His Voice:
It is Written
Morning Vision: Thursday, May 16,2002
  by Jeannette L. Vetter,©2002

I awoke from a restful sleep and I was gently rising out of bed and proceeded to get my morning coffee, I suddenly fell back into a deep sleep. As my head fell back in place on my pillow, my thoughts were, "This is unusual I am so sleepy."

The awareness of being brought into another place was very keen to my senses. I found myself standing in an atmosphere of brilliant whiteness before a man writing something on a scroll upon his desk. The brilliancy of the room seemed to be emanating from his white face. The desk was very massive with several other scrolls upon the desk along with some rolled up ones. It appeared to me that he was doing research and was finishing the last of his writing upon the scroll. In his hand, I noticed that there was a writing instrument similar to an etching stick. The scrolls appeared very old and he was looking at them and jotting, dotting, crossing, and writing upon the present scroll before him because the ink was fresh and the other writing was already dry. As he was writing while I stood there waiting, I felt as though I was a student waiting and observing the professor as he looked at the contents in his hand. At the moment he placed the last dot at the end of a sentence, I sensed a shifting of the mass in the universe. I did not understand this strange sensation. Then, as he turned his head he spoke to me, "Jeannette, there is going to be a meteor." I was taken aback at first because I didn't recognize Him. It was the first time I had seen Jesus full face, but I knew His voice and I said, "I didn't know you had a beard." His features were simple, rugged, and his hair and eyes were brown. His clothes were regular men's clothes of a modern era, but they looked different, not like anything made on this earths, but they were clothing for warfare.

As He spoke the last word and looked up at me, He smiled. His reflection was that of a parent when their child discovers something new. As His eyes and my eyes met, I was drawn into His eyes. We became one. I saw the future through His eyes. In that moment, while I was trying to look at the future ahead, He did not allow me to see certain things and events but He did show me the beginning of the new future. It appeared as a brilliant white-bluish color. The massive space was forever, further than I could see. I felt as if I was fresh and new and a part of this white space. Then I was pulled back and was standing before GOD. The last thing I saw was GOD smiling at me. I could not fathom nor understand what had taken place. I felt the expression of awe beyond anything I have ever experienced. My thoughts of GOD and His pureness and oneness of His son JESUS, can be expressed with these words HOLY HOLY is THE LORD GOD there is none like thee.

The conversation with JESUS ended and I was back at home in my bed.

Throughout the day I thought about the morning vision. Before I went to bed, I was still before the Lord. He spoke this scripture to me, Lev 10:10, "And that ye may put difference between holy and unholy, and between unclean and clean."

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