Earth Shattering





Night vision: Saturday, August 5, 2001


Jeannette L. Vetter



I was standing in the center of a schism of time. Time had become a place. The space I was in was surrounded with blackness from top to bottom. I saw coming towards me a brilliant pinpoint of white light. It grew in size as it spiraled closer to me. As it came to the center of the opening where I was standing, it exploded, filling the horizon, stretching from full left to full right. Within the center of this brilliant explosion of light, the earth appeared. As the earth turned on its axis, the history of earth was presented in moving pictures of events, with sound and action accompanying the historical period.

I saw the periods of history move slowly at first, then faster toward end. I saw the earth form and develop. The trees grew, the flowers bloomed, and then the rains came. The floods poured out upon the earth. The land dried, and deserts formed. I witnessed different ethnic cultures grow, and saw the development of peoples of different countries. I saw American Indians dancing.

  Then, I saw war after war… I was dumbfounded… I saw the heroes in those wars dying in slow motion. I witnessed families gathering. I watched people attending church. I watched the technology and the factories grow upon our earth in such an accelerated rate, that I did not recognize the technology. The earth was turning faster and faster.
Earth events
  It was very difficult to watch the pictures because it was moving at such an accelerated rate. As the earth sped faster and faster, the brilliant light increased upon the earth and enveloped it. The forests shattered. The countries of the earth rocked and reeled upon the earth. The people melted before my eyes. I grasped my face in horror. As I saw the earth rocking and reeling, I was pulled back from the white light that was causing havoc upon the earth. There were volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, lighting, fires and hailstorms as never seen before in the history of mankind. Every living being and all life that existed before and now was flashing before my eyes. There was such mass destruction I was mortified.


2nd Part
I found myself placed in a home where different ethic groups gathered. I could see through the big bay glass window, which was behind where the leader of these groups was standing.

I also noticed it was an older home and that you see the skyline of the city through the bay window. They were discussing something that was happening around them. I could hear the fear in their voices and could see the fear upon their faces. I caught the end of what the leader was saying to a group of about 5 or 6 people. He was saying, "Where is God we need his help? Does anyone here know how to pray?" They had not noticed me until now as I spoke up and said, "I know the way. You have to ask Jesus to save you. I can lead you in prayer." They all turned and looked at me, I could see they had heard the answer they were looking for...the way to Christ. As we were gathering to pray, we held each other's hands. When the end of the chain touched my hand, we were all transported to the streets of the city.

We all fell to our knees to say the sinners' prayer. As I was speaking the last sentence of the prayer, "Jesus, I accept you as my savior and forgive me for my sins." A half demon and half man came rushing towards the group and it spoke in uncontrollable blasphemes against our Savior Jesus. I could see they were frightened of this apparition. He had complete reign and intimidated them. He spoke with the venom of a hissing snake, "There is no God". I was still on my bended knees and I turned without hesitation and spoke these words to the creature, "To hell you shall go..." The creature, then, fell like a limp rag with no form left to hold it body up. As it crumpled upon the sidewalk, the worms began to eat it inside out relentlessly. I turned back to tell them more about our Beloved Sweet Savior, Jesus, when the sidewalk beneath our feet began to crack. The buildings began to rock and roll the bricks were falling from them. Cars crashed and exploded into flames. I looked up towards the sky I saw a heavy rolling grayish white fog-like cloud rolling towards the city. The Lord said, "Jeannette, look past the rolling gray cloud." My eyes saw the exploding brilliant white light oscillating towards the city.

"...white light oscillating towards the city."

jlvetter, © 2001

I then bowed my head to pray. All the people in the circle knew what was coming now. We all prayed with tears. An Angel of the Lord dropped down in the middle of the circle. I looked at him; he was huge, towering above us. He placed his hands upon my head and said, "Jeannette well done faithful servant, you must leave now." I said to the people in the circle, "My Lord has told me, we must leave this place."

We all jumped up to leave and then began to run. Strangely, I could see miles ahead. I found myself looking for the right road to take in order to flee from here. When the Lord had finished showing me the way to go, a vehicle that looked similar to a van appeared with an angel driving it. We all piled into this vehicle. I told the angel to go towards the bridge, but to stay on the highway that faced the bay side of the bridge. As we headed down the freeway of the bridge, I looked across to the other side of the bridge and I saw a massive traffic jam. The bridge began to sway up and down. I yelled at the people in the cars as we passed by and said, "You are going towards destruction. Come with us, please!" I pleaded with all the passengers of all those other cars, with tears streaming down my face. But to no avail, they were all intent on staying in their vehicles. I could see the destruction happening around them. The bridge scaffolding began falling down. The pilings and moorings were creaking with sounds of straining metal. One man looked at me and listened to my cry...While he stopped to listen, time moved in slow motion...he was listening to me, but at the same time he turned to look back. The bridge began to collapse into the sea behind us. The man went down with the bridge. As we got almost to the top of the bridge, I shouted over the deafen noise to the angel driving the vehicle, to shoot to the other side. At that point, I heard the Lord say to me, "This is San Francisco." We were now moving at lightening speed. I have never experienced such an accelerated speed; it was as if we were catapulted to safety.

As we landed on the other side, I stepped out of the vehicle, as did the others. Each member of the group began to disappear, as well as the angel. I was alone. I turned around and the destruction came into view. I saw crevasses in the earth, where part of the city no longer existed. Where part of the city once stood, there was no land and nothing existed. I did not understand this. It was just air. It was as if the last piece of dirt left was where I was standing. Then, I heard a screeching noise and turned towards it. A trolley car was out of control and no longer connected to the cables above it. I could see the conductor trying to bring the people to a safe landing somewhere, but where? The rails were bent and as it slid towards me. I was not afraid, even as I watched the trolley about to crush me. I could see the fear in the eyes of the conductor, and the people screaming. As it was sliding towards me, it came to a halt as if something had stopped it from touching me or killing me. The people flew everywhere, their bodies mangled and their faces looked grotesque. As they lay there, they were cursing God. They did not die, but were muttering in a guttural speech wanting death. Some had no mouths to speak and some had no skin upon their bodies.


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