The Flow



Dream: Wednesday, November 28, 2001

by Jeannette L. Vetter, © 2002



The dream opened up with me standing on the face of a map of the United States of America. I was placed in Central Texas among the hills. Beside me were two companions, one on my left, and one on my right. The Lord said to me, "Jeannette, I wanted you to walk, hike and march through the mountains, hills and country side of the eastern sea board of the country." I started on my journey to do what He had asked me to do. My companions were right by my side at all times, as we hiked, marched, and walked throughout the country. Whether I went up hill or down, they never left me. I was covered at all times.

I saw the mountains and the countryside of the eastern half of the US. I saw the valleys, farms, and homes of the people. I saw the Shenandoah Valley, Appalachians Mountains, forest, and ranches, as well. I saw the cities, and could see the homes and people there, but was told to walk around the cities. However, I could walk in the counties of the cities and the different country roads. As I went around the eastern cities, I could see into the cities and witness what the activities and everyday business in each of the cities were. I asked the Lord, "Why can't I walk in the cities?" He said, "Jeannette, I have given you the vision of the cities before your eyes, but you are to walk deep in the counties and back woods of the US eastern seaboard. I thought, "Wow, here I am walking in the countryside and I can see the cities without walking into the cities."

As my companions and I were about to walk up to the top of the mountain, I heard the Lord say to me, "Look up and watch what I want to show you." At that moment I was taken way up above the map of the United States of America. I could see the state's bounty lines, the rivers, the valleys, the streams, and everything that made up America from the view of the heavens above it. The Lord then showed me the tip of Maine. As I watched, the black oil from heaven poured upon the land. It was thick and was flowing slow and steady from heaven. It was similar to honey being poured from a jar.

I could see where it flowed. I watched the mountains, streams, valleys, and countryside being covered by the black oil. I saw birds and trees being covered. I saw all of the people and their dwelling places, whether it was in the country or cities, being covered by this thick, slow covering black oil. (I have drawn out a map of the flow of oil and the different color for certain parts of the US.). As I was watching the flow of black oil, I could see where along the Mississippi River, came a holding place or dividing point for the thick black oil. Part of the black oil did overflow past the Mississippi River and spill over to the other states (see map). It was pointed out by the Lord the different degrees of the colors the oil over each state. As I was wondering about this, I was placed back on the mountain where my companions and I were at first. I saw the black oil flow over the top of the mountain, then flowing down covering everything in its path. I heard a sound above me and saw a flying vehicle (some type of helicopter) hovering over the three of us. I saw both of my companions grab a hold of some type of hook. Then, I followed their lead. As it lifted me up, I saw the black oil cover the mountain. As we flew higher, my companions were taken up inside the flying vehicle. I heard them talking to me and saw them smiling at me. This was the first time I had communicated with them. I was still hanging above all of the land. I could feel my grip loosening on the bar. I said to them, "I can't hang on any longer." They just smiled and said, " Everything is going to be ok, and, "You did a good job." They waved good-bye, and shut the doors. I could feel the flying vehicle going swiftly back to the place the journey had started. I was in wonderment as what was going to happen to me, for I was still hanging in mid-air. I saw the map of the US and now could see all of the country covered with oil. Before we reached what I thought was our destination, I heard the Lord say to me, "Jeannette, let go." I said, "Lord that is a long ways down there and we are really high up here. I can see all of America and we are above the clouds. It is pretty far to fall from this height." He said, "Jeannette, just let go." My arms were real tired and I understood that it was time to leave and let go. I knew that the Lord wanted me to let go and just fall back to earth. So, I let go, doing what He had asked me to do. I was not shown any safety nor assurance that I would be living through this fall from the vehicle of the Lord. I would just be flying in the heavens and hearing His voice of commands. I did not want to leave Him, or them. I did not want to let go of the safety bar my hands were clinched around.

I saw myself make the decision and let go of the bar. I felt myself fall feely to earth. Everything was moving at a high rate of speed. I was not afraid, but I knew at the rate of speed I was falling, that the laws of physics would take over (me falling vs. me hitting the ground [hard]). As I drew closer to earth I could see the black oil and the smell of it was a rich perfume aroma. It was a thick and rich odor… honey-like. I saw myself on my back as I flew towards the ground. As I landed, however, I was gently placed on the rich grassy hills of Texas. I saw the rich black oil covering from my feet to my head. I noticed all the wild life was in awe of the presence of the oil of God. Everything living creature was dancing and chattering in their language to God. We were all singing and in awe of the oil of God and His Holy presence. I was in the presence of God's glory, and being covered by His oil.


Physical Map of the United States (contiguous)

Map of USA

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