Treasure Hidden In The Field
by Jeannette L. Vetter



[Vision: Saturday, April 22, 2000]


Interpreation by Lee Y. Martin, Ph.D., © 2000

Matthew 13:44 KJV
I was preparing some talks for Jeannette's and my mission trip to India in May when Jeannette called and told me that she had a waking vision the night before. We thought that perhaps the Lord was giving us an encouraging word as we were about to embark on our first missionary journey.

We would shortly discover that our assumptions about this vision were premature and that its message was not for us but for those people whom we were going to visit in India. In sum, it is a personal tribute from the Father regarding their work there. When Jeannette reported the scenario, it did not occur to me that the Lord would use us as special envoys to hand-carry an important message for Him to one of His embassies in another country. As ambassadors for Christ we are to go forth with the great commission of the gospel of Jesus Christ to wherever the Lord sends us. But, how often does one get opportunity to take a special executive communication from God to someone for whom He wants to pay personal homage?

Early one morning as I lay in bed thinking about what the Father wanted me to say to encourage our brethren to stand fast in the faith and not faint as radical religious factions heat-up strife between groups, the Spirit brought this vision to mind. I knew at once it was a message from the Father to them and not an encouragement for Jeannette and me. All the pieces of the vision instantly fit together perfectly, and there was no question in my mind that the vision was given for the purpose of honoring them. I knew right away that the Lord wanted us to present this message to them personally and is the reason He chose this moment in time to give it to us. Timing is extremely important in warfare. It was emphasized to me that it was to be submitted to them at the first Sunday morning church service we attended. The Spirit seemed to impress upon me that there was urgency 1 to it. He wanted to give tribute to their steadfastness in contending for the faith, to their continual development of holiness, and to their love walk in reaching out to the lost and helpless of India. Keep in mind as you read this that the work of this particular Fellowship is definitely the focus of this vision and the interpretation validates this fact 2.


I was still snug and cuddly in my bed. As my eyes slowly opened I said, "Good morning Jesus." Immediately I felt the Spirit of the Lord sweep me up into a vision. I was walking up to a castle of great splendor. The outside of the castle was made of centuries old stones. Trees, flowers, and the gardens were magnificent. The beauty of this place was very intoxicating and enticing. I approached the castle door. As I placed my hand on the handle of the huge door, I felt the presence of someone with me. [I visibly did not see them.]

I continued cautiously opening the castle door. I thought to myself, hum, something is not quite right in this place. I stepped directly into a dining room with elegant tables arrayed with linen, flowers, silverware, and fine china on the tables. The room had windows, but I could not see outside. I noticed also that there was light but I could not find the source. Again I thought, I can only see this room and not the other rooms. I would not allow myself to go further than the opening of the doorway frame to the dining room. There were no other people anywhere. As I stood looking into the dining room, a woman approached me. She said, "Would you like to sit here and dine?" I looked right at her and said, "No." I waved my hand at her directly indicating my firm decision. Not in a threatening way, but she understood my position and stern decision. God said, "Go into the garden Jeannette." As I brought my hand down to my side, I was placed at the beginning of a massive ancient grove of trees.

I was standing upon some ancient stone steps that led down into the grove of trees. I looked around for just a moment to get my bearings. I noticed the darkness of the backside of the castle. I quickly turned to find the light of the sun. I wondered where the light was. I looked at the gnarled massive trees of great height. I could not see the sky. I looked at the aged trees that were so massive, this grove that was deep inside a dark woods, they seemed to go on forever into the distance. Each tree stood its ground deeply rooted. I thought to myself, how could each of these trees be so massive side by side.

