Climax of the Ages

Continuation 3 of Interpretation:

Earth Shattering!, Divine Arm of the Lord, and The Great Apostasy

December 20, 2001


Lee Y. Martin, Ph.D.,



Stars and Stripes
Animation: Star
In case you do not know it, America is a covenant nation. After the WTC attack, millions of Americans uncovered their 'mark' with Almighty God. Flags began flying everywhere and have even been sewn into clothing. So long as we proudly display the red thread seen in the stripes of the flag of the United States of America God does not look upon it as contempt. This flag stands for and denotes our relationship to Jesus as Lord over this nation.The founding fathers as a whole were Bible believing Christians. Prior to our War for Independence, a man by the name of Whitefield came to America and with him came a mighty revival among the colonies. The revival spread and men were prepared to die for freedom from the tyranny of oppression. Taxation without representation was the war cry. Other matters were of concern but the taxation issue was paramount. The revival brought boldness to men and women to pursue their own destiny apart from tyrannical monarchies.  

After the fight for freedom, our new nation needed a flag. Space limits how much can be said here, but what is important for this interpretation are the red threads in it. The flag-makers decided to place thirteen stripes on the flag each constituting a red thread and representing one of the thirteen colonies. Stars were placed on a heavenly blue background inferring to the blood bought, born-again initiates of the new nation that God's family in this country would become as innumerable as the stars of heaven, one of the covenant promises to Abraham's seed. The greater part of our nation at that time having come out of a Great Revival was committed to loving the Lord God with all the heart, soul, and might [Deuteronomy 6:5], hence a large percentage of the population would understand the meaning of the emblems. Because a covenant signifies a relationship of love and loyalty between two parties, the flag-makers decided to put the thirteen red stripes on a white background to denote that the colonies were in covenant with Jesus, white referencing assumed righteousness through Him.

Flag waving is a sign of loyalty to God on the part of the one waving the flag. It is a form of declaration that one believes in what it stands for and is similar to the priests of Israel waving a sheaf of barley on the Feast of Firstfruits in a ceremonious tribute to thank God for His goodness in remembering to provide food for His children. It is a display of the state of one's heart. We know from the Bible that a display of blood on the doorposts of one's house protected the people within from the death angel on that momentous night he passed over at the command of God. We know also that red threads sown into garments or woven together to form a cord were historically used to hinder the destroyer from destroying. In obedience, Rahab hung a scarlet rope made of red threads out her window, and she and her household were protected from being destroyed at the destruction of Jericho.

When the Roman Catholic Church ordered Christians to stop wearing amulets about their necks - a hold over from Jewish custom regarding phylacteries - believers began weaving a concealed red thread in the garments of their clothes as a sign of their covenanted allegiance to God's Holy Word. Amulets were little leather boxes containing Bible promises written on parchment, folded, and sown into them and worn around the neck in customary Jewish style. The problem was in not placing God's Word on the table of the heart. Amulets became good luck charms and objects of worship as revered items and customs often become rituals without reality. Perhaps the flag-makers in like manner put the 13 red stripes consisting of threads sown on a white background on our flag as a signal to the invisible death angel not to run havoc in this land. Or, could it be that they hoped our visible enemies who see the flag would understand that we were in league with the Almighty and stay away from us. History records that the American flag was designed in secret and not shown to anyone before completion. I personally believe that God planned this clandestine work in the devil's world in order to avoid public contention and debate, which might have allowed satan to get a foothold to change its appearance. This would have spiritual implications. Maybe they believed as I do that God arranged things so that His banner with His crest was flying over His Philadelphian church birthed in America. After all, satan has his own emblems on flags of other nations. I firmly believe that God wanted the USA flag to become a signal to other nations that we are a special covenanted people composed of varied ethnic groups and races demonstrating that 1) God is no respecter of persons, 2) we are a highly favored and blessed nation, and 3) we are His client nation in these last days to protect freedom and get a pure gospel out to the world.

