Castle of Hope
Dream: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 by Jeannette L. Vetter
  I am concern about the darkness and the surrounding deception that is portrayed in our country. I have been praying deeply with tears and groaning for our country in these times of dark days. I have gone into prayer with a heavy heart and tears to God for the body of Christ, with a cry of brokenness that words cannot express. After Bible Study last night, I came home and prepared for bed, and my last words were “God speak to me your servant is listening.” (Note: this is the first time I have asked God to speak to me. I have always had an attentive ear to His voice, but I have never asked God a question as to what is going on.)
The Hordes of Hell

The Dream

The hordes of hell crept upon the kingdom of the Castle of Hope. The screams of desolating demons of evil were smiting and consuming the land. Darkness overtook the land in the byways and the highways, the fields turned black, and the trees burned with death. The people crawled, howled, and hissed at one another. They pounded at the doors of the Castle of Hope. The light of the Castle of Hope was the only beacon left in the Kingdom.



  As the princess was praying for her people, she said, “God speak to me your servant is listening.” As she was kneeling she held her head in her hands with billows of tears pouring forth for her people. Jesus appeared on a white horse before her. The voice of Christ addressed her in tenderness, but with instructions for preparation that she must herself do. He said, “My princess prepare yourself with oil, with oil upon your head, oil upon your heart, wash your feet with oil. For I am coming to get you. I will put forth my voice and the sound of the trumpet will blow throughout the land. Let no one take my word from you this hour. Let no one deceive you for the hour is near. I will come to gather all my people. Those who have prepared with the oil will hear and see the Son of Man upon the white horse! He then gave her this vision of her King of Kings:
Joan of Arc: Paris 1896


The King of Kings was riding on a great white horse that was magnificent. The King of King's greatness was beyond words that I could utter: Valor, Splendor, and the Glory of Glory rode KING JESUS through the heavens. Trumpeting the Call of Christ as the angels blew the trumpet of God, He gathered the hearts of those who had washed their robes in the oil of truth. The banner waved high above the Castle of Hope upon the earth with these words written in white, “TRUTH and Righteousness.” Then as she gazed upon her King he said, “I AM HE, I COME.”

  She quickly arose and prepared her bath of oil. She then called out to all who would have ears to hear. She spoke this decree thoughtout the land of the Castle of Hope. “Prepare your bath of oil because our King is coming! Let no one deceive you or turn you to their way by their voice of lies. Prepare for yourself your bath of oil with the truth. He is coming this very HOUR.” Then as she dipped her hand in the oil and poured it upon her being, those who knew her name came and said, “Did your King tell you the truth? With oil did he say? Where is your King now? I don’t see him? Don’t bathe in that oil, it isn’t the truth!" hissed all of those who were of the lies hidden in secret places and the ones who were in the in-between places of the land of the Castle of Hope. Note: In-between were those who listened but who wavered between the light of the truth and the hiss of darkness fomenting a sound of doubt. 
  I Jeannette L. Vetter speak with a voice as one crying out into the land of wandering that there is the promise of hope and the sound of truth bathed in oil having a sweet aroma awaiting King Jesus.....Yes and Amen! I have the vision of Jesus embedded in my heart and His Promise of Embedded Truth declaring “I Am He who is Coming”:
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Luke 21:28
28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. KJV
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