I decided to go forth down the stone steps. I kept my eyes straight ahead not looking at the massive trees. As my foot stepped off the last step into the dark grove of trees, there in the middle of the grove a small tree appeared. The clearing around the small tree was wide with massive boundaries. It had room to grow. It seemed to be given all the room it needed. It was placed right in the middle of the grove. The small tree was glorious in color. It glistened with golden light. The tree emanated light from its source within its heart and also from the rays of heaven. The leaves were full and alive as the sun from heaven shined down upon it. Not only was it full of light, but also the light of heaven was shining upon it. As I walked towards the tree wanting to be near, I felt it drawing me closer and noticed that the rays from heaven only shined upon it and not the other trees in the grove. It was small in stature, but it was the only life source living and breathing in the garden. As I walked within touching distance, it faded away and I was home again in my room.


The Interpretation

Facade of the Castle

The Castle of India


The castle Jeannette entered represented the nation of India. A castle is a massive structure and nearly always represents strength. India is truly massive in that it is the second largest populated country in the world. Also, India was an early possessor of an atomic bomb as countries raced to develop nuclear energy after World War II.


In these two regards it is strongly fortified.It has a great scientific base and has strength in numbers of people. India's freedom and prosperity is tied to the fact that the English brought the King James Bible to the nation when India was a vassal state to Great Britain. Christian seeds were planted everywhere the military went. Democracy is a by-product of the Christian-Judeo system of law. Basically the rule of law of democracy comes from ancient Greece and the Greeks got it from the Mosaic law when the tribe of Dan migrated to Greece. India's heritage, then, in learning to solve problems by way of debate in a court of law through democratic means stems from Great Britain and has been her mainstay as to why she has been able to prosper as a free country since her independence after World War II.

The only hindrance preventing India from becoming an economic stronghold of capitalism has been her promotion of idolatry in enormous proportions. Jehovah God who created all things is a jealous God and will not share His glory or praise with other gods.

  Exodus 34:14
  14 For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:

Therefore, it has been a long struggle to free India from the yoke of satan. This is not to imply that it cannot be done. If enough of God's people in India pray, turn from their sins, and seek His face, God Himself will do the work of dislodging the false gods who are holding India's people in bondage [2 Chronicles 7:14]. It is God's people who hold the keys to unlocking satan's yokes. We must never let up our determination to free men from the devil's grip. The way it's done is using the authority God has given to the church. Jesus paralyzed satan on the cross and stripped him of his authority. He took the keys of death and hell away from the devil when He arose from the dead. Then He gave the keys of His kingdom to His church. Therefore, it is up to the church to loosen the noose of satan from off those whom he is holding in bondage. It can't be emphasized too much that the devil has no power except that which truly born again Christians allow him to have.


The Woman

The major god of India is a woman. I do not want to spend time discussing the intricacies of Hinduism because there is no profit in it. What is helpful in understanding this vision is that Hindu idolatry is rooted in the Babylonian system whereby Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz were the three primary gods around whom idolatry stems. Cush, the son of Ham and father of Nimrod was the developer of it making Noah, Cush's grandfather. Nimrod was killed early in life when his wife Semiramis was pregnant with his son, Tammuz. In order to stay in control as the ruler of the people she declared herself a virgin goddess who was supernaturally pregnant with Tammuz. She told the people whom she and Nimrod ruled that she had never actually had sexual relations with Nimrod, which was a lie. This was satan's counterfeit doctrine of the virgin birth of Jesus. This teaching underlies all idolatrous religions the world over.

Goddess of India

Perhaps it would be helpful if you understood that this system of idolatry was established at the Tower of Babel before God dispersed the people through diverse languages. Therefore, the mental images, or schemas in psychological terms, were imprinted on the mind's of people before their languages changed. Words of a language are attached to schemas in a person's memory bank. This is the way we communicate. Unless we know the meaning of the words someone is using, we cannot understand that person when he speaks. When the languages changed at the Tower of Babel, the mental images did not. They remained intact in complete form just like they were first impressed on people's minds. After God divided the people by languages, their mental images were given new names using the new language's phonetic structure. The schemas remained the same however. New words were formed to fit existing images. Only the names changed. The doctrine or teachings associated with the schemas were established before Babel's confusion, and they did not change. God merely confused the names associated with the images when He confused the language. This is the reason idolatry takes on the same form almost everywhere in every culture upon the face of the earth. There are some differences of course due to the time factor. Over time stories become distorted. Eventually, some stories are not even recognizable as coming from a certain place. To learn about the spread of idolatry and the distortions differing languages have caused, you might read the book entitled The Two Babylons. It is an excellent book on the subject and perhaps the only one of any real significance.