Put God in Remembrance

One can see now how waving the United States flag is tantamount to a cry unto God to remember His covenant with America. It has already been mentioned in the "USA" prophecy on this website that God ordained the Philadelphian church period to begin at Philadelphia where our Constitution was written. Jesus said that this church would be given an open door of freedom, which no man can shut in order to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ [Revelation 3:7,8]. And in truth, the United States of America has been the avant-garde of freedom throughout the world ever since the Monroe Doctrine. So long as we keep waving the stars and stripes without fear and intimidation, "girding up (our) loins…like a man", God will undergird our strength to continue to hold open the door. The Father told us to put Him in remembrance: "…let us plead together, declare thou, that thou mayest be justified" [Isaiah 43:26]. This is covenant talk similar to the manner in which He addressed Job. If we don't cry out to God, wave the flag and fly it proudly remembering that we are blood covenant partners with God, seeking His help and guidance, we will be doomed to die the death of the tribulation as depicted in the vision, which, unfortunately, is destined to come either sooner or later depending upon the earnestness of God's people in America. No crying out, no flag waving, no help. It's as simple yet profound as that.

The devil would like nothing better than to stamp out the American flag - that's why he promotes pictures of American flag-burning on television. How many other country's flags do you see burning on TV? The spirit of compromise is at work to reduce our flag's noble place among those of other nations. He wants it on a par with other national flags. In this manner, the devil demotes God in the estimation of the world because our flag bears the blood covenant mark of red threads. I even hear now that many promoters of a one world order are advocating Old Glory not be thrust in the faces of other nations like we are something special. This is the work of the devil. As stated previously, we are a melting pot of special people. This does not mean we lord it over others. On the contrary, we are commanded by Jesus to humbly serve other nations. This we have done because we have helped the hurting in other countries, Israel for one, turned the cheek to our enemies and made them friends and prosperous (note Japan and Germany), fed the hungry in Sudan and other places, loaned money to countries in trouble like Mexico, taken in refugees such as from Cuba and Vietnam, and shared the pain of the oppressed like the abused women of Afghanistan. Truly, We are God's chosen client nation to bear His Philadelphian name in servitude to other countries in this period of the church age.

Openly declaring the Word of His Patience [Revelation 3:10] is our shield in this War on Terror. In proportion to our compromising God's Word and our heavenly mandate, will our protection by God be compromised. You see, it is not only an obligation to our covenant with God, but it is a privilege to bear the blood marks on our flag. Shockingly, somewhere along our path, we have compromised our heavenly authorization or the WTC catastrophe could never have happened. This vision speaks to this problem. Yes, our ancestors rightly named it. They called it 'Old Glory' because it represents the glory of God at the cross. When satan sees that red thread flying in the wind, he shudders because it signifies his defeat at the cross. Since he has to bow the knee to God's covenant children, no wonder he wants it demoted.

He was paralyzed at the cross, and when God's covenant children begin to realize the value of Jesus' blood, they'll get radical and even bold! Let's wear the flag proudly on our lapels and shirts and display it every chance we get. Fly it out the window of your car. Put it on the rooftops and sing GOD BLESS AMERICA with grateful hearts. God knows who is treading on the Son of God and who isn't. We do not have to worry in this nation so long as we stand our ground before the principalities in heaven and seek God's guidance through repentance and prayer. The 13 red threads attest that we have a fountain of blood in the Holy of Holies, which keeps on cleansing from all sin. Satan cannot cross the bloodline they represent. He would like nothing better than to close that fountain to us because in doing so, he establishes himself as the supreme ruler in the world. He may be the god of this world [2 Corinthians 4:4], but he is not supremely ruling. "The Lord hath prepared his throne in the heavens; and his kingdom ruleth over all" [Psalm 103:19]. He can only do what God's covenant children allow him to do by virtue of neglect to attend to the commands of our covenant. Slovenliness in Bible study and belatedness at the altar is a sure way to remand God's favor.

Be quick to approach God through the fountain of forgiveness and stay clean from worldly ways. If God would have spared Sodom for ten righteous people, you can be sure He will spare America in this war against terrorism where there are hundreds if not millions of blood brothers faithful to our covenant waving flags. Remember though, covenants have two sides. If we want God's blessing and protection, we must do our part and obey Him. Awake to righteousness! Partake not of the world! Don't be caught on the runaway trolley of San Francisco, which brings us to the reason God sent Jeannette to a city called St. Francis.

St Francis of Assisi
GIOTTO di Bondone: Legend of St Francis: 12. Ecstasy of St Francis 1297-1300 Upper Church, San Francesco, Assisi. Web Gallery
It has been asserted that the second part of the vision is a video-bite, a quick glance, a close-up picture of the culmination of sin's consequences. In it, we find indicators explaining the vision's dark speech from the Lord.



