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by Lee Y. Martin, Ph.D.© 2010


I was intrigued by Iran's disclosure that their computers had been infected with a worm and was causing problems with management of the operational control of their research and development nuclear program. I wanted to know as much as Patty Public can know, so I searched the Internet. While researching the Internet, I was stunned to abruptly understand the meaning of this vision. In a flash, as I was looking at maps of the Iranian terrain, 'The Button's' vision of nine years ago coalesced, and I knew its message.

The state of Iran's nuclear program is insignificant to the message God wants sent by this vision. What God wants is for the Bride of Christ to be aware that rapture is in sight. How close is it? Some Biblicists think it might happen before the end of this year. You will have to decide for yourself after you read the Interpretation. Whatever happens with Iran's pursuit of nuclear weaponry does not affect the message of this vision.

Everyone knows that Iran is planning to use nuclear armed missiles upon Israel as soon as they are operational. In searching for information about the worm and its effect upon Iran's pursuit of Israel, I learned that the Iranian silos used for missile deployment are increased in number and have been hardened to accommodate North Korea's long range missiles capable of carrying large payloads of destruction. This infers that Armageddon is close, and if Armageddon is close, how much closer the rapture? Iran's cyberspace problem snapped into laser-like focus the necessity of warning the church to get suited for hyperspace travel.

I have been in much prayer agonizing whether to post this Interpretation because to interpret the vision as the Holy Spirit gave it to me, requires disclosure of some things I would rather not talk about. The facts below will show why. They will show that God's set time is upon us and rapture is imminent. Therefore, this vision should awaken saints to prepare for take off and stay ready.


Will Iranian Missiles Misfire?

On September 30, 2010, the New York Times reported,

...starting in the summer of 2009, the Iranians began having tremendous difficulty running their centrifuges, the tall, silvery machines that spin at supersonic speed to enrich uranium — and which CAN EXPLODE SPECTACULARLY IF THEY BECOME UNSTABLE. In New York last week, Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, shrugged off suggestions that the country was having trouble keeping its enrichment plants going.
Yet something — perhaps the worm or some other form of sabotage, bad parts or a DEARTH OF SKILLED TECHNICIANS — is indeed slowing Iran’s advance.
(caps, underling, and bolding mine)

Unskilled technicians handling unstable machines for uranium enrichment is a blueprint for disaster. Couple that with trigger happy psychopaths bent on Israel's obliteration, and you have a way this vision might happen.

Iran is nervous about the fact that some of her scientists have defected and her hidden underground facilities are no longer secret nor are their plans for getting rid of Israel. Paranoia about the fact that their window of opportunity to annihilate Israel might be degrading due to the computer worm's unchecked progression, could cause them to pull the trigger on deployment of Israeli-directed missiles before time of safe launch. A missile launch would naturally call for a response, and the battle would begin. Armageddon is not a one-time field assault but a series of confrontations with the antichrist spirit.

The above suggests an imminent departure for the beloved Philadelphians whom Jesus said He would keep from the hour of tribulation [Revelation 3:10]. It also suggests a catalyst for our great escape before sudden destruction [Luke 21:36; 1 Thessalonians 5:3].

The New York Times article said that unstable nuclear enrichment machines can explode. This portends how the angels in the vision could disappoint the crafty Iranians who greatly desire the eradication of Israel. The angel showed Jeannette that the Iranian missiles would misfire and retrograde to demolish themselves. All angels need to do is destabilize Iran's equipment with an earthquake tremor, and then Iran's own scientific ineptness and spiritual blindness would destroy her. A chain reaction from one underground facility to another would virtually end Iran's predator capability. Only the Lord knows how extensive the damage would be. Stupidly, Iran's lust for nuclear power is planting the seeds of her own destruction.

Again, the truth about Iran's certain end is not the message God wants sent by this vision. Jesus wants His Bride to realize that because Iran's military personnel has been on a steady standby high alert, they might choose to preempt Israel and brutishly fire first. As in the vision, a reality check shows all nations surrounding Israel are highly armed and just waiting for provocation to pounce on her. Could it be a Flotilla challenging Israel's blockade of Gaza that causes people to start shooting and spills over into a war? Whether or not, it seems like everyone is waiting for the set time for war to arrive. What surrealism!


Iran's Missile Silos

While I was perusing the terrain of Iranian maps, I was amazed to find that the missile silos were situated in a place similar to the description given to me by Jeannette immediately after she had the vision. Recall that Jeannette descended from high in the sky where she could see the curvature of the earth, and upon descent she noticed things and people changing activities in panoramic effect in keeping with the height of her view. As the angel reeled her to earth, she became more aware of the details of things.