What all this means is that the primary god coming out of the Babylonian system of idolatry was a woman, a supposedly virgin woman who had a child supernaturally. Since the child was a baby, Semiramis told the people that if they wanted to communicate with the supernaturally born son of god, they had to go through her, his mother. This assured her of a permanent place in the Godhead scheme. She was the intercessor for mankind. In other words, being the mother of the son of their false god, she was the only mediator between god and men. Does this sound like a Catholic schema? Can you see how the Madonna and child concept of the Catholic Church started? Do they not say that Christians must pray to Mary who intercedes to God for men? Constantine brought this mental schema into the Catholic Church when he made Christianity the primary religion of his Roman Empire circa 330 AD. Being the high priest of Baal worship, Constantine brought a lot of the pagan idolatrous practices into the Christian religion when he made it the state religion of Rome.


Fellowship with Idols

Because of the foregoing explanation, the woman in the castle who greeted Jeannette represented the chief female god of idolatry in India, Shiva. Shiva is considered one of the three primary gods of the Hindu religion. She is the destroyer and restorer god. This is in keeping with the Babylonian teaching that Semiramis' husband, Nimrod, was destroyed but came back to life in the child who was born of her. In the vision, Jeannette was invited to sit down with the woman who was acting as a mediator for Jeannette and the owner of the castle, which probably belonged to the creator god called Brahma. Jeannette refused. She would not go any further than the doorway. This is significant because Jeannette's behavior represents what Christian behavior ought to be in the devil's world.

2 Corinthians 6:14-16
  14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
  15 And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?
  16 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.
  17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,

From the passage above, we see that Christians are not supposed to fellowship with idolatry because there is no compatibility there. Fellowshipping with false religious systems be they Christian groups or otherwise sends the wrong message to adherents of the system. The lost or wayward persons of the idolatrous sect become confused and think they don't have to change their godless ways. Everywhere, including the suppers He attended, Jesus reproved and even rebuked unbelievers, but after admonishing them, they had to follow Him if they wanted fellowship with Him. Hence, Christians should reprove false systems with gentle criticism pointing out the error of their ways. Nothing could be gentler than the gospel of Jesus. It is the power unto eternal life and deliverance from oppression. Men must hear the gospel, however, to be saved. Therefore, in that regard it is all right for a person to interact and even work among unbelievers. Interacting in a public setting is not the same as fellowshipping. One should not seek companionship and close associations with those having dissimilar belief systems because the ideals and goals are foreign to each. The sin nature is such that it can easily be enticed to sinning and even betrayal of the faith that saved them. Interaction for the purpose of giving constructive advice which would lead men out from under the yoke of sin and satan is certainly admissible, but, Christians must reprove without being hostile and belligerent. The law of love forbids radical behavior. We see a strange thing happening today in the ecumenical movement. Christians are now fellowshipping with all faiths everywhere. Is this a denial of the Son of God who bought them? After all, Jesus said that He was the only way and that no man gets to the Father but through Him. We are coming to a place in this new era of time when Christians are going to be faced with some hard choices very soon. While there is still time, Christians must show steadfastness to the truth in God's Word so that other religious faiths can see the light.

Dining with someone is a form of fellowshipping. Jesus gave the bread and the wine as symbols of partaking of His broken body and blood sacrifice. To partake of something means to become a part of it. In many Eastern countries one does not eat with just anyone. Jeannette hesitated to go into the dining room because she sensed that it would be wrong. Because eating is a strong form of fellowshipping with a person, it is used in covenant making. When covenants are made, one eats and drinks with the covenant partner to show a permanent attachment to that person. When we eat, the ingested food becomes a part of us. That which is ingested symbolizes that we have partaken of the covenant agreement forever because once the body assimilates the food, it can never be removed.

