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Interpretation of The Eagle and The Cross


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Messianic Judaism

A major sign indicating that Israel is awakening to finish the Age of Israel is the observation that It is now spiritually acceptable, even fashionable, for Jews who convert to Christianity to claim Jesus as their Messiah while holding on to Hebraic roots. This was unheard of prior to World War II. At that time, Jews would spit at the name of Jesus and would not dare speak it. So taking Jesus as their Messiah was a cultural death sentence for Jews who converted. Having left the law for grace, many families of Jewish converts went so far as holding funerals for them though still alive.

Since Israel's revival as a nation in 1948, her citizens have been mostly secular humanists disinterested in religious leanings. Until recently, Christians were unwelcomed in their community. Now, however, the eyes of many Jews are opening to see the value of being a member of Jesus' heritage. A growing number no longer look contemptuously upon Jesus and Christianity because they are beginning to realize that true born again Christians who lovingly care for their neighbors are the only real friends Israelis have in all the earth. But this will not last because the rapture will take them away, and then Israel will really be between a rock and a hard place. The verses below prophesy this state of affairs.

Isaiah 57:1
57 The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away (raptured), none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. (Hold on to the words taken away because I will come back to them below.)

The word 'perisheth' is the Hebrew word asap (TWOT: 140) meaning gather, remove, or gather in (i.e., a harvest). It is also translated in places as withdraw. The connotation is that there will be a time when righteous, merciful people are removed or withdraw from earth, gathered into the barn of heaven, and taken away from the evil to come, i.e., the tribulation. Then Israel will experience her worst suffering ever. The following verse is a confirming double witness to this matter of vanishing believers:

Psalms 12:1
12 Help, Lord; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.

'Ceaseth' in the above is gamar (Strong OT: 1584), Hebrew for coming to an end, fulfill, FAIL, or complete. This is a prophetic reference to the completion of the church. A specific number of 'called out ones' (ecclesia: Greek for selected representatives to a senate, cabinet, or congregation) is implied according to Paul in his letter to the Romans:

Romans 11:25
25 For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the FULNESS of the Gentiles be come in.

'Fullness of the Gentiles' refers to a group of people grafted into the tree of Israel whereas 'times of the Gentiles' refers to the devil's governmental systems. When the final believer is baptized into the body of Christ, Jesus' body will be ready for transport to heaven. This explains why 'the faithful fail' among the children of men. They are the true believers who have disappeared and gone to heaven.

It is unfortunate that the greatest part of Christianity is still basically anti-Semitic holding to Augustine and Luther's misconception that God is through with Israel. One has to be blind at best and stubborn at worst to hold to Replacement Theology's teaching that the church has replaced Israel in God's dealings with man. A good part of the Old Testament has to be allegorized and many Scriptures redacted to conform to this theology.

The Old Testament is replete with promises of restoration for Israel, and moreover, the "Linen Cloths" vision infers it. The learned Apostle Paul, who was thoroughly schooled in all the Tanach under Gamaliel, the greatest theologian of Paul's day, explicitly states in Romans chapters 9-11 that God is not through with Israel. On the contrary, the message of this vision reveals that God is about through with the church!


Seeds of Change

The background for the last two visions speaks to an extremely fragile worldwide economic situation spawning changes within America that the average citizen in the USA could not have imagined a decade or so ago. Escalating terrorism is adding to the mix an even more explosive component for change. Due to porous borders, terrorist opportunity in the United States has greatly increased as we saw recently in the aborted Time Square bomb plot.

Added to, perhaps in spite of, the danger of terrorism, a mere couple of years has brought forth revolutionary ideas in the United States frighteningly similar to those of the revolutionary period in Europe that toppled the authoritarian rule of monarchies and brought with it democratic socialism, communism, fascism, Nazism, and totalitarianism.

Considering the many devastating geological and ecological disasters in the last few years which are overwhelming huge populations across the planet, we have nevertheless just begun to run the gauntlet to the Kingdom Age. The book of Revelation, along with Old Testament prophesies, explicitly foretells with chilling candor what is to come. A righteous, loving, holy God does not mince words. He wants people forewarned so they can repent and escape His wrath on sin.

Many prophetic predictions forewarned Israel about what would happen if she did not repent and change her ways. She refused and everyone knows the grief she has suffered as a result. Her disbelief that God would judge her incurred His wrath, for she was accountable for her chosen position as God's voice to the world. She received double for her stiffnecked disobedience.

Elect America today is no less accountable for her behavior. Israel was God's client nation to bring in Messiah the first time to save the world; likewise, the USA has been God's client nation to bring in God's Anointed One the second time to rule the world. How do we know the United States is God's client nation?

