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Abraham and Isaac
The faith that saves one from death is faith in being resurrected from the dead, which is why Abraham’s faith was so great. It would not have been any test of faith to take Isaac to an altar if he knew in advance God was going to provide a substitute sacrifice. But, to believe God would raise him from the dead was a real test of faith because no one had ever experienced that before. Translation yes – he knew Enoch had disappeared – but resurrecting someone? What a test of faith. Yet, Abraham did not wince at the request because he had received Isaac miraculously anyway. The Holy Spirit called him Abraham’s ‘only begotten son’ in Hebrews 11:17. Indeed he was, because the word for ‘only’ means unique, no other like it. Was not Jesus a uniquely born Son also? Virgins do not have babies and neither do ninety-year-old women.

The hiphil imperfect tense of ‘jireh’ in the verse above is a future guarantee that it will happen because the imperfect tense acts like it is already a fact although not yet accomplished. Because Abraham was faithful to the terms of a covenant, God would be too. To prove it, He swore by Himself to Abraham [22:16] that since he offered his son Isaac as an offering, He would provide His Son Jesus as an offering in response. The only difference is that Jesus’ blood is holy and qualified to be a saving blood sacrifice for whoever will take Him as a substitute. Furthermore, the hiphil mood of ‘jireh’, being causative, indicates that God Himself would devise the plan and carry it out as well. He would be the sacrifice as well as the sacrificer. Translated into Greek it reads, that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus [Romans 3:26].

Glory, hallelujah, nothing depends upon our blood. We cannot do anything for our salvation. God did it all Himself on Calvary, and all we need to do is to believe like Abraham that God has provided a death-substitute for us. Just like it was accounted to Abraham for righteousness, so it will be accounted to anyone else who believes God’s Word on it. Now it was not written for his sake alone, that it (righteousness) was imputed (credited) to him; But for us also, to whom it shall be imputed, if we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead [Romans 4:23-24].

Abraham named the mountain Jehovah-jireh in memorial of what God did for him, for in the mount of the Lord He provided [22:14]. The King James reads, …’it shall be seen’ because ‘jireh’ comes from a root word meaning ‘to see that it is done or provided.’ The implication is that it will be seen or provided for, …‘in the mount of the Lord.’ The mount God pointed out to Abraham on which to make the sacrifice was in the land of Moriah meaning ‘the place where God has chosen.’ It was the place that God told Abraham to take his only son, Isaac, for a sacrificial offering, because it was the place He would take His only Son, Jesus, as a sacrificial offering. In blood covenants, what one does, the other must do likewise and even exceed it. Was not God offering Himself as a substitute payment for sin excessive? A classic case of a ‘Covenant of Strong Friendship’ was executed! There would never be another one like it. Because of the magnitude of its importance, let’s see how it played out.

While Abraham and Isaac climbed the mountain on one side, the ram was climbing on the other. God provide a substitute sheep for Isaac symbolizing the fact that he needed a sacrificial offering for himself. Why did He provide a ram instead of a lamb? The ram symbolized the mature Lamb of God having grown to full age, fully aware of what He was doing when He went to the cross. The thicket stood for the world’s system that crucified Jesus. Being caught in it, reflected God’s first prophecy that the seed of the woman would be caught and bruised by the serpent’s bite. And I will put enmity between thee (the serpent) and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel [Genesis 3:15].

Being caught by the horns, the seat of an animal’s power, the ram’s strength was unavailable for use as Jesus’ power was unavailable. Jesus never lost His power. He just never acted out of His deity while on earth. The thicket made it impossible for the power of the ram to be released. Had Jesus chosen to release His power and walk away, – He could have called twelve legions of angels [Matthew 26:53] – He would have lost His prize – humanity. Hence, His power was unavailable for completion of His mission. He was caught in a thicket of satanic lies that necessitated His sacrifice.

Jesus’ power was in His determination to do the Father’s will, to finish the Father’s work [John 4:34] of saving humanity by becoming a sacrificial Lamb…laying down (His) life for the sheep [10:15]. His behavior gives real meaning to the phrase so glibly tossed around – to trust and obey. He obeyed His Father’s command to go to the cross, and He trusted the Spirit to revive Him from spiritual death so that He could take the keys away from satan and unlock the gates of hell. Peter tells us the plan worked, for He was ‘…put to death in the flesh, (and) quickened by the Spirit’ [1 Peter 3:18].

My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?  Matthew 27:46
Jesus Christ The Palma Collection: Getty Images, Inc.

Hell is the abode of dead spirits. Jesus had to die spiritually to get in there, legally speaking. Everything related to a holy and righteous God has to be legal. Recall that Adam legally turned over rule of earth to satan, but because Adam did not own the earth (he was just a leaseholder as we saw earlier) satan only has the right to rule until the lease runs out. Since Jesus was a Lamb without blemish, He had to be made sin by God, by God’s cutting off the supply of energy that makes alive. He did this while hanging on the cross. My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me? [Matthew 27:46] was the clue (or was it proof) that the disconnection to life had been made. Having been cut off by God, He was now spiritually dead, and at the expiration of his ‘earth suit,’ He would automatically be drawn into hell. This is the reality of what happens to people when they die. If there is no connection to heaven, their spirits are drawn as if by a magnet to heaven or hell. People who have been resuscitated often report that there was an enormous suction on their bodies to one place or the other.