In government circles one must sometimes do things that are not in keeping with pure Christian doctrine. Prudence must dictate when to refuse and when to comply. Because we are living under Grace and not the Law, we have things that are permissible, which were not allowed under the Law. On the other hand, we are living in an advanced stage of spiritual development, which means God treats us as adult sons and not little children as in the Old Testament when we were under our tutor, the law [Galatians 4]. We now have a higher standard to live by than God required under the law. Many people don't understand that the law of love supercedes the law of expediency. You might read Romans 14:1-15:3 for an in-depth teaching on this.

  The Desolation of Man Soul
The Dead Trees

Jeannette was ordered by God to go into the garden next to the castle. There obviously was something He wanted her to see. When she got there, she was amazed to find a huge grove of large massive trees growing extremely close together. In contrast to the entrance of the castle, which appeared splendid and magnificent in beauty, Jeannette saw that the backside was dark and dreary with very little light. This contradistinction signified that to many people India has an exotic enticing attractive surface beauty, but behind the façade, there is a monolithic well-entrenched idolatrous system blocking out the light of life. The huge massive, seemingly endless grove of trees Jeannette saw represent the millions of idols that the people of India have cultivated over the thousands of years it has been in existence. Jeannette said that these trees were very old and deeply rooted. It is tremendously difficult to uproot a deeply planted tree. Difficult I said - not impossible, for "with God all things are possible" [Matthew 19:26].


In the vision, Jeannette reported that she could not see the sky because of the thicket of enormous trees. Trees as well as idolatry have a way of blocking out the sunlight (sonlight?) of life, which explains the reason there are so many trees in the vision. God is the source of light and life, and the demons being worshipped behind these idols [1 Chronicles 16:26; Psalm 96:5] do not want light to filter through the trees because with light comes truth and life. It is going to take a move of God to uproot this system of idolatry in India, but it can be done. There is a subtle problem, however, which the advocates of corporate spiritual warfare neglect to address. Whenever one demon is uprooted, another of a different nature comes to take its place because satan and his minions have not yet been imprisoned and will be around until their time is up.

Matthew 8:28-29
  28 And when he was come to the other side into the country of the Gergesenes, there met him two possessed with devils, coming out of the tombs, exceeding fierce, so that no man might pass by that way.
  29 And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time?
  1 Corinthians 4:5
  5 Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.

All satan does is change tactics. Christians cannot ever let their guard down. We have to fight the fight of faith continuously until our redemption is completed. What we need is for Jesus to come get us out of here and renovate the whole earth. We need an entirely new planet wherein dwells righteousness and justice without satan's ruthless yoke of bondage.

Dear saints, we are on the verge of a complete change of rule. First comes the kingdom of Antichrist spoken of in Daniel 7 and Revelation 17. But, as Christians we are not to look for the Antichrist, we are to look for Jesus to come snatch us away in elopement style taking us to heaven until the indignation of satanic rule through the Antichrist is past [Isaiah 26:20; Daniel 11:36]. Be sure you are in the body of Christ, purified, sanctified, and living a holy life. Preparedness for the rapture is the only way to escape the purging of the earth by great tribulation. This is the end of harvest season, and we should be reaping as many souls for God as we can because soon the harvest will be over. When the harvest is completed, Jesus Himself will take us to the place of security and safety to wait for the tribulation of the earth to be over.

Tree of Life

Now comes the Lord's tribute to the India Evangelistic and Relief Fellowship. He has honored the precious souls in this congregation by portraying them as a tree of light and life in the midst of other trees of greater stature surrounding them but with less appeal or usefulness. The picture of this tree reveals our Father's heart concerning the work in Cloughpet, Ongole. Because this vision was a message from the Lord to the IERF, and because we were told to personally hand it to them when we visited them in May, I am switching voices in writing this portion. I am going to write it as we gave it to them.