Jesus fingered the United States to be the backbone of His Philadelphian Church at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1787. Shortly after becoming a nation, the Monroe Doctrine proclamation in 1823 has kept the doors open for two centuries for missionary efforts to evangelize the world as mandated by Jesus to the church of Philadelphia:

Revelation 3:7-8
7 And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;
8 I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.

America has carried that open door torch for over 200 years. But note that the little strength she started out with is fast dwindling to ever smaller gasps for breath with which to fulfill her destiny. The doors are still open but great strides are being made to shut the door to Christianity and its exclusive claim that …there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we can be saved [Acts 4:12]. Political correctness appears to be working. Will it be a crime to claim exclusiveness to salvation? Will Islamic Sharia law also be culpable when that happens? Time will tell.

Wherefore, to those with eyes to see, as God dealt with His client nation Israel, the type, so too will He deal with His client nation America, the antitype. God’s people are never exempt from righteous behavior and obedience. Indeed, judgment begins at the house of God [1 Peter 4:17]. Saints will face trials and chastisements common to man [1 Corinthians 10:13], but praise God, they are not appointed to the wrath of God [1 Thessalonians 5:9] coming upon the world for its rejection of His Son as the glorious Savior of His creation.

He that has ears to hear, will hear what the Spirit is saying through the visions and dreams of God's prophets and prophetesses. But, like in the days of Noah, few people are listening.

Socialism is truly marching in America, and our democratic legislative activities of providing ‘cake’ for the masses will be the bane of our prestige among the nations. Our escalating debt crisis has no ceiling nor can anyone vision how to cap it considering the continual partisan politics controlling our government. The debt crisis is forging the metal with which the sword of Damocles will fall on America. As we shall see, as goes America, so goes the world.

Thus, the current global financial crisis and the alignment of nations are foreboding the black horse rider of Revelation chapter six to appear sooner rather than later, and portends the rise of a global government in which a charismatic ruler will ride the white horse onto the world scene to try to “save” it from collapse. Could this “savior” be the personification of “the lie” Paul tells us about in 2 Thessalonians 2:11 who counters Jesus’ claim of Godhood?

New Order

Transformation Into New Order


Jeannette watched as the eagle became the cover of a book. What did this signify? The answer lies in the symbolism of eagles.

Eagles As Mascots

Wikipedia lists 28 nations that use the eagle as a mascot on their coat of arms. The reason eagles are so popular as national symbols is because the eagle is recognized by people everywhere as the most majestic of birds. It is accordingly representative of great kings and figurative of monarchal power and authority. Its admiration is locked up in its inherent strength, swiftness, size, and power of vision. These traits are the reasons the Bible portrays God as an eagle.

Perching in the highest of places, the eagle can peruse the landscape looking for prey miles away. This keen eyesight is metaphorically used of God in 2 Chronicles 16:9 where it says that ...the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him...

Another trait characteristic of eagles attributed to God is its tenderness in training its young. Bird watchers say that eagles circle over their eaglets encouraging them to mount up from the security of their nest. Slowly and methodically they circle over them while gradually enlarging the loop upward toward the sun in spiral form. Scripture alludes to God encouraging His children to mount up with wings as eagles [Isaiah 40:31] and move to higher and higher levels of glory ever seeking the transcendent crossover into the secret place where God dwells.

Deuteronomy 32:11-13
11 As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings:
12 So the Lord alone did lead (
His children), ... (when) there was no strange god with (them)
13 He made (
them) ride on the high places of the earth, ...

An eagle is one of our Lord's mascots because the Bible says that one of the four living creatures enthroned around God in heaven had the face of an eagle [Revelation 4:7]. In concert with John's report, Ezekiel said that in his vision, one of the four faces on each of the four creatures escorting God to earth in His chariot throne was the face of an eagle [Ezekiel 1:10]. The other three faces were listed as an ox, a lion, and a man. The inherent qualities of these four creations of God speak metaphorically about God, about spiritual things invisible to man. Spiritual matters can only be understood by things that are known in the natural world.

The four faces of the creatures hanging around the throne of God are revelations of who God is, what He is like, and His hidden agenda in dealing with man. They confirm the truth that the four gospels portray Jesus in the light of the known characteristics of the aforementioned creations of God. Matthew's gospel accentuates Jesus' Kingship through the lion's conquest as king in the jungle; Mark's gospel, His servanthood as a beast of burden like oxen in ministering to men; Luke's, His qualification to redeem men from sin because He was the Son of Man, the son of Adam through Mary; and John's, His regal lofty position in the heavenlies as the Son of God, Jehovah Elohim's Son.


Eagles As Birds of Prey

Having considered the awesome characteristics of eagles, it cannot be denied that they are a predatory bird, and one wonders how this could exemplify God. It doesn't. God is not a killer. He is a lover [1 John 4:8,16]. However, because He is given to protecting the innocent and helpless throughout Scripture, the Bible paints Him as a powerful father figure who fawns over His young and ferociously fights anything that dares attack them. In this respect, God preys as an eagle on sin and serpents, satan's signature and symbol.