The angel took Jeannette down into a military command room that controlled Iran's missile deployment, and he did so for the purpose of showing her – and you and I through this vision – that Iran is militarily mobilized and now has missile capability to attack Israel. The maps I saw confirm this. Nevertheless, Israel will be preserved regardless of the Jews' phenomenal miscalculations about giving land for peace and her idolatrous disregard of God's love for her. Even though God protects her, her irreligious worldly spirit (90-95% of her people are agnostic or atheistic) will cause her great grief in the coming days.

After I saw the maps of Tabriz, Iran where the silos are located, and after reading an online analysis about the site, it occurred to me that the terrain of Tabriz matched what Jeannette had described to me the day of the vision. The Internet analysis I read said that the site of the underground military installation which Jesus escorted her to could only be accessed by two mountain passes. This coincides with Jeannette having said that she passed between two mountains and two bodies of water as she drew closer to the place where she entered the facility.

If you will Look on Google's map as I did, the site is situated in a protective cradle of mountains three quarters of the way around and a large lake on the west to finish the enclosure. A larger body of water, the Caspian Sea, is the other body of water Jeannette saw on the east as she descended. The two mountains Jeannette descended between are the Sahand volcanic range south of the Eynali range between which Tabriz and its missile facility lies.

I read a nonmilitary open source analyst's explanation about what is happening in Iran. 1 In an analysis of Google's satellite maps that were made available to the public about two years ago, (military satellite maps no doubt have been monitoring the site for a long time), the analyst said that the silos have increased in number although not in size. He said that any of today's missiles of whatever size and range including those of North Korea with a range capable of reaching all of Europe, most of Africa, Russia, and all of India, would fit in the Iranian silos. This is probably the place where Iran's missiles would be deployed.

Note that while descending, Jeannette saw predator nations surrounding Israel's borders with their weapons pointing towards her. Is that not a picture of the state of affairs today? As of this writing, all nations in the Middle East are on high alert for war or acts of terror. Even Europe and America are on high alert for something to happen. There is talk of an October surprise but what that means, no one knows for sure. Without God's help, Israel could not survive nor could we. But thank God, the angel in the vision said that Jeannette was going to witness how God protects the Jews. As in the book of Revelation, His mighty angels will stand up and defend them as it says in Daniel 12:1.

The brunt of all this is that Iran has missile capability now of using nuclear weapons or WMDs. Not having enough enriched uranium for nuclear warheads has been holding her up. The Stuxnet worm has increased the psychological pressure on Iran to act unwisely in deploying missiles before they are ready to activate them safely. This will be her nemesis, however, as the vision Jeannette was given shows. At whatever time Iran decides to deliver a cursed missile to destroy Israel, the curse will come back upon her. I will bless them that bless you, and curse them that curse you [Genesis 12:3].


Sudden Destruction

The foregoing analysis concerning Iranian capability signifies that the set time has come for Jesus to retrieve His Bride. This dream event could set off the sudden destructive occurrence Paul talked about in his letter to Thessaly.

  1 Thessalonians 5:3
  3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

In the vision, we see what looks like a thwarted preemptive strike by Iran on Israel. With a proliferation of information revealing that the Antichrist or his forerunner is exposed and well known, and with heavenly bodies passing through heavenly constellations pointing to specific dates, the heavenly signs along with information from the Bible, on the Internet, in books, and within newsletters are indeed suggesting that the Iranian episode will occur after the rapture. The spiritual radar is overloaded with markers that we are on the final countdown to the set time for our wedding. Are you on high alert?

Study both of Paul's Thessaly letters to understand that the sudden destruction follows the removal of the man of sin's restraint, which is the true church invested with Jesus Christ's authority and Holy Spirit power. Thus, removal of the restraint advances sudden destruction, the holy judgments of the book of Revelation, and Israel's destiny.

If we hear people saying 'peace and safety' as the above Scripture shows, then we can know that sudden destruction is soon to come because the Bible says so. Is the sudden destruction of Iran the action that fulfills the above verse? If it is, then be prepared for rapture because news releases are awash with talk of peace and safety. Is it constructive talk with an actual outcome or is it mere chatter confirming the verse above? I submit that people have been saying 'peace and safety' with much dialogue since Israel's inception. The Thessalonian 5:3 verse states that 'when people say' peace and safety, then sudden destruction happens. It never says that it obtains. In spite of peace and safety talk since becoming a state sixty years ago, Israel is still surrounded by hatred and loathing toward her.

In her fury, Iran will unfortunately make a tragic mistake when she moves against Israel. Nine years ago when this vision was sent, Iran was not as vitriolic in speaking about Israel. But the situation has evolved to the point that Iran's president is the most vocal, visible, and vexating antichrist spirit harassing Israel. The Almighty wants people to know that her bark will not stop the counsel of God from being fulfilled. The Word informs us that He will bring Israel back to life and make her the envy of the world in the Millennial Age. 2


A Dormant Prophecy Ready For Life

The Iranian Connection To Endtime Prophecy



This dream/vision has been an enigma to Jeannette and I for nine years. It is not on account of the circumstances revealed in it because the scenario is obvious, but our quandary has been that of not knowing what God wanted us to do with the dream. Not having a direct link with Scripture, we opted to wait for a definitive signal pointing to and confirming that it is truly a message for the church.

