Two Streams



by Jeannette L. Vetter

Night Vision: December 7, 1998

This night vision began with me walking on a path that led to a cabin on a knoll in the foothills of a mountain forest. The day was brilliant with gold-like light falling upon everything. There were no shadows anywhere although I noticed clouds moving across the sky. All colors seemed to have the same intensity. As I stood drinking in the light and beauty of the surroundings, I raised my head heavenward, and said, "Lord, why I am I here?" A voice said, "Jeannette, go to the cabin at the end of the path." I looked towards the horizon and saw a cabin picturesquely situated on the top of a foothill with massive mountains in the background. There was smoke coming from its chimney. I started walking with exhilaration, and in my excitement I kept repeating, "Lord, I coming! I'm coming!"

As I approached the door I paused to open it wondering what was behind it. After opening, I stood for a moment with my hand still grasping the knob and observed a man dressed in white garments reading aloud from what I knew to be the Bible. I did not wait for an invitation to come in. I walked over to him unsure about who he was but thinking that maybe he was an angel. Somehow I knew that he was waiting for me to arrive. In my rush to him I began asking questions. He smiled and acknowledged me but kept on reading from the Bible. I said, "Why are these people asleep?" "Why are they not listening to you read the Scriptures from the Bible?" "Why aren't they sitting here with you?" Without missing a word and still speaking audibly he nodded his head, smiled, and continued reading. By his nod I knew he understood what I was asking him.

I ran over to one of the people and shook his foot to arouse him. His boots were work boots with heavy soles. All the people had on everyday work clothes, none of which seemed to be soiled or tattered. The man stirred slightly at my touch but did not wake up. I looked around and saw that they were all asleep. Neither shaking their feet nor the sound of God's Word being read awakened them.

I ran to the window on the left side of the cabin and said, "Wake up! It's so bright outside, and it glows everywhere! He has prepared for us a fire in the fireplace, wake up! Can't you hear him reading? It's the middle of the day. How can you sleep in the light?"

I ran over to a window on the other side of the room and gazed into the countryside where I saw the path I had walked to get here. I saw the tremendous mountains and was so excited about being here and hearing the man clothed in white read the Word that I could hardly contain myself. I continued to try to arouse the people but to no avail. They obviously were in a deep sleep. I walked over to the man in the white garments and said, "I can't wake them up! Here you are reading the Bible to them, and they aren't listening or sitting over here with you. Can't they hear you? How can they sleep when it is so beautiful here?"

At that point the man discontinued reading, stood up, and closed the book. He thought, "It's time." This was unspoken yet all of us knew what he meant including the ones who were asleep. I saw the people rise from their chairs and file into place making a line. They knew their places, and I knew mine, which was last in line. Even though last, I was determined to watch every move the man made who was dressed in white and to listen for his command.

As we headed out the back entrance of the cabin, we were met with crisp fresh air and beauty beyond description. I had to look around the people ahead of me, since I was so short, so that I could see the leader. I shifted from side to side, jumped up to see over them, and even nudged up to the person in front of me on occasion to look between open spaces in order to get a glimpse of the man who had been reading from the Bible. He looked back from time to time to see who was following. Although I was last in line, our eyes met once, and he smiled at me. I knew I had to stay in my place, but because the others were so large in stature, I constantly had to keep jumping to peek over and around them. I could tell my actions bothered them because they would laugh and joke about me, but I knew I had to keep my eyes on our leader.

We began to walk on a slight downward path that led into the mountain forest. Soon we walked into a clearing where trees nestled the area. We arrived at the headwaters of a beautiful pool of water that drained into a stream. I noticed that there was another stream directly above it. They both began from the same point along the way, but they were not disseminating from the same spot. The lower stream bubbled up from a deep pool that looked crystal clear. Above it the shallower stream started at the flow point above the deeper stream but did not embark from the one below it. The odd thing about this scene was that there was a space between the two waters. You could not see the flow or origination of the shallow stream. It seemed to parallel the lower one, but its flow was imperceptible. Strangely they did not touch each other although they both progressed in the same direction. Since the path split at the streams' beginnings, you had to make a conscious decision into which stream you were going to step.

In the lower stream that bubbled up from a deep pool you could see fish, rocks, leaves, and flourishing plants all along its embankment. You could see the current, and I wanted to touch it, but it was invisible like the wind. As I stopped to examine this beautiful pond teeming with life, I did not notice the others had gone on. I had never seen this kind of water before which seemed to be creating life right before my eyes. I did not touch the water, but oh, how I wanted to touch this miracle before me.

I heard a voice, which I knew to be the Lord's, and when I turned to see where He was, I saw a man walking towards me from the trees. It was the man in white garments who had been reading in the cabin. He said, "Jeannette, go into the water." It was then that I realized the speaker in the cabin was Jesus. Since I am not much on swimming and I did not know how deep the pool was, I hesitated. Then Jesus said to me, "Jeannette, take off your clothes and go completely into the water." After hesitating again, I swiftly took off my garments and threw them over my head not knowing where they fell. I then pushed forward headfirst into the water. I had no trouble seeing in the water and felt my body renewed and refreshed. I came up out of the water with my hands lifted up and discovered that the Holy Spirit had clothed me with new garments.

I began singing praises to God as I soaked up the sunlight. The birds, trees, water, and rocks were making melodious sounds to Jesus. Everything seemed to be harmonizing. When Jesus got close by, I said, "Lord, where are the people going?" He did not answer. I became horrified to see them walk on without my Lord in front of them. I noticed that their backsides were now covered with dirty and raggedy garments, and as they walked I saw that their shoes were completely without soles. They had chosen to walk in the shallow upper stream that was murky, scummy, and stagnate. I looked at Jesus aghast and compassion filled my heart. I did not want them to miss Him or His living water. With all my might I screamed, "COME BACK! HE IS HERE! COME BACK!" My voice echoed over the water and through the trees but not one turned from his way to come back to the deeper stream of pure water. They pursued on in the shallow water without their leader. I then woke up.

Christ Appearing to Saint Peter by J.J. Tissot


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