Whether Jesus went to the upper part of hell known as Abraham’s bosom or the lower pit area is a moot point for theologians to grapple with. For our purposes, we know He went into hell, and after the requirements for payment were satisfied, He was ‘quickened by the (Holy) Spirit’ [1 Peter 3:18] who reconnected His severed spirit to heaven. Jesus had gone the distance, so He was ‘justified in spirit’ [1 Timothy 3:16] as God declared Him righteous again. The meaning of justification is to be declared righteous by God. God declared He had accomplished His objective and had fully satisfied all the demands of the law. Now hell could not hold Him. He had to be released and when He left, He took all the captives with Him who were waiting in the holding tank of Abraham’s bosom for the Savior to come rescue them out of prison.

When the Holy Spirit revived Jesus’ spirit, He was born anew and up from the grave He arose. Before He left, though, He took the keys away from satan and left the prison doors open. No one has to go there now who does not want to. Serve the Lord and you will not be connected to that place. Luke tells us that the day He came up out of the grave was the day that the Father had begotten Him. It is…written in the second psalm, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee [Acts 13:33]. Peter was preaching to the Sanhedrin in Luke’s account concerning the day He arose from the grave. That was the day God’s Son was born in fulfillment of the prophecy in Psalms 2:7. He was not born when He came into the world as a baby. He merely slipped into a body that had been prepared for Him so that He would have blood to offer as a sacrifice for sins’ penalty. Thus, He became the Lamb of God.

Satan did not know what he was doing when he and his princely hordes of spiritual wickedness in high places [Ephesians 6:12] crucified our Lord. He thought he was getting rid of his adversary who threatened to topple his kingdom and take away his right to rule. …

1 Corinthians 2:6-8

6 Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nought: (they are on their way out)

7 But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory:

8 Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.

The term ‘princes of this world’ reads ‘chief rulers of this age’ because ‘prince’ is ‘archon’ - chief in rank and ‘world’ is ‘aion’ – age. The Scripture refers to angels as princes. The angel Michael is called the Prince of Israel in Daniel 10:21 and satan is called the Prince of the tribe of Dan in the book of Enoch. Moreover, there are other unnamed princes who control whole kingdoms such as the Prince of Persia and Prince of Greece [Daniel 10:20]. Hence, we get the picture that the princes of this world Paul referred to were satan’s rulers of darkness who would never have crucified Jesus had they known that in so doing they were cutting their own throats. Through death, Jesus destroyed satan’s biggest weapon – death – by which he held people in bondage.

Jesus opened the doors to hell when He left that place and any sinner can walk out who is destined to go there. The way to switch kingdoms is to accept Jesus’ ordeal with death in place of your own payment for sin. The wages of sin must be paid or God is a liar. God forbid that we should even think such a thing. Therefore, each person must make his own decision whom to serve because unlike satan, God does not force Himself on anyone. Don’t put it off because once the body dies, the spirit is going to go to wherever it is attached at the point of death. When one’s ‘earth suit’ expires, his authority has ended because he enters another kingdom of spirits, and they are in control there under the authority of God. On earth man has been given control of things, but in the spiritual world, spirits are.


Commensurate with Lucifer’s goal to be worshipped is his effort to keep the earth Redeemer and Avenger of Blood from returning to take control of earth away from him. He will not succeed. The United Religions of the world is on a ‘roll’ to be born, but contrary to expectations, it will not bring peace to a multicultural and factious global society. This will be satan’s last attempt to be openly worshipped as god.

We have noted that God has chosen Jerusalem as the place that He wants to put His name. Hence, it is the place that the devil wants to control and be worshipped. What God wants, satan covets to have. Moreover, he would like to desecrate it because it is the place where his defeat by Jesus was accomplished. He desolated it once with an abomination in 167 b.c.e. and he plans to do it again in the near future. He already has a running start with a false altar there called the Dome of the Rock. However, his heart’s desire is to put his image in the Holy of Holies where he can put his finger in God’s eye and flaunt his success at doing so. It is one thing to blaspheme the omnipotent God, but to put your finger in His eye? Woe!

May I exhort you to make the shift out of the kingdom of a loser and join the ranks of millions who have come to know the joys of being clean and free of sin. Jesus is the forerunner and Captain of a new species of beings, the firstborn of the dead, and anyone who wants to can join His legions of followers, rule with Him in the coming Millennial Kingdom, and become a joint heir with Him forever. If you do not know Jesus, there is a sinner’s prayer simply written on the page entitled How To Become A Christian on this site. Click on it and get saved. It will transfer you out of the kingdom of satan and put you into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son Jesus. Tell us about it if you do. We have prayed for you already whoever you are reading this message. We have asked God to pour out His spirit of wisdom and supplication on you and grant you peace, blessings, understanding, and power to hold fast to your confession that JESUS IS LORD to your eternal glory.

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