Appearance of the King
Vision: Sunday, March 25, 1998
by Jeannette L. Vetter
  During the Praise and Worship time Sunday morning, I felt an overpowering sense of the Holy Spirit. I was drawn into His presence and knew He wanted me to listen in order to reveal something to me. I usually do not have these experiences in public worship. I went immediately to the back of the church, to bow and wait for what the Holy Spirit wanted to convey to me.
Sweet Little Angel
GOES, Hugo van der The Adoration of the Shepherds 1476-79 Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

My thoughts were centered on praying and worshipping my Beloved Jesus. As I stepped into the isle of the church, I immediately saw the angels of God had surrounded the entire congregation dancing with them. I do not know if anyone else was aware that they were there. The people in the isles were very respectful in their worship of Jesus. The whole church began to be filled with the glory of God's light bathing the people. I began to sing a song in tongues. The song was of love bubbling out of me to my Beloved Jesus. This was in a tongue unlike my normal prayer language. The angel's robes were of white and their face's were a white porcelain color. There were other angles marching around the outside isles of the church. They marched in front of me as I stood in the back and they began to fill the music platform in the front part of the church behind the Pastor. I remained standing for a few seconds. Then a hush came over the angels, and I went immediately to my knees. I had my face bowed low and the Holy Spirit said, "Jeannette look up." This is what I saw.

As I looked up, the top of the church became translucent and ceased to be a roof. The church opened to the Heavens and I could see Jesus Christ appearing in the clouds as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

He was fully dressed in kingly garments resplendent and radiantly glittering in gold and white light. His face and body illuminated with light. His clothes and kingly crown reflected this light as it shown down upon us. He held a Holy Bible in His hand. (Note: I was not aware at this time of being in the church). My whole being was shaken at this scene and I remained in a position of honor upon my knees. I kept silent, looking and waiting. I held such admiration for my King in my heart and the love in me was bursting towards Him.



"King of Kings"


He said to me, "Tell my people that the battle has begun. The enemy is marching towards My remnant of people who believe in Me, My people who believe in My blood that has washed them and saved them. I have come to give you a warning of what is to come. They are prepared to attack you. This I tell you for I have chosen you and you have given your allegiance to me. The battle lines are drawn. I have but a few left who believe in My blood and who believe I am King. It is  "THAT" I AM that Has called you and will equip you. Do not lap like dogs in the bitter waters. Stand and put the armor of your King on. Hear this and believe. Take heart and strengthen thyself in My Holy Scripture, which is My decree, and My law that I have fulfilled. Build up yourselves and prepare for the battle at hand. The cost is high and measurable. For I want only those who will not retreat in the heat of the battle. Those who will take the orders of My commands and fight for My kingdom I have chosen and placed in position. Many will fall by your side and many will be wounded, care for them as nobles and ladies in the court of My Kingdom. Tend their wounds and nourish them for the battle is at hand. Listen to those I have chosen to be your leaders. They are anointed and have been given authority to act in My stead. I have anointed you and placed your priestly robes upon you. Pray for the hour has come and the fig tree leaves have fallen, lest you fall and turn back to the place where is the gnashing of teeth and the sickle is drawn. Hear, Oh My People, this day."

I put my hand to this vision and prophecy this day Sunday, March 25, 1998 as given to me by the Lord. I have written this down to the best of my ability to what was shown and told to me by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The pastor asked me to write it down. I thank him for that. It is now in his hands for righteous judgment. Many things were shown to me personally, that I have chosen not to reveal. This prophecy is for this church and the pastor. This congregation is loved and cared for by the Almighty Jehovah who has placed you as nobles and ladies in His Kingdom. Draw nigh unto your Beloved Savior and place your hand in His!



Inerpretation Quartet
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