Cover Letter: The Message of the Reels
We thought this would be a nice way to introduce you to the latest messages that the Lord has given to us as installments one year apart to the month.

Quotation from the beginning of Interpretation to The Message of The Reels: "...The message to the church from these two visitations of the Lord is derived from their union. Considered separately, there is a communiqué in each of them, but together they form a unity of thought that surpasses and transcends their individual connotations." By Lee Y. Martin, Ph.D.,© 2005

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The Message


The Message

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An Interpretation of both visions combined together in:

The Message of The Reels

by Lee Y. Martin, Ph.D., © 2005




Street Cross

Vision Upon the Cross

Poem by Jeannette L. Vetter
Written date: Death of my soul

I saw the vision there upon the cross
I moved closer to see who was hung upon the cross
I reached to touch the feet and discovered they were mine
The nails pulled against my flesh
The pain of the weight tearing and the ache of the cost
I reached to touch the face of who hung there
The searing, the burning of the flesh crucifying
The pounding of my blood throbbing
The seizing of my body in agonizing pain
My chest raising and falling with labored breath
My wrist pierced with nails that were driven to the core
My mind yielding to the over whelming fear of no escape
My ears hearing, my mind not believing the voice calling,
There’s is no miracle
Look at you… Look at your sins
Deny Him who put you there, save yourself
Deny and Come down… Come down
Come down echoed thru the every fiber of my body
My hour in time is here
My eyes looked inward and there the I am My Lord Jesus

We are one
I felt and breathed in the death of Christ upon the Cross
My heart felt the rushing of pain and grief exploding within my soul
The impact of seeing of being one in Christ filled my mouth with

Praises OH! My God, My Savior, Your will, your destiny
My life, my death, the very essences of me for YOU
My last hour at last my heart pierced
My last breath my last word
Upon the Cross He and I
It is finished!





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