Eagles are killers and like vultures, they feed on carrion – dead flesh. But unlike eagles, vultures do not kill their prey. Why? Because their talons are not as strong as eagles and cannot pick up and carry off a heavy animal especially one on the run. Another dissimilarity is that eagles do not gather or flock like vultures. I'll come back to that.

In carrying out God's work of punishment, the Bible says that God's Babylonian battle axe [Jeremiah 51:20] came swifter than eagles against His disobedient people. Our persecutors are swifter than the eagles of the heaven: they pursued us upon the mountains, they laid wait for us in the wilderness [Lamentations 4:19]. Hence, the eagle epitomizes God's swiftness in judgment when the time of repentance is over. America, take note.


God Is Not Mad At Anyone

In truth, God does not do any destroying. That's angels work. Satan's angels work his will, and holy angels administer the wrath of God according to Scripture. A case in point is Sodom and Gomorrah where two of God's angels had to get Lot out of the area before they could administer judgment to the wicked cities. And in the book of Revelation we find angels blowing the trumpet judgments and pouring out God's wrath in bowls of judgment.

What God does is pass judgment concerning the wickedness of people, and when compelled to acknowledge that iniquity abounds, He is obligated by His Word to pass judgment, which permits access to unrepentant people by the accuser of the brethren. When the prosecutor, satan, wins his case in the heavenly court, sinners who have no bargaining power – I'll explain below – open themselves up to the destroyer.

There is a refrain in the book of Judges, to wit:

1. The children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord.
2. The Lord's anger was hot against Israel.
3. And God "sold" His people into the hands of their enemies.

The word 'sold' in the Hebrew means to surrender over to someone else, i.e., people as slaves or property. This implies that the devil becomes lord over whatever it is that's sold or turned over to him. Being lord over it, he can do with it what he wants.

When satan wins his case in court God is forced to remove His protective covering. The book of Job demonstrates this quite well, and we learn from it that satan is not a benevolent lord. Satan was angered at not having access to Job to test him. But eventually, God was forced to remove Job's hedge of protection when he got into fear – the sin of unbelief. Whatsoever is not of faith is sin [Romans 14:23]. So, in the process of time, God was forced to turn Job over to satan when he traded trust, i.e., faith, for fear [Job 3:25].

In the book of Judges over a period of 400 years, God had to 'sell' His people to their enemies thirteen times. It took that many judges to deliver them out of the hand of their enemies. On the surface, it appears like God delights in turning His people over to the tormentor, but He does not. One of God's long suits is longsufferingness. After patiently and futilely awaiting repentance, He has no choice. So in reality, God does not actually punish sin, satan does. Sin, sickness, disease, lack, and poverty belong to satan. It is the stuff of his oppression. Therefore, people sell themselves to satanic oppression when they practice sin as Isaiah explains:

Isaiah 50:1
50 Thus saith the Lord, Where is the bill of your mother's divorcement, whom I have put away? or which of my creditors is it to whom I have sold you? Behold, for your iniquities have YE SOLD YOURSELVES, and for your transgressions is your mother put away.

God did not want to put them away nor sell them. He was forced to turn them over to the tormentors because they would not acknowledge their transgressions and repent giving satan a strong case against their obstinacy and pigheadedness in the court of heaven 10. When disaster strikes or devastation comes, don't accuse God of bringing it. We learn from Acts 10:38 How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were OPPRESSED OF THE DEVIL; for God was with him.

Remember Jesus is the deliverer and satan is the oppressor, so don't fault God. Refusal to stop sinning opens one up to whatever satan will do [Psalms 107:17]. Just remember he has no mercy. Sin demands punishment, and being holy and just, God will judge righteously. There is a caveat, however, to a courtroom scene in heaven. The Judge can show mercy if the sinner is repentant and can prove his innocence.

The only way a case can be thrown out of court is if the penalty has already been paid. Praise God, as was shown in the beginning of this interpretation, Jesus paid the penalty for all sins at the cross. Therefore, a person is innocent of any sin so long as he pleads the blood of Jesus. Whoever asks for mercy through Jesus' blood can receive pardon because we have a merciful Judge in the heavenly court. When mercy is granted, the Judge has his angels stamp the case document 'tetelestai' – Greek for 'paid in full'. I have read that this is what Jesus actually said when He spoke the words "It is finished" with His last breath on the cross. Don't delay. Be quick to repent. Delay of repentance makes the case stronger for the prosecution who keeps demanding the right to have access to the accused.

The Good Shepherd, James Powell 1888
Awake dear reader. Arise and shine. God is not mad at you. Rather, He is merciful and longsuffering, not willing that any should perish [2 Peter 3:9]. Repent and be saved. If you delay repentance, you might find yourself trapped in the tribulation.

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