was in place. The mortar was beside the wall, and the axe, hammer, spade, trawl, etc. -- all of the necessary materials with which to work on the wall -- were ready for me. This was a rock quarry and to my amazement there were many rocks ready for me to work on. The Angel seemed to know what I was thinking. "He said, "don't worry about all of them at once God will help you lay each one. I know that there are many stones to lay so take one at a time. Don't be overwhelmed by all of the stones that you see in this rock quarry." The angel showed me how to take each stone and work it in my hands just like God had instructed. I looked very happy and I could feel the joy of working with each rock. I saw myself smiling as I labored and smoothed the rocks with my hands. I picked up each one, and gingerly rubbed and smoothed it. Very rarely did I apply the hammer or axe to the stones, and I took great care with each one. Somehow I knew when to apply the necessary tools that God had given me. I preferred to use my hands, because I could feel them. The Angel knew what I was seeing and he said, "Yes, Jeannette, use the hammer or axe only when necessary. God will let you know. He is well pleased that you are taking great care with His precious stones."

Second Dream
  The angel said, "Jeannette, God has something else He wants you to see." As the angel said these words, Michael and Lee appeared beside me. We went immediately to a scene where soldiers were grouped behind a stone wall. I looked, and this is what I saw.
Standing on the wall was the leader of this remnant of soldiers. He was facing the soldiers while giving a wonderful speech, standing erect and in full view of the enemy. He was issuing commands, orders, and battle plans that had been laid. (Note: I did not hear all of his words but had an impression of what his speech was about.) His attire was that of a commander. He had a sword that was in his left hand raised at a 45º angle in a battle stance position. His expression was that of victory and confidence. I heard him say one thing to his men. He said, "Don't look at them Look at Me, I will give you the orders and direct you in this battle." His men knew their commander well, not one hesitated to obey their commander's voice, nor did they flinch with fear because of the massive army that was gathering in the battlefield beyond.

My eyes then turned to the men in this remnant army. I saw some who were wounded with bandages around their heads. Many were in the field hospital while others were preparing food, praying, and rebuilding weak places in the wall. All the plans and preparations were being carried out as a well-honed army. They all -- the wounded, weak, tired, hungry, et al -- were ready for their commander. All were ready to give their life for him and what they were defending. The angel said, "Jeannette go and touch them; anoint and give them the words of God for their victory. I did as I was told, for I knew the battle was fierce and they needed the spoken, anointed words of God to spur them on. Lee also did as the angel told us. As we went about our duties, the trumpet sounded, and the men readied their rifles as they focused on the enemy. The flag was waving above the commander and before he gave the command to fire, there was a silence. Stillness hush the whole earth. Be apprised that the troops' eyes were not on the enemy but on their commander. The wall was too high for the men to see who the enemy was. The angel said, "Look and see beyond the wall Jeannette. I will show you what my people are not allowed to see." I looked and to my great horror, I saw a massive army of numbers that had no end. At the head was the knight on the black horse. He was the only one that stood out from the rest.

Icon: Cross, flower, and thorns


Important Note: I did not recognize this knight on the black horse during the dream sequence. My focus was on what God was saying to me and on my orders. I did not ascertain the identity of this knight as the one that rode into my church Sunday, March 15,1998 until later on as I reported the dream to Lee. I only knew that I had great fear that Sunday as I watched the "knight" rider boldly gallop into our church on a black horse asserting his authority and knew that I had to stand all alone against him. Little did I realize how important this was until now as I am writing about this prophetic dream visitation. Lee and I believe that all three of these dreams are connected: "Stones", "Knight on the Black Horse", and "Appearance of the King."

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