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Scripture That Hints Departure Is Imminent

Over the 47 years I have been studiously studying the Bible, the topic that intrigued me the most is eschatology. I have had an insatiable hunger to know when my Beloved Jesus would return to take me away to heaven. It is this curiosity that has kept me glued to the Scriptures, and I do mean glued. Many years have elapsed between now and when I started reading the bible in earnest in 1963. Consequently, I cannot remember the source from which I first heard things related to Jesus' return.

Because this vision is related to Jesus' immediate appearance to get His Bride, let me show you some Scriptures that convince me that the time is imminent, and God wants this vision to be a whistle.


Can A Fish Carry A Message?

It did! Over 2500 years ago God prepared a great fish [Jonah 1:17] – today we would call it a whale – to carry a message to the supreme city in the supreme empire in the world during the time of Jonah. God's prophet did not want to go to Nineveh, the capital and glorious city of the Assyrian Empire, to deliver the message of doom that in 40 days if the people of Nineveh did not repent they would be destroyed.

God already had His weapon of destruction in place, a flyby of the planet Mars that was a regular occurrence every 54 and 108 years before Mars' elliptical revolution around the sun changed around 700 B.C.E. to the more circular one it is on today. During Mars' flybys to earth, there were always severe catastrophes on earth, some more brutal than others, because of the exchanges of electrical charges between the two planets as their gravities competed with each other. The place of catastrophe would vary depending upon where the earth was in its daily rotational pattern. The charges formed an arc from one planet to the other, and this accounts for references in the Old Testament that people had seen the fierce 'Sword of the Lord' of God's angel.

God of course can change the place that the sword would strike because He controls the heavenly bodies, but Nineveh knew a Mars flyby was on its way because the time was ripe. This fear of Mars' flybys was the reason the god of Mars was a foremost god of ancient civilizations. So Nineveh repented, and God spared the city.

Is Jonah's experience a Biblical type of a future event? We know that types are a way that God reveals beforehand His agenda in dealing with mankind. Last summer in May and June, off the coastline of Jaffa, Israel, an unaccountable fact marveled the people who saw it. There was spotted and confirmed by fish experts a gray whale that had strayed out of its normal habitat in the Pacific Ocean into the Mediterranean Sea.

What wandering! It had to maneuver its way through the narrow eight mile wide Gibraltar Strait to get into the Mediterranean. But before that, it had to worm its way through icebergs in the Arctic Ocean or else migrate around South America and up the Atlantic past hundreds of inlets to the particular opening of the Mediterranean Sea. Then it had to stealthily maneuver unspotted past some 30,000 miles of shoreline to Joppa. What a feat!

Imagine one single whale losing its way to wind up in the very same place that Jonah tried to dodge the commandment of the Lord. Jesus said the only sign the people would be given that He is who He said He is, was the sign of Jonah.

  Matthew 12:39
  39 But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas:

Given that Jonah was a sign at Jesus' first appearance, could the spotting of a gray whale off Jaffa be a sign of His second one? The sign of Jonah was His message – repent or be cut off from eternal life. The message is the same today.

The miracle of a gray whale off Jaffa cannot be misconstrued. Jaffa is ancient Joppa where Jonah got on a ship to go to Tarshish, symbolic of Western nations. Jonah was carrying a message of coming judgment from God to the Assyrians. Since Jonah was hidden in the whale's belly with God's message inside, the whale spotted this past summer is a miraculous anomaly and symbolizes the message Jonah carried in its belly for three days. America, are you listening?


A Day For A Year

The prophet Ezekiel was told by God to lie on his side a specific number of days in order to prophesy how long judgment would obtain for the Northern Kingdom of Israel. God ordered him to do the same for the Southern Kingdom [Ezekiel 4:1ff]. We are not concerned with numbers here, only the symbolism. God said, ...I have appointed thee each day for a year [Ezekiel 4:6]. So in Scripture, God uses a day to represent a year. He also uses a day to signify a thousand years.

The substitution of one thing for another is a means God uses to hide His agenda from men. He does this so men would be required to search out a matter and not presume upon Him. He wants us to ...walk by faith and not sight [2 Corinthians 5:7]. Where is the faith if you actually see something? Now let's look at a few Scriptures that indicate that we are at the jumping off point of endtime matters. God has not left us without clues and signs. Jesus Himself said when we see signs coming to pass, look up for your redemption draws near [Luke 21:28].