  To begin with, we know the vision has a universal application because Jeannette found herself in a home with five or six people from different ethnic backgrounds.We also know the city is San Francisco because the Lord told her it was. May I make a preliminary suggestion that the city she saw through the bay window represents adulterous Babylon that "sitteth upon many waters", or peoples, as the Bible explains?

Jeannette found herself in an old home similar to those typically seen on the streets of San Francisco and reminiscent of much of the undeveloped, less modern nations of the world. The people in the house signify that all peoples of the world will be frightened at the time of the end by what is happening around them as they were in the vision. As a result, many will seek the way of salvation. We know this group was seeking because their leader inquired if anyone present knew how to pray - an indication that they were hoping someone could show them how to get in touch with God.

God's Messengers of the Gospel

Since this vision depicted a severe judgment on earth of unparalleled proportions, it must be the great tribulation about which Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24:21. Given this, Jeannette represents God's evangelists during that period all of which will be equipped to teach the way to heaven. These evangelists are the 144,000 people who are sealed at the beginning of the seven years [Revelation 7:3] for the purpose of supernatural protection from satan's diabolical wrath which he fumes out against anyone opposing the Antichrist's agenda of becoming worshipped as god. They must be sealed in their foreheads with a visible mark so that the devil's vicious demons will know they are covenanted to God and hence better not mess around with them lest they incur beforetime the fury of the Almighty. To affirm this assumption, do you recall how the trolley at the end could not overcome Jeannette and run over her? She was a covenanted messenger from God, and the unseen devil directing the driver had to bring it to a screeching halt. In addition, prior to this, she was commended by the holy angel for having done a fine job in helping the group that was seeking the right road to heaven.

We know from Scripture that the 144,000 evangelists will be Jews recruited from countries all over the world to become God's messengers of the gospel during the first half of the seven-year period of tribulation [Revelation 7:3-8]. They will be descendants from the victims of the renowned Diaspora who never returned to Israel over the ages nor during the present aliyah. They will be young virgin men supernaturally called, chosen, sealed, and instructed who will be raptured midway into the tribulation when satan is thrown out of God's heavenly abodeforever [Revelation 12]. Satan and the 144,000 will pass each other as ships in the night, in the dark expanse separating heaven and earth, one going up and one coming down. Considering that today there are only about fifty or sixty thousand missionaries, 144,000 persons are enough to quickly evangelize the sea of peoples left behind after the rapture. These sealed and protected Jews will be well versed in the Scriptures, will be taught how to lead sinners in a prayer for salvation, and will be able to easily lead people in the way to Christ.

  Revelation 7:9
  9 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;…
13 And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they?
14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

Millions of people will get saved during the tribulation but will have to undergo martyrdom as inferred above because they were not ready for the rapture. They come out of great tribulation whereas the Philadelphian church is kept from the hour of temptation, i.e., the tribulation [Revelation 3:10]. In the vision, Jeannette knew the way to heaven, yet she sought advice about how to flee from the city. Why? Because the city was on the threshold of being judged by the wrath of God and she and the others were still there. This denotes that there will be believers around after the rapture of the true church of Jesus at the start of the cleansing period on earth, the start of Daniel's seventieth week [9:24]. It is the mid-point when the second great rapture occurs, the apex from which satan falls as lightning and is no longer able to access heaven in order to accuse the brethren. It is the same momentous time when the 144,000 virgin attendants to Jesus rapturously enter the gates of heaven after satan with his retinue is kicked out. These recruited replacements become Jesus' honor guard that follows Him throughout eternity wherever He goes, just as satan and his associates did in the pristine past. Do you think this is strange protocol? Do not earthly Kings, Generals, Presidents, or Prime Ministers travel about with an obsequious entourage with them? Note the United States' airplane, Air Force One, that carts about with the President his bodyguards, newscasters, family, friends, relatives, special guests, and personal servants.

Do you remember the van that took Jeannette and the others out of harm's way after they prayed the sinners' prayer and began experiencing the earth quake? It was sent from heaven by God to rapture His sealed servant in the person of Jeannette, in order to take her out of the way of the worst part of the display of His indignation. I believe she and the others left during the initial stages of earth's trumpet judgments a while before the finality of the cataclysmic bowl events.

