Court by Jeannette L. Vetter

Earlier Morning Vision: Sunday, June 08, 2003

By Jeannette L. Vetter



I went to bed as usual after a long hard day of working. I said my prayers and went to sleep. In the early hours of the morning I felt restless and woke up to the sound of lighting and thunder. At this time I thought that I must get back to sleep, so I could be fresh for Sunday morning church services. No sooner than these fleeting thoughts were formed in my mind, I was in a deep sleep. In this state, I found myself in a place of magnificent beauty. There was a beautiful city where everything was in order. The sidewalks were straight. The houses were picture prefect. I found myself standing in the middle of a cobble stone or brick street. I was in a daze as to where I was at. One minute I was in my bed at home, and now I was here in this place. I began looking around at everything, and I noticed this man walking towards me. I noticed, immediately, that he glided towards me with such ease. He was very handsome, and had charisma. Other people were drawn to him, too. He was alone as he approached me. He was pleasant in manner, but I felt immediately threatened by his presence. He said to me, “You must come with me. I have been ordered to take you to court.” I said, “No, I don’t think so.” When I refused, chains were placed around my hands and feet. The chains had a single chain loop between them. This was done supernatural with a wave of his hand. No one placed them there.

I had no choice but to follow him to where he wanted me to go. I was his prisoner. I was walking the best I could with chains about my feet and hands. He walked slowly enough for me to keep pace with him. He seemed not to be in a hurry and was patient, as I struggled to walk. Then I saw a palace. As we approached the entrance, I surveyed the area. There appeared to be a gate around the entire complex. The wall was made of brick with iron spikes jutting out of the top. The gate was made of iron. The flower gardens were absolutely beautiful with brushes, trees, water fountains, flowered stone walk paths, and lush trees, etc. When we entered the complex, the gate opened automatically. As we walked through the gates, I did not notice any security cameras guarding the entrance. Nor did I notice any electricity facilities in this place, in fact, there was no power source of any kind, but I knew that I had been watched the whole time.

The palace doors were French doors, with iron pull handles. These doors opened automatically. Upon entering, I noted a long hall with lighted torches, providing some light, which was secondary to a brilliant light source which illuminated this whole kingdom. The marble floors and halls where of great height. We walked down a corridor that led to the main courtroom. Now I realized that I was part of some kind of court proceedings. I was led to the middle of a great, grand courtroom. In front of me there was a throne. As I turned my head, I notice the courtroom was circular in shape. The room was full of people that seemed to have no faces or bodies, or perhaps, they were a shell of what was once a human. Because of its opulence, I surmised that this was very powerful place.

As I had finished assessing my surroundings, I noticed the man next to a woman. He left her and then approached me and said, “Hear what is about to be spoken to you.” Then, the women whom he had left, arose, and suddenly all the activities of this room ceased. Her beauty, and the presence of her power, inundated everything in the kingdom; everything came to a stand still. All eyes were fixed upon her, and there was an uncanny stillness. Fear filled everyone’s eyes.

As she moved towards me there was a rush of voices, filling the room. The closer she came, I could feel the beautiful promises her evil offered, as it tried to penetrate me. She walked around me saying many words that I could not comprehend.. She spoke them to the others in the courtroom. They all listened with blank stares on their faces. As she moved, all heads turned to follow every movement and listened to the words she spoke. With her transparent grown flowing with her every move, she then whirled around and spoke words to me. I still could not understand them; I had no understanding of her language. The man that had brought me to her intervened, as their eyes met he said these words to me. “You are to bow down and worship her. Everyone in this kingdom is at her command to do as she wishes with. There is no mercy here only her desire. Her reign is absolute, without question. No one or thing defies her power or authority.”

I was repulsed and sicken by her presence, and her declaration of her authority. I gave no thought as to what my answer would be. It was spoken without reservation and with conviction. As to whom my knees would bow to, there is only one and she knew it. I said, “No, I will not bow and worship you.” She then turned with a sly smile at my answer, and spoke these words which I understood. “I have waited for this moment and I will be worshiped. I will rule. I will command. I will hold you in my hands.” At these words and the wave of her hand, I was suspended above a place I do not know where. I looked up above me and I was hanging from a chain. I could not see where it was connected to, as there were clouds just above my head that covered the connecting point. I looked down and I saw blackness, with white eyeballs staring out of this pit of darkness. I was swinging and turning just so slightly. Then I heard a commotion in the pit, which seemed bottomless. Then the sound of growling and snarling echoed up towards me... I heard a great roar that was deafening to my ears, and I saw a giant panther leap up towards me. I could not defend my self, as I was bound hand and foot, with chains wrapped around me. Suddenly, there were words of power coming out of my mouth and my very being. The words of power knocked the panther down, so that he was free falling back down into bottomless darkness. Then other panthers tried to tear me to shreds. They too also were spoken down into the bottomless pit. Then, instantly, I was back in the courtroom.

