Continued 4: Interpretation of Castle of Hope and Return of the Blessed Hope
by Lee Y. Martin, Ph. D.,
Oil of Truth

When King Jesus appeared to the princess, He had one message – that she prepare herself for departure from the land of hope by bathing in oil. He said to cover herself with oil on her heart and on her body from her head to her feet. Can anyone doubt this means to immerse oneself wholly in oil? There must be something important about being covered with oil.

We know from scripture that oil is an emblem of the Holy Spirit along with fire, water, and a dove. Since Jesus did not mention these other motifs, He evidently wants us to concentrate on the significance of oil. When we see what God has instructed regarding the use of anointing with oil, we can determine what King Jesus' instructions are for the people in the castle.

God told Moses that His people were to bring offerings for building the tabernacle in the wilderness, and oil was one of the requirements. Moses needed oil for the light in the sanctuary, and to make an anointing oil for the articles therein as well as for anointing the priests who would be ministering to and for God. Oil is a form of energy. And since the Holy Spirit is the power source manifesting God's glory, oil symbolizes Holy Spirit power.

Everything coming into contact with God must be pure and without defect. Hence, God ordered Moses to make the anointing oil using a specific formula which was never to be duplicated and used for any other purpose upon penalty of death. This anointing oil was perfectly devised to attest to the requirements of contacting a Holy God. Thus the components of the anointing oil speak to what God requires from anyone who wants to minister to Him.

Our Father has not left us without instructions about how to fellowship with Him, nor has He left us without light to light our path into His glory world. So let's see why King Jesus said to bathe in oil so that we would not be unprepared for our rapture wedding day.

Exodus 30:22-25
verse 22 Moreover the Lord spake unto Moses, saying,
verse 23 Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred shekels, and of sweet cinnamon half so much, even two hundred and fifty shekels, and of sweet calamus two hundred and fifty shekels,
verse 24 And of cassia five hundred shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary, and of oil olive an hin:
verse 25 And thou shalt make it an oil of holy ointment, an ointment compound after the art of the apothecary: it shall be an holy anointing oil.

Myrrh is a bitter but fragrant medicinal gum that comes from a tree in Arabia. Its part in the formula for the oil is for producing purity for holiness. Therefore, Jesus' command to bathe in the oil is for the purpose of becoming a spotless bride without spot or blemish. it symbolizes separation from contamination with the outside world. Jesus is coming for a mature spiritually purified bride. Why are we required to bathe in myrrh? It is because God does not fellowship with sin. Hence, preparation for our wedding means we separate from all things that defile. This means the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit will take you through the fire of testing in order to reveal the things hindering your walk with God so that you can be useful for Him in these last days of harvest.
  Jesus had to separate from the world and fast for forty days in the wilderness in order to prove His mantle of devotedness to the work that the Lord sent Him to do. We too must fast lusting for the pleasures of this life. We must not worship God while continuing a life style in conformity with the idolatries of the day. The last thing Apostle John said in his treatise on love was "Little children, keep yourselves from idols" [1 John 5:21]. Idolatry starts where temperance stops. It takes dedication to separate from worldliness and idolatry in order to become a vessel of honor that will assure participation in the rapture [2 Timothy 2:21-22]. Thus separation signifies walking in spiritual purity.
The Lord called for cinnamon to be included in the mix of spices in order to bring a sweet fragrance to the Father. Being purified by myrrh, adding cinnamon to the oil means that your worship delights the Father. We know from 1 Samuel 15:22 that obedience is the pleasant aroma God seeks, for He says that obedience is better than sacrifice and to hearken than the fat of rams. Are you allowing yourself to be contaminated by compromising the things that please the Lord? Much worship today God does not receive because it is not followed up throughout the week with obedience to the whole counsel of God.
  Obedience is one way to know you are prepared for rapture. Obeying the command to separate from the world can be difficult. It can cost the loss of friends, family, or even a job. Is it worth it? You will have to be the judge because only you can decide if you want to follow God or men. Walking in the image of Jesus means you too will have to say "It is written..." People will scandalize you because of your decision to walk in the ways of God, but remember that eternal things are more important than big homes, cars, and the pleasures of this world.
Calamus or Cane
Given that the above spices are hard to apply, this spice is even harder. Cane is a sweet fragrance when broken. The more breaking down of the cane, the more aroma that comes forth. To be broken means that we crucify our flesh and not be body ruled. This isn't easy because the flesh dies hard. The Holy Spirit will prick your conscience to let you know when you are doing something you should not be doing. But if you aren't quick to obey, scar tissue will develop on the soul which becomes insensitive to the pressure of conscience. When scar tissue develops, your conscience is a poor guide.