The Glory of God

The Glory of God

The exploding brilliant white light Jeannette saw coming towards them on the other side of the thick fog-like cloud rolling towards the city was our Lord's return in all His magnificent glory. The twirling light she saw suggests the shimmering radiance of the source of life. Its brightness stands for the purity of God's just judgment, which will cleanse the earth of satan's depraved cosmic system. The thick fog-like cloud rolling towards the city is the glory cloud of God that escorts our Lord's return in magnificence by rendering all things on earth inert and frozen, unable to function, as is customary when the Spirit of God manifests Himself. Even today many people have seen the white cloud of glory come rolling into a church and people falling under its power as it makes its way to the front of the building. In the vision, it is a dark cloud because it is bringing judgment to earth prior to our Lord's grand entrance. It also portends the future time Peter spoke about when God will re-create earth with an explosion as in the beginning, the primordial seed "whose seed is within itself."

Think back to Part 1 and recall that Jeannette recoiled from a great white light that was causing havoc upon the earth. Forests shattered and the countries of earth rocked and reeled as the earth began tottering like a top. As the light enveloped earth, people began to melt from its intense heat right before her eyes, and she was mortified. The destruction worsened as the light deepened in brilliance implying that at some point the whole scene would explode. The destruction described in Part 1 encompasses the whole of creation whereas that in Part 2 seems to be a selective one from within the whole. Even though they appear to have similar outcomes, unfulfilled prophecy and the scenario activity in Part 2 leads one to the conclusion that they are not the same. In sum, the judgment in the first part is a total one applicable to the entire earth, whereas the earth is restored after the judgment of San Francisco for its final millennium of rest.

The Bridge Connection

The scene in which the van crosses to the other side with its occupants validates Jeannette's role as representing the recruited evangelists who help others find the correct path to bridge the waters of time.

Remember that the Lord had first shown her the way, and then the angel appeared with the van. She was the one who specified which side of the road to travel on because angels are sent servants who follow directions. "…(They) excel in strength, and do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word" [Psalm 103:20].

The Famous Golden Gate Bridge

I believe that the bridge they were crossing bespeaks of the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco because as its name implies it is a gate, an entrance to a famous city. On the one hand, in compliance with God's command, they were exiting the gate, leaving the infamous City of Babylon by crossing a bay of water that represented the raging spiritual waters stirred up by satan and sin in the vast abyss of space. On the other hand, they were bridging a sea to the Pearly Gates of the eternal City of God on the other side. In that regard, there is only one way to get there, only one lane going in only one direction and that way is Jesus [John 14:6]. All the vehicles - symbolizing faiths other than Christianity - were in the opposite lane going in the wrong direction. They created an enormous traffic jam on the opposite side of the bridge. According to Jeannette, the vehicles' occupants thought they were escaping the destruction engulfing things around them by leaving the city. She shouted to them to turn around warning that only in the way Jeannette was going, the way of Jesus, is there safety, but they would not listen. In that future day, as is today, people will stubbornly refuse to believe the pleas of God's sealed messengers telling them they are on the road to perdition if they do not turn around. One man did stop and consider her report, but like Lot's wife, he hesitated, looked back at the doomed city, and lost his chance. It will be very difficult for people in that day to receive the truth of God's love in judgment. Men will blaspheme God and hope they die to escape the horror.

  Revelation 16:18-21
  18 And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.
19 And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath. (Remembrance is a covenant term reminding covenant partners about oaths sworn in blood by each partner. God had prophesied vengence on idolatrous Babylon in the Old Testament because of the burden she placed on Him by her repeated seduction of God's people whom He had raised up to be His family. Anyone who partakes of Babylon's sins, refusing to repent and get out of her worldly ways, will also partake of the fierceness of God's wrath when He comes as the avenger of blood of a broken covenant.)
20 And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.
21 And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great. (If men will not respond to the love of God in His role of a Savior when all is well, they will be hard pressed to understand His love in undertaking the role of a judge in dispensing justice because of a curse stemming from a broken covenant. Refrain: covenants are serious business.)