I asked myself a number of times over the nine years and especially so recently given Iran's high visible profile on the world scene, why God took Jeannette above the earth and show her Iran's pitiful end right after the 9-11 disaster in the United States? Why this particular country? Why not Turkey, Russia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, or Iraq? This dream came before the demise of King Hussein and Iraq, so why didn't the message feature Iraq since she embodies ancient Babylon? We know from Scripture that Iran will be among those nations which God judges because of her hatred for Israel. But she is only one of many. Nonetheless, I knew in my spirit that there was some other significance to this prophetic dream/vision than merely documenting God's judgment on Iran. Therefore, the only thing to do was to let it incubate.

Being unambiguous about the way in which Iran will be judged, the mystery cloaking this visitation, as always, has been in determining the significance of its message to the church. Since the Holy Spirit has given no specific Scripture with which to align it, and since Jeannette and I both felt the gravity of its import, I decided that perhaps the timing for its deliverance to the church was the reason the Lord withheld its interpretation from me, and indeed, this is the case. I can now report that the Holy Spirit has revealed why He gave the vision nine years earlier but withheld its Interpretation until now.

Although Russia is supreme militarily, Iran is the catalyst to endtime events. This vision is connected to Biblical typology. The book of Esther is about a Persian chieftain named Haman, an Amalekite and grandson of Esau who plotted against the Jews to annihilate them off the earth. You can read about it in the Bible. The bottom line was that Haman's plot against the Jews was spoiled by Queen Esther, and Haman and his family wound up being killed upon the very gallows he built for the Jews. Is it coincidence that the Stuxnet worm I was researching that has caused Iran's problems has been found to have a code word 'myrtle' tied to it and the name Esther? Could this infer what the cyber weapon was targeting? This vision presents the antitype outcome of that historical scenario of Haman and the Jews. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, typifies Haman and his loathing for Israel, and this vision reveals his end. I'll speak to Esau's connection with Iran below.

Iran has always been in the picture of endtime prophecy through Ezekiel's Gog and Magog war recorded in chapters 38 and 39 of his book. For years Bible scholars have mulled over this war trying to settle on when it will take place. Some people think it comes before the seven year tribulational period, some think it is at the beginning of the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy, and some think it is at the end and thus associated with Armageddon. 'The Button' vision does not offer help in deciphering the timing of this war. And even now, having received the purpose of the vision from the Holy Ghost, I cannot be sure when Iran's disastrous catastrophe will occur although there is reason to believe that it will be after the rapture.

Why did not the Spirit disclose the timing of the event within the dream? It's because God wants this vision to be a signal to people that rapture is imminent, and to blow the trumpet before the time would destroy its impact when the set time as explained below will have come. The vision is not for the church in general which all other visitations on this website are, but it is rather for a select group of people, for God's chosen participants in the Bridehood of Christ – the five wise espoused virgins in Matthew's parable of the ten virgins [25:1ff] who have been aggressively seeking intimate fellowship with the Lord in these last days before the door closes to the heavenly wedding.

By now, people have pretty well made up their minds whether or not they want to be included in the wedding. Those who do will have been seeking holiness in order to be selected for Bridehood. However, if you have not, the door is not shut...........yet! But it will close in an atomic second at the rapture.

As you will see through this vision, the Lord in mercy is giving a last minute warning for His sheep to 'button' things up (pun intended) and do a last minute holiness checkup for departure because the wedding is ready. The tables are set and placards are in place, the gowns are beautifully woven, the rings have been polished, the oil, the bread, and the wine are on the table for communion, and angelic music has even been heard on earth from anxious invited guests.

Have you been following peace and holiness with all men without which no man shall see the Lord [Hebrews 12:14]? Then you are probably ready. Holiness is the key to making the rapture/wedding. Can unholy people make it to heaven? Yes, as noted by the thief on the cross whom Jesus said He would see in paradise. But to make the Bridehood, a believer must trim his or her lamp continuously and keep its light burning [Luke 12:35] by staying in the love of God [Jude 21], walking in holiness in all manner of lifestyle [1 Peter 1:15], and staying rapture ready – ...every man that has this hope in him purifies himself even as the (Bridegroom) is pure [1 John 3:3].

How long, O Lord, before we awake in your likeness, to escape the sting of death?
How long, O Lord...............
Before we feel your glory, your splendor, love, and breath?


