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By Jeannette L. Vetter


  It has been years since I had this night vision. I had reported it to Lee at the time it happened and other trusted friends. I had no understanding of it at the time and neither did Lee. I was unsettle by the dream over the years and did not write it up. I continued to talk about it to others but current news events did not report such findings about Iran's military buildup at the time. I would often think about the dream hoping it was untrue. The worsening of the world’s condition caused me to write a detailed description of what was shown to me. It is an understatement when I say that I am not taking advantage of wonderful human beings and their emotional states as the world continues to degrade in its present unrepentant state. One cannot forget what I am about to reveal, which is why it has remained with me all these years. Having said the above I now reveal the contents of the vision given below.

the night dream:

The Lord came to me and said, “Jeannette come with me.” We were standing together side by side (Note: the only thing I know at this point was I with the Lord). As I stood with Him he said, “Jeannette look.” As I turned my attention from Him to where He pointed with His hand I saw a curtain open. It was like in the old days when a curtain in a theater was drawn open as the movie was about to start. As it was drawn open, I saw a map of the Middle East. At first, it was a curved shape on the face of the earth. As God’s hand drew closer to “The Middle East” I saw in living detail more of the movements of mountains, cities, countries, the wave action of gulfs and seas, and I could see people performing normal living activities. Again, the hand of the Lord drew closer in, and it seemed like the pages of the map went from being mere pages to observation of daily life in the Middle East.

The times rolled over and the pages flipped opened to a different focus. Now I was looking at movements of governments and armies of nations aligned in different places along the ports of Israel and across its borders. All the weapons of warfare were aligned towards Israel. I saw heads of state talking to one another, and I saw people of the known free world confused in their commitment to defend Israel. I could see the lines of communication of the entire world jammed. I heard the voices in this mist of hate all at once, and the Lord said, “Listen to my voice.” Then my innermost being was centered on His voice. I then heard the wailing of prayers of the saints for the state of Israel.

The times rolled over again, and the pages of the map went to Iran where I saw a mountain. The Lord said, “Come with Me.” I went from the outside of the map to inside the country of Iran into the mountain the Lord showed me. He said, “Watch Jeannette and you will see my angels perform my mighty acts. For I the Lord will preserve Israel though no man stand with her." I looked and watched the hand of God deliver Israel and those who love her. I was then standing with Jesus and His angels in the command center of Iran’s nuclear mountain. I saw scientists, engineers, computers, men and women with headsets on, computer graphics of the state of Israel and the known free world on giant screens, and I also saw the graphics of the location of armed nuclear missiles aimed at their targets. The missiles were targeted for each country at the known free world. There were several targeted for Israel. I said, “Lord they are going to destroy us and Israel. My heart was failing within me. His face was gentle as He looked into my eyes and said, “Take heart not to faint Jeannette, Watch, and Know for it is I whose hand will Deliver and Save.”

At His words, I saw Him command the Angels to their positions around the commander and each linked computer with their respective person stationed at them. All was quiet and came to a standstill when I heard the phone ring in the command center. The commander said, “I have the orders. The sequence of the countdown will begin on my count. You could see the people were bent on their particular task at what was about to take place, for they had performed and had prepared this act for years. They knew the day was at hand.


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As the commander voiced the numbers and each person checked and imputed the numbers in their sequence on their computers. (Note: each spoke the number as he typed it in.) Each angel touched the hand of one person and spoke the word of God to replace the commander’s commands and the numbers imputed in each individual's computer. The last set of numbers was spoken by the commander and typed into the last computer. Then the last person at the last computer did as commanded and reached without hesitation to press the enter button, which was connected to all linked missiles, beside him. I then saw the head angel hover over the man and place his hand and his wings at the same time over the whole room and center over this last computer. The angel placed a finger of his hand over the nose of the commander's missile. The missile launched backwards, sent an electrical overflow of purple light radiation, and it disengaged itself downward into the mountain. I saw the people melt before my eyes. I saw angel wings and the glory of the Lord overshadow Israel and contain the explosion and destruction upon Iran.



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Matthew 3:16-17



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