A Day For A 1,000 Years...

Apostle John was the first disciple to meet Jesus, and he was the last of Jesus' staff members to have contact with the Lord. He met Jesus at His symbolic baptism into our death at the Jordan River, and John stood at His feet at the cross when Jesus actually drank the cup of sin unto death. John's devotion to Jesus earned him the blessing of taking care of His mother Mary till she died at an old age. Taking care of Jesus' mother was a major reason why John did not travel to the ends of the world to evangelize. He had his hands full in Ephesus keeping the true gospel from being contaminated by Gnostic heretics.

After receiving the Revelation from Jesus' angel on the isle of Patmos where he had been exiled, John learned from it that the church of Ephesus had lost its first love [Revelation 2:4]. This was a major indictment since it was the beginning stage of church development. Because Ephesus was John's home (tradition tells us Mary died there), he felt Jesus' charge most deeply. Therefore, John's great evangelistic work was to write his gospel and three letters to aid the church in returning to its first work [Revelation 2:5] of manifesting the central theme of the gospel – love out of a pure heart. Truly, the first and most important work of the church was to reveal the love nature of the Father as Jesus did. So it is no wonder that all of John's writing emphasized the truth of love as the mark of a true disciple of Christ.


Jesus Demonstrates Prophectic Time-John 1:1-45

Because John was with Jesus from day one of His ministry, John had a firsthand experience about what Jesus said and did. According to John, Jesus started His ministry during the fall feasts – and then went to Jerusalem for the Passover six months later [John 2:23]. After the feast, John tells us that Jesus ...MUST NEEDS GO through Samaria [John 4:4], but Samaria was considered off limits to Jews. The Bible states it this way: ... the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans [4:9]. Jews considered Samaritans a mixed breed of heathens, a mixture of Jewish blood with Gentile blood. When going to the feasts in Jerusalem, Jews traveled around Samaria, but during this first return home from Jerusalem after His ministry began, John records that Jesus insisted that He NEEDED to go through Samaria. Why?

John did not know why, but the Holy Ghost did, and John wrote what the Spirit told him to write. John was privy to what went on in Samaria because he was there. He records that this is where Jesus told the woman at the well that He was the Christ. Hearing this, she immediately ran to Sychar, the nearby city where she lived, and told the people she had found the Messiah. They came out to confirm what she said, and were convinced after hearing His Words for themselves that Jesus was indeed the Christ [4:42].

The Samaritans asked Him to stay a while and teach them, and he did – TWO DAYS [4:40]. After hearing His message, the Bible says ...we have heard him ourselves, and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Savior of the world [4:42]. After two days [4:43], He ...departed and went into Galilee [4:43] where the Galileans received him also. Within this episode is a picture of God's prophetic timeline. This is why Jesus NEEDED to go through Samaria. He needed to imprint the length of time of the Church Age.

The account above revealed the prophetic timeline as follows. Jesus came out of His own country, Judea, because He was not being received by the rulers as having been sent by God to them. Judea is Israel the people of God, whereas the Samaritans were heathenistic Gentiles. Even Jesus' disciples recognized that they should not be in Samaria because they questioned why the Lord spoke to a Samaritan woman at the well where they were resting. The point is that something strange was going on, but the disciples had no insight to what it was. Let's see what Jesus was doing.

In God's eyes, a day is as a thousand years [2 Peter 3:8]. Hosea prophesied saying that after two days (two thousand years) God would revive His people [Hosea 6:2]. In the third day they would live, the implication being that after two FULL years, God would revive his people from their chastisement for rejecting their Messiah. It has been two thousand years since the Jews rejected their Messiah and crucified Him. Their punishment has been severe. But now we are inside the third day, and this is significant because Jesus could come at any time. He is ready to take His church out of the earth in order to return to His people and finish the Jewish Age. According to the book of Daniel, there is one week of seven years left [Daniel 9:24-27].

Jesus went through Samaria to encode the time that He would be out of His own country of Judea. He stayed in Samaria two days representing two thousand years of the Church Age. During this sandwiching inside the Jewish Age, Gentiles formed the body of Christ. Upon departing to Galilee after His two day stand with the Samaritans -- His 2,000 year sojourn with the Gentiles – He went to His own people again. This symbolized the restarting of the Age of Israel to finish it. There are seven years left of Daniel's 70 Week Prophecy that must happen or God's Word is not true 4.