Notwithstanding the accelerated progression of civilization, idolatry is unprecedented today. The advancement of cultural, material, and intellectual development has brought with it peace, prosperity, and comforts, but it has also brought covetousness. Covetousness is perhaps the most besetting sin in America because everyone is included who has a television set. The Apostle Paul lists covetousness as a very grave sin along with fornication and uncleanness, and he calls the covetous man "an idolater" who has no "inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God" [Ephesians 5:3,5]. These are sobering words. Is grace perverted if one allows for a little covetousness? Or must we rule out every instance of envy? The Holy Spirit indicates that America has been put on notice to awaken to righteousness primarily because telecommunications, television, and the Internet have heightened the incidence of sin and especially the sin of covetousness. These networking technologies have placed the world on a rapid transit to destruction with few people heeding the warnings, and they are highly instrumental in bringing forth the final oligarchy that rules the world.

America's pristine beauty as well as her youthful valor and charm have been marred by blatant uncloseted sin, indulgences weakening her moral fiber, and pervasive instant gratification We see laws protecting the guilty and freedom of speech licensing licentiousness. All we can do is hope that the moment of peace God has given us as indicated in the vision entitled Divine Arm of the Lord will be extended by a real revival in our nation. As goes the USA, so goes the world. Regrettably, God's Philadelphian church in America has metamorphosed into the Laodicean lie. The paucity of people heeding the WTC warning to repent was denoted by the fact that Jeannette saw no other vehicles in the proper lane on the bridge to get out of the city in order to escape destruction. In the prophecy entitled The Great Apostasy, we can feel God's impatience. It is set forth in the addendum to this interpretation. The poor people doomed to die on the Laodicea 'Golden' bridge never realized that they could not get out of the city because the city encompasses the entire world. The lane of the bridge they were on merely led to another city of like kind on the other side as is the case in San Francisco, which leads us to a primary reason San Francisco was chosen by God to illustrate coming destruction.

The Lord told Jeannette that the city she was being rescued from was San Francisco. In the vision, this city is symbolic of the city of Babylon in Scripture. Like Babylon of old with its golden-colored brass gates that symbolized her impregnability, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge stands as an icon of affluence and human ingenuity. In the first place, it is a very cosmopolitan city, worldly, conversant in many spheres of interests, steeped in diverse life styles and religious persuasions, deeply involved with multicultural matters, and a haven for jet setters, laborers, misfits, and Bohemian activists. No other city on the face of the earth could offer any better analogy to that "great city" of the world described in Revelation chapters 17 and 18.

San Francisco is a huge seaport where merchandising and trade between the east and west is de facto described extraordinarily well in chapter 18. Like Solomon, the 'ships of Tarshish' [2 Chronicles 9:21] docking in her harbors throughout the bay area have truly made her wealthy. It is through this fleet of commerce that the East met the West and started the process of awakening the Laodicean church. Every religious cult finds solace and a home there. San Francisco symbolizes the entrance by which eastern religions and bizarre cults gained acceptance and from which they traverse the continent via Hollywood and movie idols. Since World War II, the acclaimed University of California at Berkeley in the center of San Francisco has been the seedbed for almost every avant-garde movement abroad. At Haight-Ashbury close by, drugs became tolerated, by many if not most, as an American cultural norm even though illegal. Although Christianity became depraved through the influence of higher learning in the great seminaries of the East Coast, it was the West Coast institutes of higher learning that seduced Christianity into fornicating with the ideologies of other religious faiths.

We know that there are at least six large bridges connecting the landmasses in the bay area at present. Others have been dreamed about in the imaginations of mighty men such as prominent architect Frank Lloyd Wright, dying unbuilt, while others are incubating. 10 A bay is a body of water usually enclosed by land and having one significant outlet to the oceans of the world. For purposes of this vision, the bay waters in symbolic San Francisco which Jeannette saw out of the 'bay' window [pun intended] of the multi-ethnic house she was in, signifies the place where the harlot of Revelation 17:1 sits.

  Revelation 17:1-2
  17:1 And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:
2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

Having established that San Francisco is a very cosmopolitan city whose population surrounds the bay area and represents a great many diverse ethnic groups, can we not compare it to the above quote in the Bible, which explains that "…the waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues?" Remember that we are attempting to decipher God's message to the church. To do this, we must establish the reason God chose San Francisco to depict the devastation brought on by the destroyer, as well as the purpose for which He judges the world so severely at the end. In the process, it is hoped that by discovering what tips the scales to unleash the wrath of God, we will strongly and courageously desire to do something to counter the rush to judgment.

