Divine Arm of the Lord


Vision: November 14, 2000


Jeannette L. Vetter


After having prayed for my country and placing my concerns about the presidential election on the altar, I lay still and rested. I suddenly felt the presence of the Lord. He said, Jeannette, come up hither." I said, "Lord, I don't know how because I am on the earth and you are up there. I don't know how to get to you."He said, "I am sending you an angel."

Suddenly an angel appeared and was smiling, his skin looking like porcelain. I froze. I knew I was on earth, and praying face down on my living room floor, yet I was facing him. The angel did not say anything to me while facing me. He motioned me to follow him. I stood very still and did not move. I started quoting scripture. He then turned to walk up into the atmosphere, which looked like a dark fog swirling around. I still did not follow. He motioned again with his arm to follow him when I heard the Lord say, "Jeannette follow him." I then moved forward and as I stepped, I too was walking upward.

I was not amazed at this for my heart and mind was drawn to where Jesus was, and I wanted to be with Him. I seemed to be at mid point from earth and the base of a mountain before me, when the angel disappeared. At this moment, my eyes looked upward and I saw Jesus standing in all His glory. I immediately felt unclean and fell to my knees shielding my eyes from the light. I covered myself with my arms as I sunk deeper in the flooring of the swirling fog around me. I knew how wicked I was before God. Not able to stand before such loveliness I spoke, "Please forgive me and have mercy upon me Lord. I love your Son, Jesus, my beloved savior." I was fearful beyond anything I have ever felt. I pleaded the blood of Jesus upon me as I felt my strength and life ebbing away from me. As tears streamed down my face, I said, "Forgive me for I am wicked, unclean, and sinful, but I love you Jesus."

As the words formed upon my lips, I felt the hand of the Lord lift my chin. The veil fell from my eyes and I felt an explosion of love and beauty within and without cleansing me. Forgiveness of such magnitude one cannot understand. My wickedness was cleansed at the touch of His hand. I looked up and saw Jesus standing in all of His glory. Bright rays emanated around Him coming from the center of His being creating an exploding aura. It was a continuous brilliant reflective ray of pureness. He was the brilliant light of God. I could not see definitive features for the light, but I could see His clothing was that befitting a King. The pattern in His cloak reminded me of fine Hebrew cloth delicately woven. It flowed in a slight breeze, which I sensed to be the Holy Spirit's presence. As I looked into His eyes, I could see myself reflected in them making me understand that this is how He saw me.

I noticed I was kneeling with my head bowed at the base of the mountain. While kneeling, He placed a royal robe of fine exquisite embroidery upon me. It was light in weight but I could also feel heaviness upon my shoulders. He placed a delicate crown upon my head and put a scepter in my left hand as He held me by my right hand. My eyes then went from the scepter to the golden arm of the Lord. His forearm glowed like gold and appeared to have the strength of brass. Something was written on His golden arm, but I could not read it. I got the impression that the writing was of great importance for it was emblazoned into His forearm to be there forever. The touch of His hand made me warm and speechless. My thoughts were all fixed on Him as I waited for Him to speak. I felt that He was pleased with me, for I kept my eyes lowered and my head bowed in honor of my King before me. My every action was to acknowledge Him as King. As He lifted me up to the top of the mountain, He lifted my face upward to His and spoke, "Jeannette, I have placed a robe, crown, and scepter with all its authority upon you for they are mine to give."

He then gave me words related to my work here on earth telling me that He would be beside me always to uphold me. I was not to fear but be bold in whatever I do. I was encouraged not to let anyone intimidate me. As I stood there beside Jesus He said, "Jeannette I want to show you what is to come. Look and behold the earth and your nation upon the earth." As He spoke these words with His hand, His golden forearm of brilliant power parted the clouds of darkness, and formed an open path between them. "Behold the moment of peace upon your land and the earth." I then saw what looked like stars shining brightly in my nation and all over the world. They popped up first in one place and then the other in different nations. He said, "Jeannette there will be but a moment of peace before I come and gather those who love me and those who are yet to love me. These are the stars you see, the ones who are born into the kingdom of my Father."

At the close of these words, I was immediately back home in my living room. I could not move for I was exhausted, but I heard the Lord say, "Jeannette read Psalm 110." I turned to the passage and read, my eyes falling first on verse 6: "He shall judge among the heathen, he shall fill the places with dead bodies; he shall wound the heads over many countries." I said, "Lord what does this mean?" He said, "I will replace many leaders in your country and other nations for many have prayed for mercy for me to withhold judgment. They have fallen on their knees in prayer during this time. Satan has tried to move ahead of his appointed place and bring forth his reign. I have heard the prayers of saints and have given a moment of peace to bring those in who will yet allow me to love them." He spoke these words to me as I read them: "Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: thou hast the dew of thy youth." Then He continued speaking and said,




"This latest development is to test the laws of this country to see what foundation satan and his hordes must destroy in order to use her power for himself. The previous administration will pay for its sins against Me, and I, the Lord will strike them down and others who worked in it. I have heard the cry throughout the land and will sustain judgment for a moment, for My work will be done. I, the Lord, hath decreed this. I shall send my strength out of Zion for the harvest and this peace shall rule for a moment until the end comes. I, the Lord, will not repent for what I am about to do because the cry of my righteous ones has been heard. My word shall be sustained and not removed. In my wrath and power, they shall drink the brook of their wicked ways. They will be as dead men in their graves of eternal fire and their eyes shall melt from their sockets when my wrath falls from heaven. They scheme for him that slithers upon the dust of the earth and call him, 'O Lucifer, son of the morning!' They prayed to him to hasten the time. I, the Lord God, have spoken for my righteousness and my saint's sake and will withhold judgment. I have decreed a moment of peace for the greatest harvest the earth has ever seen. Hear these words clearly."



The Greatest Stars: Image of the Day by NASA



Christ In The Garden of Gethsemane by Heinrich Hofmann 1890. Free Christ Images.com





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