Perhaps the hardest thing for the Spirit of truth to make a person aware of is their pride. I don't need to delve into the problems of pride for they have been often taught. What we need to know is that the calamus plant represents pride, and the more you allow the Holy Spirit to crush you, the more fragrant you become to God. Jesus is our example. He let the Holy Spirit lead him into the wilderness where his flesh was tested, tried, and proven for its worth. This is where He became broken. It is where He separated Himself from all fleshy things.

Having been broken in the wilderness, the Spirit subsequently led Him to the cross where He was crushed beyond anything anyone on earth has endured. This is the reason His Father loved Him so greatly. He permitted Himself to be crushed to please the Father who wanted to save His creation of beings like unto Himself. But before Golgotha, He had to go to Gethsemane where the crushing began, where He had to die to His desire to be removed from the necessity of drinking the cup of sin in our stead. Thank God He won the battle and became our substitute in the bitter struggle for power with the enemy.

Are you allowing the Spirit of truth to crush your false doctrines built upon traditional beliefs that do not comport with what is written in scripture? The flesh is weak even though the spirit is willing. So ask yourself, am I poor in spirit (debased and humble), repentant (teachable), and do I tremble at the Word of God [Isaiah 66:2]?

Jesus humbled Himself and refused to retaliate even though despised and esteemed unworthy to be the King of Israel. So if our Lord was persecuted and extremely unpopular with the world, don't think it strange if you are. The servant is not above his master. Your obedience to the Father's will may cause darkness to hunt you down and even try to kill you. But hang in there because King Jesus is coming to gather us very soon now, and then we will be lifted up. Think about this, if my life isn't afflicted, have I been broken?

Cassia is also a medicinal and aromatic plant. It brings healing after brokenness. Because of preparation for rapture by separation, purification, and brokenness, the world will turn against you. But God promises to bring cassia to you by lifting you up. After bathing in the oil, did we not see the believers lifted up into heaven by King Jesus at His return? Devotedness to preparation means accepting the fight of being ridiculed and called cultic because of choosing to live righteously and to abstain from compromises with the world.

Remember that Job was broken and sorely tried, but there was deliverance and healing at the end of it. Holy Spirit oil will cause you to choose holiness which will make you extremely unpopular with the world and even your family. It happened to Aaron. When he had to separate from His people to take up the mantle of High Priest, his brethren complained that he took too much upon himself and that they too had access to God's immediate presence. God had to demonstrate that Aaron was a chosen vessel to minister to Him by causing only his rod to bud overnight in the tabernacle. The people had to learn that only what God calls to specific works is anointed.

Precious people under the new covenant, all believers are priests and kings under Jesus our High Priest and King of Kings [Revelation 1:6]. This high honor bestowed upon men is because of the work of Jesus on the cross in bringing many sons and daughters into glory. God took up the cause of Aaron and showed him favor, and He will do the same for you and I because we are called to be priests for Him on earth. Each of us has a special anointing for our particular call by the Lord.

Nonetheless, remember that Aaron had to change his ways and become distinctive among the people. He could no longer associate with them so that he could maintain his purity. You too will have to be distinctive and radically follow the things of God in order to show who you have become. Having changed identity, the dark world will try to hurt you and defeat you as the Pharisees tried to kill Jesus when He exposed their wickedness.

The anointing oil will cause you too to become slandered. A lot of hostility will be directed towards you because you testify to its sin. Be humble and endure the onslaughts for in due time you will be lifted up. If everybody likes you, something is wrong. If you aren't unpopular, have you changed identity? Your life must testify of the world's evil, and that means being persecuted without a cause. Read chapter four of Peter's first epistle which tells us to rejoice when we partake of Christ's sufferings and think it not strange if we come under fiery trials. Our suffering for the cause of Christ is so that we will also partake of His glory [1 Peter 4:13].

Olive Oil
  The reason the oil of olives is the basis of our anointing is because olive trees can withstand drought. There will be many occasions when the rain will become scarce, and we need the characteristic of withstanding a lack of moisture. We are admonished to fast so that we can learn to rely upon the power and sustenance of the Holy Spirit who has come to guide us into all truth. Fasting food crucifies the flesh, and fasting pleasures crucifies the soul. During times of drought, the Holy Spirit will bring us the water of the Word to refresh us and help us endure until King Jesus comes for us.
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Worshiping Angel
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