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Monday, March 23, 2009



I had been intensely praying for the last 2 months for the United States of America and Israel. I felt like I needed to focus more on personal needs, so I began interceding for my family, friends, and home town where I live. My praying was of such great travail that I experienced body pain. My crying was heavy with tears for the precious people all around me going through such devastating circumstances. I too was experiencing health issues and loss. One does not go unscathed in these times.

As I went through daily activities, I would walk and talk with God, asking questions. It was a heaviness that I had not experienced before. Not only was it personal, but I knew my spirit was burdened for people everywhere whose lives were exploding in grief. I could hardly hold my head up at times and laughter and joy no longer filled my heart. I asked God out of my heart, “Oh, God forgive us for we have sin.” Repeatedly I would say these words, no matter what was happening in the world or in my hometown. I would fall asleep with, “Oh, God forgive us for we have sin.”

After church on Sunday, March 22, 2009 the burden began to lift slightly, I felt my prayers of repentances not only for myself, but also as a whole for my community, country, and Israel had been carried towards heaven. Monday rolled in, and I awoke with a newness in my spirit, and hope welled up. About mid morning, I heard these words within:


I am the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega  

Jeannette, I am the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega. Hope shall arise for I am the hope of Glory. One more time shall be given unto your country and your city. One more time shall be given unto the churches. They shall one more time reach and join together. One more time shall I pour forth the Spirit of truth. One more time the Spirit of new beginnings shall be offered to those who will turn from their wickedness. The time of more will be given to those who have given much. You shall have my prosperity even when many around will be in dismay, place a watch so that the hour of seething and snarling will not touch your time. The time of pouring forth is in place and shall be upon the whole earth. The light of the gospel shall be with power like never before seen upon the face of the earth. Truth with tears of repentance will pour forth waters of healing, waters of restoration, the pouring forth of the cross in power. Then the time of the hour will end."

I place my hand to this prophecy to be to the best of my knowledge and the hearing of my heart to what was spoken to me the day hope shone forth.

Jeannette L. Vetter

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