While in Samaria, Jesus presented Himself as the Christ, and they received Him as the Christ. This was figurative of Jesus going to the Gentiles who welcomed Him after being rejected by His own people. At the end of two days, Jesus returned to His own people again, the Galileans, which He will do after rapturing the church, and bring them back to life with great travail.

It is important to understand that Jesus must come remove the church out of the way so that the Age of Israel can be finished and the Kingdom set up. The final week of seven years of Daniel's Prophecy will produce the pains for birthing the Kingdom Age otherwise known as the Millennial Age. So long as the church is still on earth, the body of Christ is not complete and the Church Age dispensational protocols are still in force. But alas, two thousand years has elapsed and we are inside the third day. Since we are inside the third day, can you see that rapture is more imminent now than ever before?


In Six Days

With a calendar and using Daniel's 70 Week Prophecy [Daniel 9:26-29] 5, it is possible to determine exactly when both Advents of Jesus occur. He came the first time on the exact day the angel prophesied to Daniel, and He will come again precisely on the date inscribed in the Prophecy. Because Israel is again in the land, the prophesied dates can be decoded.

We know that both Advents are considered Jubilee Years [Leviticus 25]. But, since there is disagreement even among Jews when the next Jubilee Year will be due to calendar fluctuations and miscalculations from man's inability to be completely error free, it is wise not to base Jesus' next appearance merely on calendar dates. They can assist, however, in making one date more probable than another. Faith in God's Word is where believers ought to place their confidence. It is internal Bible evidence that will point to our present place in prophetic time.

Under his rule, King James authorized that a Bible be translated into English so that every plowboy could have a Bible to read as William Tyndale (ca. 1494-1536) desired. He wanted laymen to be better educated than the clergy were in his day. His martyrdom as a heretic served to accomplish His goal in 1611.

King James may have commissioned a Bible be translated into English, but I contend that God authorized King James to authorize it. Hence, our Bible is called the Authorized King James Bible. It is the only Bible without a copyright, and anyone can reprint any portion of it freely without needing someone's permission. This was God designed. All other Bibles have copyrights, and the bottom line on copyrights is that they bring in money; therefore, permission must be granted before anyone can quote from a copyrighted book. Let me give you a red flag warning about copyrights. There must be substantial changes on an existing work, such as the King James Bible, for a copyright to be granted on that work. Not just changes, but substantial changes. Does this make you wonder which Bible you can trust?

The KJV was divided into chapter and verse about fifty years after it was first published for ease in study and location of words and phrases. This was truly a Godsend. Today, however, we can see that God had a hand in its division of chapter and verse. If one chapter was off or even a verse divided differently by a single word, computation and correlation of verse and chapter gematrias would be incorrect. Numbers don't lie, people do.

To show the preciseness of using gematria to authenticate an arithmetic encoded message consider this. The only Hebrew word in the Bible with a gematria value of 666 is 'yithrown' translated 'excellency' in Ecclesiastes 7:12. It happens to be found in the 666th chapter of the Bible. Without Holy Spirit oversight of chapter and verse division of the Bible, this probably would not have happened. Coded messages would be lost without our Precious Spirit's guidance. This is similar to the equidistant letter sequencing (ELS) Bible codes of the Hebrew scriptures. One letter out of place would destroy an ELS code. It is without any doubt that God synchronized the entire complex of the magnificent Holy Book containing God's counsel and agenda.

God speaks in dark speeches and similitudes [Numbers 12:8] as Jesus did in parables. Therefore, Bible texts must be decoded and interpreted. Many words of Jesus are only now discernable because of the closeness of the Kingdom and computer technology. Until the last couple of years, some codes could not have been cracked, especially those related to the AC. Mere computation of words and names does not assure correct information unless they are matched against a standard, and correlated with each other and the number 666.

I have shown you one clue in visible sight pointing to the AC in the foregoing analysis of the name of Oholibamah in Genesis. Let me show you another Scriptural witness as to his identity. It has to do with the AC's unveiling or revelation of himself to the world, not his number. He knows who he is and that he is destined to rule the world. This is why he can be so cavalier and nonchalant as he dismantles America.