God Tells His Prophets Beforehand

It is breathtaking the way God reveals what He is up to before He does it. I am astounded to see that nine years ago God revealed to Jeannette in this vision the new type of warfare we find ourselves in – cyberwar. Because the technology for fighting this war has been super secret, no one, not even governments, were aware of its existence. But God knows, and nine years ago disclosed its existence through this vision. Furthermore, He has also shown that computer malware will probably be the culprit to end Iranian assaults against Israel and all whom she abhors.

Doesn't the vision reveal that computers will be Jesus' battle axe to judge Iran in similar fashion as Babylon was His battleaxe to judge Israel when they refused to repent [Jeremiah 51:20]? Malworms are stealth weapons of warfare and are now showing their expertise in becoming target specific, i.e., seeking out the critical part of a machine's operational control of industrial plants and nuclear facilities and crashing it. They do not look for all computers, but the main one that would make ineffective the program launching its work.

Could malworms be the reason Israel was noncombative when Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant came on line at the end of August? Here is what the Christian Science Monitor reported on September 22, 2010:

The Stuxnet malware has infiltrated industrial computer systems worldwide. Now, cyber security sleuths say it’s a search-and-destroy weapon meant to hit a single target. One expert suggests it may be after Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant.
Cyber security experts say they have identified the world’s first known cyber super weapon designed specifically to destroy a real-world target – a factory, a refinery, or just maybe a nuclear power plant.

More information about cyber warfare can be found on the Internet. Our purpose is to see how this knowledge affects the rapture. It is obvious that God knew about cyber warfare all along because He disclosed it in our vision nine years ago. The fact that the vision's game plan, computer worm warfare, only now being exposed as of last June partly explains why it was not possible to understand the vision when it was given. Remember that I only discovered the vision's meaning while researching the recently discovered worm. This confirms that the timing of publication of the vision was God's reason for withholding its message until now.

Books are plentiful that speculate upon the Gog/Magog war dealing with the internal bits and pieces of the two aforementioned Ezekiel chapters. The words and phrases concerning appurtenances of the war have nothing to do with the interpretative revelation the Spirit gave me to this vision. Then where is the connect? It is in the incontrovertible evidence of the corroborative signs and clues sprinkled throughout Scripture that indicates by figurative numbers, typology, and gematria that the Antichrist is among us and has made himself known. If so, then Jesus must be mounted and ready to ride, to come for His Bride and take her aside to be hidden from the atrocities that will occur in the tribulation.

On the one hand, in these last days the Spirit has been zealously calling the lost, the backsliders, and unrepentant to holiness with huge revival meetings the world over where spectacular miracles have shown God working to revive souls for departure. In them, the dead are raised, limbs grow out, white eyes become normal, the deaf and dumb hear and speak, and missing body parts are replaced. By showing Himself strong, the Almighty is enticing people into His Kingdom in order to escape coming judgment.

On the other hand, through earth's contortive birth pangs God is getting people's attention to consider the most important event in all of history – participation in marriage to the Son of God in heaven. To aid this splendid goal and assist the revival tools of magnificent exploits and catastrophic devastations, this vision, by heralding the nearness of the rapture/wedding, is posted as a spiritual memorandum from the Lord to caution people to repent immediately.

We deeply regret the tragic ruin and loss of life in Iran, but the Book of Revelation reveals an extensive assortment of tragedies coming upon ALL the world as a result of unrepentant populations. Indeed, when one looks at the accumulation of humongous judgments occurring in divers places around the world, it is hard not to see that tribulation has already intensified. They are godly judgments permitted to get people's attention. More importantly than mere proclamation of judgment upon Iran, this vision is an alert to people that Jesus' appearance is impending and time is almost out for attentiveness to departure.


The Jacobian And Idumean Controversy

Ever since the Lord began using Jeannette and myself as watchmen on the wall fifteen years ago, every prophetic visitation on this website has been about preparedness for rapture. Now, in this vision about 'The Button', I sense that time is over! The Antichrist (AC) or his forerunner is now exposed, and since he is on the scene, his name is no secret.

God has embedded AC's name throughout the Scriptures in various ways and places, but the foremost hidden documentation is in the very first verse of the Bible in multiple forms of gematria. Prior to now, no one would have known who he is because his name does not add up to 666, the stumbling block of most AC seekers. You do not take someone's name and determine if it adds to 666. Rather, you take 1) the number 666 that is determined by Scripture as belonging to him, 2) any of the AC's gematria in Hebrew, Greek, or English, and 3) the verse and chapter gematria of the bible and correlate them. If they continually correlate, you have the man.

Having been hidden like Jesus until his hour of revelation very few people knew of him before the last three or four years. The AC's meteoric rise to power demonstrates how swift temporal changes can come. Remember how fast the USSR broke up? It came down like dominoes. In like manner, after rapture, sudden destruction will quickly forge the nations into regional powers submitted to the man of sin for survival. Will this Iranian incident be the forging material? Time will tell.

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