When Jeannette stepped down off the castle steps of the garden, she noticed a clearing in the middle of the dark grove of trees. Right in the middle of the clearing was your candlestick! It was a radiant, beautiful, and glorious candlestick! Note that the tree did not appear to her until she stepped down and removed herself from all contact with the castle. This demonstrates what 2 Corinthians 6:14-16 is teaching. When we remove ourselves from all contact with idolatry, God receives us and gives us light. The gorgeous little tree with its entire splendor was not visible to Jeannette until she broke complete contact with the stonework of the castle representing idolatrous systems. You are that gorgeous tree of life right in the center of all the huge mammoth idolatrous trees.

Your Candlestick!

Notice that God had cleared an area all around you. Jeannette said that the clearing was wide and had massive boundaries as she recounted it. This suggests that God has given you much room in which to grow, and He is not going to let the other large idolatrous trees encroach upon your boundaries. When you need more room, we have the implication in the vision that God will tear down some of the other trees so that you can have more space. Jeannette all but said this in her account. Whether implied or stated we know that God is faithful and will not forget your labor of love.

Jeannette saw your light source emanating from within as well as from rays filtering down from above. Note that the rays from above shone only upon your tree. Because Jesus, the light of the world, sits on the right hand of God in heaven, and because He dwells within Christians, we can see why part of the light derived from within and part from above. It is obvious that the other trees, being old and cumbersome, were too unwieldy to be of any great use. Eventually, if the Lord tarries long enough, they will be removed one by one as you need space to do the work of the Lord. "Is anything too hard for the Lord?" [Genesis 14:8].

The leaves of your honored tree were full and brilliantly colorful signifying that you were dwelling by a water source and "will not see when drought comes."

Psalm 1:3
  3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

Because of God's favor, He is supernaturally protecting you and will continue to do so providing you stay holy and remain true to His word while performing His will in India - that of harvesting souls and caring for the needy. I am sure that there are other ministries doing the work of the Lord here, but God has especially singled out your tree through this vision. He sees you as a strong beacon of light to the people of your country. Recall that Jeannette said God has given you space to do His work. He has enlarged your boundaries and will continue to enlarge them as space is needed. When God does the cultivating, He also provides the equipment to do His work. By staying pure, clean, and repentant your candlestick will not be put out as is happening to so many churches today. The irony of it all is that on the surface it seems as if God is blessing the Church because we see megachurches popping up everywhere not only increasing in size but also increasingly growing in wealth. (Could they perhaps be the huge trees in the vision?) We don't want to judge anything before the time because judgment belongs to Jesus at the Bema Seat in heaven, but the truth of the matter can be found in Revelation 3:15-18. The dazzling radiance we see in the Laodicean congregations reveals their nakedness, for God says, "...thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing, and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind and naked" [3:17]. On the other hand God is speaking via this vision to you as He did to the first church in Revelation 2:1ff, to encourage you to keep doing the first works, the work of love which you are doing [2:4,5]. You must not forget that your tree is healthy and blossoming in the midst of entrenched idolatry. You carry the sweet savor of the church at Smyrna about whom Jesus spoke: "I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich)..." [Revelation 2:9]. Jesus had nothing good to say about the Laodicean church, which was visibly rich, and He had nothing bad to say about Smyrna, which was notably poor. Your candlestick shines brightly!

The Elisha Company Fearlessly Moves With Authority

God has sent this message to you to exhort you to prepare yourselves for a greater anointing. It seems apparent that you are in the Elisha Company of believers who will receive a greater anointing than that of the Elijah Company preceding it during the last century. I caution you to be found faithful to pray and seek God's face. It is only when God Himself shows up that the massive trees of unbelief can be cut down. Our Father is still on His throne with Jesus on His right hand, and you must not forget that you are sitting with Jesus also. You must use the authority Jesus has given you and enlarge your borders with it 4 . As an extension of Jesus here on earth you can do the works that He did. As you reach out, God will tear down the walls of idolatry around you, but you must reach out first. Remember the admonition I have given you from the Lord that God only moves when believers move. You won't have to noise it abroad what you are doing, for it will be obvious to all that God is with you.