The AC's Unveiling

We know that Satan counterfeits everything God does. His cosmic organizational structure is a mirror of God's heavenly one. Hence, the devil's man of sin must mimic the Son of man. Jesus showed Himself to the world as Israel's Messiah riding a donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday six days before He resurrected as God's Regent for His Kingdom. Palm Sunday was the tenth of Nisan, the day a Paschal lamb was chosen for inspection for the Passover.

Inspection means looking for blemishes. The Paschal lamb must not have any blemish. So for four days, Jesus presented Himself for approval in the Temple. Having passed the test, ironically He was crucified. After six days, early the next Sunday morning, Jesus arose to power as the glorified Savior of the world and was given all authority in the Universe by His Father God. Could Obama counterfeit that? He did, 'in six days'.

Barack Obama presented himself to the world as the Antichrist of Satan's cosmic system on Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 at exactly 8:00 pm EST. Six days before the election of November 4, 2008 Obama bought time on every major news network making sure he covered the world with his Obama commercial promising to change things if elected president of the United States. He even preempted a World Series baseball game (if I remember right) with his radio and televised speech. On this day, Obama covenanted [Daniel 9:27] with the whole world to save it. The world was in turmoil because a month previous the stock market crashed 777.77 points affecting all nations. Hence Obama presented himself as savior of the world.

No less than ten times in Obama's infomercial selling himself as the savior of America and the world, he spoke the words 'in six days'. He opened his speech with six uses of the phrase 'in six days' and ended his speech using them four more times. Isn't the number 6 a number integrally related to the AC? Note the last words of His speech which are clearly identifiable as AC's agenda: "...together we will CHANGE this country and we will CHANGE the world..." 6. 'Change' is the same word the angel used to identify the AC. He told Daniel, ...he shall think to change times and laws... [Daniel 7:25]. 'Change' is a Bible 'coded' word in the Hebrew, and it correlates positively with the gematria of our president.

After six days on Tuesday evening he became the ruler of the most powerful nation in the world, and he is looking upon himself as the savior of a crumbling world system. Are you seeing a parallel with Jesus?

Have not the people of the U.S. experienced huge changes in our governmental system with more in the offing since Obama became president? We are truly changing from being the most prosperous nation in the world to bankruptcy as Ben Bernanky, CEO of the Federal Reserve system openly projected for America this last week. Were the people of America duped into thinking change meant for the good of America? Hear what Jesus warned about the Antichrist:

  John 5:43
  43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

Obama did come in his own name, and the American populace received him. In contrast, Jesus was rejected by His people after proving to them with mighty miracles that He was their Messiah.

Jesus came seeking the glory of God as He worked His Father's will in setting people free of satanic bondage. First, He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed of the devil [Acts 10:38]. And He set the captives free when of His own free will He went to a hideously hot hell, took the keys from satan [Revelation 1:18], and loosed the devil's prisoners.

  John 10:17-18
  17 Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.
18 No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.

He came to set people free spiritually from the tyrannical yoke of satan, but they could not see that. They wanted freedom from Rome. They expected Him to use His miraculous powers to disarm Roman rule over them. They could not get beyond the flesh as they shouted accolades to Him as He rode into Jerusalem presenting himself as their long awaited Messiah coming in the name of the Lord.

  Mark 11:9-10
  9 And they that went before, and they that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna; Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord:
10 Blessed be the kingdom of our father David, that cometh in the name of the Lord: Hosanna in the highest.

Jesus did not come the first time to seek personal recognition, but to show people that God is a loving Father and to demonstrate what true freedom is about as He released people from the weight of bondages to sin. He came to serve people, and a servant He truly was.

The verbal cry of the populace in Jerusalem did not match their hearts' desire for they rejected Him and crucified Him four days later! How different the outcome has been of Obama's revelation. Hear Jesus testify about the AC:

  John 7:18
  18 He that speaketh of himself seeketh his own glory: but he that seeketh his glory that sent him, the same is true, and no unrighteousness is in him.

Jesus prophesied that the AC would come in his own name and would be received [John 5:43], whereas He, the true Christ, coming in the name of His Father was not received [Mark 11:9-10]. In John 7:18 above, Jesus said that whoever comes seeking his own glory is not the true Messiah. Was Obama seeking his own glory when he presented himself as a savior of the world in his speech? If he is not the AC, then he surely is his forerunner.

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