The woman was there, and was standing right at the spot I was placed. She then said, “I will give you all of this to you for your enjoyment of unknown pleasure.” At her words a room full of people appeared scantly dressed. They began to cohabitate together. In a scene of complete filthiness, I heard a guttural sound of lust coming from men and women as they took on the nature of animals. As the scene began to intensify I noticed that some of them began to transform into demons. They had tongues of serpents. I closed my mind and eyes to not look upon such activity. She then said, “Ah, this is not enjoyable to you?” I looked straight into her eyes and said, “I will not bow and worship you.” Then, in a furious rage, she summoned all the demons in the room to attack me. “Would you prefer this instead?” All around my body, at specific points, there was the snarling sound of demons ripping me open and devouring me. The pain was beyond anything I have every felt. Their smell filled my nostrils, and their knives-like claws searched for an opening to possess me. I kept my eyes closed. I prayed, “Oh, my God, I need Thee.” These words filled my very soul and intermost being.

The demons stopped and looked at her and then at each other. Then the power of God radiated from Heaven, which sent the demons railing backwards. Then the woman said, “I am growing tired of you, I have tolerated your absoluteness, enough of this.” Then she whirled around and said, “Take this saint to the tower and place her in the red room.” At her command the man (who had summoned me here in the first place) and her guards escorted me to the red room. On the way to the red room, we walked into the garden area where I tried to escape. I didn’t succeed because I was still bound with chains. We entered into the tower and walked up a very steep spiral staircase. I was then thrown into a room, onto the floor by the guards.

As the guards walked out, the man that had been there through the whole ordeal, entered. He came towards me with a compassionate look of one who has understanding of my situation. He waited what seemed like a long time and then he spoke and said, “You can be free if you will bow and worship my mother.” At his words in came the woman who had questioned me…..his mother…. She uttered an eerie laugh, filled with evil that inundated the whole tower and kingdom. Then she said, “This is the last time you will see my face and this is the last time I will hear your answer.” I said, “I will not bow my knee and worship you. I love my Heavenly Father he is MY God and I will worship only HIM.”. She was very furious at my answer, “You have sealed your fate.”

The party of guards and her son left. I hear the door of the room shut echoing throughout the room. I looked around; I was so exhausted by the ordeal. The room was wall to wall red tile. The glow from the room was red, but yet I could see the room without the red glow. I could see there were no facilities at all, not a cot, bed, wash basin, or mirror. Also, there wasn’t a light bulb hanging to cast all of the light that I saw. There was no window either. I heard the Lords’ voice say, “Jeannette, there are two tiles you can push through.” With hands and feet still bound I shuffled over to the two tiles the Lord spoke of, and knocked them out. As they fell outside the tower, I poked my head through the opening to smell the fresh air. Then, I readied myself to escape. Soon, I heard the pieces of tile hit the tower sides I looked down and said to myself, “I can’t jump, for I will be jumping to my death. It is too far and there seems to be no bottom and no cliffs I can leap to.” I was disheartened. Then the Lord said, “Jeannette look at the darkness below.” I looked and saw how darkness covered the land and noticed only a few lights flicking here and there. I despaired as to how I was going to escape and go home.

Then, I awoke in my bed. My body ached, and I had a headache. I opened my mouth and said, “Thank you, oh God, I am home. I looked around with a grateful heart and knew the magnitude of being in the Lord’s care, tucked in His lovely arms, again. I got dressed immediately for church. I wanted to worship my Heavenly Father, with all my might. I was so spent from this ordeal, that I sat quietly in the back of the church, alone, so as not to lose the presence of the Lord. I was pondering the red tile in the room. The Lord responded, ”Jeannette, that was the Queen of Babylon and the false blood.”




Hebrews 11:1





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