Cabin in The Sun

By Jeannette L. Vetter

(Saturday, April 02, 2011)
  I received this vision while Michael and I were on our way to Austin in Texas for Jacob’s birthday party. I was driving and paying close attention to the road as we discussed our uneasiness of not offending anyone at the party due to our being Christians. As we were driving thru Dripping Springs we passed several motorcyclists, and I thought to myself gosh what expression of freedom they have to be who they are. Many had Christian symbols’ on their attire as well as their motorcycles. The last thing I heard was my husband talking about family matters when it happened. I was no longer in the car I was translated to this log cabin in the mountains.
The Vision:
  I arrived in mountains of magnificent beauty and splendor. I was aware of standing and looking at the splendor of the background with the log cabin just before me. As I was looking at the log cabin I saw myself diligently sweeping the front porch. As I was watching how intense and free I was in doing my chore, I then became part of the vision.
  As I was sweeping the porch I was free in body and spirit. I noticed the detail of the cabin and how well built it was. The logs were huge and well formed, and the windows with their glass were also huge and clean. I turned to look at the side of the log cabin and noticed first the fire wood stacked neatly and in order. Then I noticed the huge pine tree next to the cabin and how the pine needles sparkled in the sun. When the wind blew slightly, the sparkles would float by me and glisten. Next I looked out beyond the side of the cabin and saw a huge field of wheat tassels weaving back and forth as the wind blew gently. I then turned around to see if all had been done, and I noticed a field of flowers growing where the field of wheat stopped. The sweet smell of the flowers mingled with the mountain breezes of pine, wheat, flowers, and the fresh aroma of newness.
Mountains: Pine trees and fields of flowers.
Then I looked further unto the horizon before me. As I was standing on the front porch I was aware of a dirt road going down into the valley. The road was winding along the field of flowers. Then to my surprise I notice thousands of people walking up the road with covered wagons, carts, children, women with bonnets, men on horses, and horse drawn wagons. Men, women, and children were dressed like pioneers. The children were laughing and running around all excited about coming to this cabin. People seemed determined to get to this place in the mountains. I was taken aback by what was transpiring before my eyes. My attention was drawn away from the laughing of the children as I saw modern-day people arriving at the same time as the pioneers. They too had the dress of modern-day pioneers with jeans and leathers as they got off their motorcycles. (Note: I heard no sound of motorcycles) The whole atmosphere shone with the brilliance of the sun's rays as they shown on the glistening sparkles moving and floating in the air. The trees seemed to wait for the arrival of the pioneers of all the ages.  
  I then inspected the front porch that I had been sweeping to see if the stairs leading up to the cabin was clean for them. As I was looking around I heard God call my name, “Jeannette”. I threw down my broom and reach for the front door to the cabin and opened it. As I opened the door, the vastness of the interior seemed to reach in height indefinitely, but dark clouds swirled around in front of me. I saw a pinpoint flaming light in the center of the clouds beaming as light rushed towards me. As it grew in size, it became apparent to me that it was an intensely burning cross. I fell to my knees and was no longer aware of my existence. The cross' flames were leaping around the whole atmosphere. They were so intense you could hear the sounds of the flames roaring in the air. The size of the cross consumed the whole room. On my knees I said, “Oh, Lord it is you that I love. I Praise You Alone and I bow here before you.” At my words the Flames of the Cross engulfed me! I was burning alive and in flames as I looked at the cross and myself. I thought to myself I am dead!

Flames of The Cross


I heard my name again, “Jeannette are you all right?” It was my husband asking me a question, and then I remembered I was driving. I didn’t realize I was still driving and still breathing and still alive. I felt the sensation of the cross and vision the rest of the day….I couldn’t take my mind off the Presence of the Lord, His cross, and the people at the party not giving one thought about my Beloved Jesus. Nevertheless, I could see how He loved the children and the sound of their joy.


My Beloved Lord and Savior!


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