by Jeannette L. Vetter


Dream: Monday, August 9, 1999 †



I was awakened in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep. As I restlessly tossed and turned, I thought about how tomorrow would be a long day. I tried desperately to get back to sleep, found it useless, so I started to pray. Almost instantaneously I discovered myself in a spiritual vision of the night. I was in a meeting room with 7 angels sitting around a circular table. The main angel who was seated motioned to me to sit down. As he moved his hand towards a wooden chair next to him, it moved outward as if inviting me to sit in it. All of the angels there had a brilliant glow and each had a utensil in his hand writing in books with gold covers. The pages in the books turned as they wrote. The pages seemed alive because as the angels wrote words, the words appeared to be transformed into moving pictures with captions. The books and their very thin fragile pages were transparent, the pages being bound and carefully handled by each angel as if he were protecting the contents on them.

The angel who was to the left of the main angel talking to me, was recording our conversation. He would from time to time look up at me and smile. I looked very intently at every one of them while listening to the angel doing the talking and was a bit bewildered about being summoned here. Each angel seemed to have a task to perform and was attentively doing it.

The host angel said, "Jeannette, I have something to show you." He waved his hand over our table and it became glass through which I could see the earth below. At that point, I discovered that the angels were writing every word, command, and action in heaven and upon earth. They did not deviate from their job one little bit, and their books did not move from the table even though it became transparent glass. "Look Jeannette," the narrator said. So I looked and as the earth came in closer with each magnification, I could see towns, homes, and people in greater detail. As I watched, I was shocked to see someone whom I recognized and thought was a dedicated Christian, a woman whom I regarded as devoted to the Lord. It appalled me to view her life on the table before my eyes. I saw everything in her life in quick succession from its beginning until now and became mortified to having become a witness to her sinful behavior. It upset me tremendously to have to see the sinful details of her life. I watched her pray and was horrified to see two huge dark demons answering her prayers. Each time she would pray, they appeared to give her magical powers and seemed to be the fount from which she drew her ability to perform great wonders. They controlled her. She seemed to lust for more power after each miracle-working performance, and soon she began to take on the shape of the demons controlling her. The anguish at being a witness to such things made me loath what was happening at the table because I assumed this woman to be walking in the light. I soon turned away from what I was seeing because I desperately did not want to believe this disclosure.

The angel in charge said, "Jeannette, this is your sister who is dark." I responded, "My sister?" At my words, he touched my knee, whereupon I looked down and saw my knee glowing with an illumination a few degrees less than that of the angels before me. I did not understand. I turned and stared at him not knowing what I was supposed to say or do. He was so kind and expressed empathy at my confusion. His beautifully strong features were more brilliantly illuminated than the writing angels. Not only did his blue eyes communicate compassion, but they also revealed excitement about his role as a revelator. He said, "Jeannette, look, this is your life." At his words, the wall behind him became a blank screen that presently produced a burst of white light with the same degree of whiteness that was upon my knee. Rays of light emanated from spotlights on the screen, which consumed the screen and then burst into the meeting room. Suddenly the lights stopped. I looked at him puzzled neither understanding what I was seeing nor comprehending his statement about my sister being dark.

The leading angel then said, "Jeannette, it is time for you to go to the Throne Room." So I stood up from the table, turned around and found myself in a room that was colored Royal Blue. There was no distance to walk nor door to open. Just in front of me was a square opening with light radiating from it, which light, it seemed to me as best as I can describe it, to be exceedingly greater than a ten to the tenth power degree of brilliance of the sun. I was told to come here to the Throne Room and was drawn to the light but could not enter the lighted room yet. I knew why I had been summoned to the Throne Room. I had to give God an answer to a call upon my life. I was walking back and forth with my hands in my pockets deliberating about the movie I had just seen and the decision I must make that would change my life forever. I wanted to make the right decision, for I knew it would be written down, and I would be before God soon. I queried to myself what the significance was of my seeing this woman's life and why she was called my dark sister. As I was in deep thought, Lee appeared in the Royal Throne Room. I knew she was here without looking up, for I heard her say, "Jeannette, you will be in a movie." Her remark dumbfounded me, however, because I knew she disliked movies and could not understand why she would place me in a movie if they were unprofitable to watch as she claims. I responded, "A movie?" Before she could answer me and before I could answer God, I awoke. I did not get to enter the glory originating from the square doorframe.


Please Prayer!



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