Time is of essence now that the War on Terrorism has begun. It is an unconventional war and has no precedent for strategically planning the maneuverability of its combatants. One can only wait and see how each side reacts to the other. Unless the church in America wakes up to the fact that God alone is our shield and repents from her waywardness in compromising truth, we will end up exactly as the vision depicts in this generation - destroyed by the tribulation. Hear this. Ecumenicalism at the expense of purity is not an option for Christians, for God has said, "Be ye holy, for I am holy" [1 Peter 1:15,16]. The word 'holy' means clean, sanctified, and separated from all else. Dare we foment the disfavor of God by doing otherwise? Remember 9-1-1!

San Francisco has consolidated her strength by way of her system of bridges. You could say that they help coordinate and access her resources and at the same time stabilize and control her masses of people by facilitating egress and ingress to her pockets of wealth. The bridge system illustrates satan's 'networking' to consolidate his plans to control the world and become worshipped as god. Because he is not God, there is a cap on his capabilities and he cannot be but at one place at a time. Networking helps him fuse his strengths with those of humankind so as to put them to the greatest advantage. Throughout the Scriptures, the devil is cast as a personage of 'craft', very proficient and skillful in beguiling people and can artfully entice them to make wrong decisions thereby facilitating his ability to carry out his plans. Daniel tells us that "through his policy, also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand" [8:25].

Since 'craft' in the above, according to Strong's Concordance, denotes deception, we see that the devil will be busy spinning his 'web', making a 'net' to subdue the nations. We are now in the process of accommodating him in America with our security measures to counter terror plots. It is inevitable that our freedoms erode because there must be greater surveillance of peoples everywhere in order to prevent any more terrorist attacks. Truly, we are setting the stage for the Bible's final prophecies to unfold as we place the predestined noose around our neck for the inevitable last stranglehold to lynch freedom with a mark. Refrain: covenants are serious business.

The blind who obstinately refuse to hear God's Word will become ensnared in the devil's web. Networking is the means whereby the terrorists attacked America changing our lives forever. Without telecommunications and the InterNET, the terrorists could not have programmed such a grandiose undertaking as they did on September 11th. It is satan's prime modus operandi to take control of the world. In this respect, through its system of bridges networking to prosper her citizenry, San Francisco makes an ideal choice to reveal Lucifer's method of operating. It also anticipates the endtime ecumenical church wherein a Parliament of Religions will network to bring together all faiths under one umbrella - but it won't work! This vision testifies to what happens when sin and satan take control. The earth will be destroyed because its creator will judge it.

No Place Was Found

We find in the vision that the bridge will not hold up against the severity of God's wrath. Note that its underpinnings became unable to sustain the earth's quaking. Babylonian enterprise nor its rules of law can survive when God decides that He has had enough. Humanism, which is the devil's prime means to hold together a fragile world, will not fulfill its promise. None of the idols in satan's pantheon of gods can confront successfully the Lord's decreed prophecies. "There are many devices (contrivances or intentions) in a man's heart, nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand" [Proverbs 19:21]. The devil is no match for the Lord. And if God's children knew it, satan is no match for them. He is a defeated foe and is banking on the body of Christ never finding out their authority over him. Further, he is hoping we never learn that our blood covenant rights are dependent upon our obedience in keeping the covenant commandments. Jesus knew He could not fail and satan could not touch Him because He walked uprightly before the Lord. We can too. Jesus said whoever loves Him will keep His sayings, which are the covenant oaths, but those who do not love Him, will not [John 14:21-24]. In essence, to walk contrary to His Word is to betray Him. Our biggest problem centers in promoting our own agenda instead of seeking the will of God for our short lives in this probationary, temporary world. As children of the living God, Christians are not citizens of this world but of the Kingdom of Heaven. Our protocols of behavior are morally higher than those of earth. Covetousness, greed, shortsightedness, and self-interests have marred the church's luster and opened the door for Islamism to get a foothold in the west. Alas, as ambassadors of the gospel, we have not done a very good job in representing our King.

If one sin outstands all others in bringing the world to the brink of destruction, it is worldliness. The distinctives of Christianity have been lost. Becoming like the world in order to lead them to Christ is a ploy of satan to entice lost people to follow another Jesus [2 Corinthians 11:4].

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