Breath of the Lord

by Jeannette L. Vetter

Friday, February 10, 2007

While I was praying a prayer of repentance prostrate on the floor, the tears flowed profusely. I kept repeating the words, “Forgive me Lord!” I was greatly moved by the news of our servicemen being killed in Iraq and nothing seems to be in the offing to stop it. As I was interceding for our people, I said, “Lord, I offer you my love, and all that I have is yours.” I heard the words from the Lord, “it will cost you everything.” I said, “Yes, everything. Here I am Lord!”

At that moment, time ceased. Everything was dark. I saw myself in pitch blackness all around me. It was as if I was swallowed into nothingness with no existence. I had no thought, no feeling. It was as if I was dead. I heard the voice of God say, “This is the anointing of the Holy Spirit.” Then I saw my prostrate dead body, which was face up, arise. Perhaps it was my spirit that rose up because I stood there for a few moments looking down upon a white outline of my totally black body still on the floor. My head came up first and the rest of my body followed it until I was standing upright on my feet. At this point my eyes popped open, and I saw myself being sucked up into God’s brilliant light. I was not performing the motions. I was being drawn like a magnet into God’s presence. I then saw what I sensed to be the Holy Spirit in a bodily form of white light come into me. He was a sparkly, glistening, golden shape of a human being, and when He entered my body, I breathed life. I then reentered my empty body on the floor in the same order that I had left it – slipping in through my feet first – after which my dead body was alive and breathing...

God then said, “Jeannette, read Ezekiel 38 and then read Ezekiel 37. So I arose from my position praying and read first the 38th chapter of Ezekiel as I was told. At the end of verse one, God said, “The hand of Gog is raised and ready to strike.” I finished the chapter and then read Ezekiel 37 beginning at verse one and going through verse fourteen where I was told to stop reading. At the end of verse two where it states that, “…they (the bones) were very dry”, God said,

“The church is slain, and there is no breath of life. I have breathed the “Breath Of Life” into her. For I have spoken unto her to rise to her feet and become an exceeding great army for she is the whole house of the Lord. I have opened your graves and brought you up from the grave. Arise! I have put my Spirit, saith the Lord, into you and you shall live. You shall know that I the Lord God have spoken it and performed it.”


I then woke up from the vision.



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