The Eagle and The Cross


jeannette L. vetter


Dream: Approximately May 12, 2010
  The Sword and The Cross
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I had been studying about the word “surrender” because I wanted to go deeper into this concept and not just have a head knowledge of the Bible. I desire heart truth for my life in Christ. Complete and total surrender of my will and control means I want to live in His light and heart and live the following scripture in

Acts 17:28

For in him we live, and move, and have our being, as certain also of your poets have said, for we are also his offspring.




  I said, “Lord I surrender my life to you and all control. I want to live, move and have my being in you. I want to reflect your image, heart of love, heart of truth and be your offspring and surrender all.”

I finished praying and it was and has been very difficult to surrender my will. I thought to myself whatever Lord let it be as you have spoken to me. I drifted off to sleep praying.

  the dream

1st scene


It was early dawning of the next day and I was stirring and tossing when I rolled over and became aware of being in a different place.

I was standing in an open field (beautiful light of the day) and looking up into the sky when I saw an eagle gliding down in a landing formation dropping down in front of me.




As he was flapping his wings he folded them into position. When he was standing on his feet, I saw that he was huge – as big or bigger than me. My focus was from his neck up. At this point I realized that his total gaze was on me eye to eye from gliding down to landing in an upright position before me. I too was eye to eye with him the whole time thru the process. He was magnificent and majesty. All his feathers were in perfect order, but one. We looked at each other with awe. As I looked into his eyes, I waited and realized he had something to show me. At this point one feather slightly lifted up as if a breeze blew across him and he became a portrait, as a painting to hang on the wall. Then he became the cover of a book. Next he was the first chapter of a book, and then the book started flipping pages . It was as if an unseen hand was turning the pages. Very quickly the pages flipped to all the other chapters in the book, and I could see each chapter had a picture of these types of birds. They were all there but I didn’t know what the birds' names were. The book was very thick and then towards the end of this book the pages started slowing down. At the end, the book closed as if one had closed the book by hand. Then the eagle and book disappeared.

2nd scene

I was stunned by the clapping sound of the book as it shut. Then I noticed the whole sky over the earth changed into rolling clouds with thunder and a shaking of the heavens.

There was silence… I waited still looking up and watching the beautiful brightly lit clouds rolling before me. They were bellowing together inverted towards a deep center beyond the earth into the heavens. As I was looking into the deep center I saw a huge cross break thru from the center. As it was coming closer and closer at a very fast rate, I saw that it had a straight edge like a modern day cross. It was huge covering the whole earth with its arms above the earth and its shadow falling across the circumstance of the face of earth. It too came face to face with me. At this I could see into the center of the cross and I noticed the inside of the cross was beautifully woven together and composed of huge branches of trees, curled around one another. Within the cross the leaves on the branches tenderly touched the inside edge of the cross. They were waving and swaying within the cross. The branches formed in the shape of the cross. But, the cross's outside beams remained straight edged. Then the cross lifted back into view as if it had given me its message. It hung there in the sky between heaven and earth and then the clouds started rolling and thunder clapped forth.




A bright steam of light split the sky above the cross, the earth, and heaven. It beamed onto the cross and it blazed in flames that reached across its arms and up the beam. Higher and higher the flames glowed and smoke bellowed into the heavens while at the same time touching the face of the earth. Then I awoke with my eyes still gazing upon the cross.




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