It is interesting that in the vision Jeannette saw only your little tree as the life source for a great portion of India's people. This places a heavy responsibility on you to remain fearlessly faithful in the face of danger. I am not implying that there are not other works for God in the area, but for some reason God has chosen to pay homage to your fellowship singling you out for a special role in your nation. How that comes about we will have to wait and see. Keep doing the first works so that your candlestick will never be put out. Jesus is looking for believers who will take His name, go forth in His power and might, and tear down the strongholds of satan. The devil was defeated and paralyzed at the cross, but the church has not acted like it until the last few decades. Your enemy cannot do anything to you unless you let him through neglect of prayer, allowing sin to creep into your camp, or not using the mighty name of Jesus as you go forth to take ground away from the enemy. May you reap in joy and victory with this message from the Lord warming your hearts. It has been Jeannette's and my pleasure to bring you this tribute from our Father of lights. With it be bold and take courage to continue breaking the yoke of satan off the backs of your beautiful people. God loves you tremendously and so do we.

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1 I can now understand why it was urgent. I had been led by the Spirit to talk with this ministry about their authority as Christians and not on evangelism or holiness as most visitors do. There has recently been religious antagonisms in that country in the area we were visiting, so the Father wanted me to show them the Scriptural foundation for their authority to control evil spirits in their household and vicinity. I now know why I was led in this direction. These were matters, which they had not heard before, as is the case with so many new indigenous churches and village missions. Within a week after we left, there were several bombings in churches close by - one within a couple of blocks in one of the oldest major denominational churches in the area. This could easily intimidate believers to back off from getting the gospel out and not standing fast in the faith. If a Christian knows his inheritance includes freedom from fear and even satanic attacks, he will be bolder to stand up to any intimidation by the enemy and can take control before the fact of an act. This vision with its interpretation set the stage for these talks by showing them how precious and important they are to the heart of the Lord and that He did not want them to back away from contending for the faith they have received. Praise the Lord for His detailed concern in working all things together to accomplish His will and get the harvest in. (to)

2 Jeannette and I have included this vision with its interpretation on our White Stones Ministries website because it is a prophetic visitation in keeping with the other pages. We felt that it might encourage some readers of this site, who see this revelatory tribute as a compliment from the Lord and an acknowledgement of His approval of the work being done in this ministry in India, to support the India Evangelistic & Relief Fellowship in whatever way they can, be it financial or otherwise. We have given the IERF a page on our website because we know their work is of the Lord and in keeping with the statement of beliefs as posted on our site. Also, because they are not affiliated with any denomination, they do not receive regular support from organizational structures supporting missions in general. The work of this ministry has been phenomenally blessed by the Lord in comparison to the amount of money they have received. When we were there in May of 2000, Jeannette and I were overwhelmed with what we saw that had been accomplished. We are placing a letter sent to the few small churches that are supporting them explaining something of what we encountered while there, and encouraging them to keep up the support, for not one penny has being wasted. Their finances have been stretched beyond measure. We can truly say this is a work of God for which He gets all the glory. Souls are being saved (twenty people came for baptism at a open air crusade in a small village the night before we left) and the helpless are being looked after as much as is possible with the meager funds they received. They have an orphanage of 170 children now and they give regular support to a small colony of a dozen or so lepers. If anyone is interested in finding out more about this work, you can contact us at our email address, or write them direct to their address on their letterhead shown on their web page. Many of their needs have also been listed on their page. (I)

3 See the minivision Jeannette had relating to this work in India.

4 The Lord had me speak to the people associated with this ministry about their authority as believers in Christ over the works of satan. W can now see why. There have been terrorist attacks against various religious factions in the area we visited since our return from over there. We believe that God's protective covering over this fellowship will prove good. ( As)

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