Interpretation of The Flow

February 04, 2002

by Lee Y. Martin, Ph.D., ©2002





When Jeannette informed me about this dream, I was in the process of writing up the interpretations for the last tripartite group entitled "Climax of the Ages."

My plate was full as it has been since the day of the awakening blast on September 11th. I feel very strongly that God is doing all He can outside of permitting more calamities to get the attention of His children, to wake them up so that they are prepared when our Lord returns to get His bride. I did not want to take on another message because we have been so busy. Nonetheless, we have consecrated ourselves to serving the Lord, therefore, we move when He moves, and we do it thankfully that we have been allowed to help alert the church to prepare for her glorious wedding day.



A Warm Glow

This dream greatly impressed Jeannette. She remarked to me when she told me about it that she felt a "warm glow" all during the experience.

She said its pleasantness helped alleviate the distress she felt from having seen the Lord so vehemently angry the week before. At that visitation, He harshly chastised the church for its apostatizing in "The Great Apostasy" prophecy. Initially, I thought this dream was somehow related to the world's commerce in oil. I sensed that it was a Word for the church, but being caught up with writing the last three messages, I was reluctant to track it right away, not having received any immediate sign that it was meant for this hour. I mentally shelved it. After completing work on the last interpretation, I decided to dust it off and wait on the Lord in prayer because Jeannette kept insisting something important was here. Knowing that God meets us in proportion as we seek Him, I attentively sought the Lord's guidance. I did not want to miss a blessing by being lax in delivering His mail.



America in Scripture

It seems like the last several prophetic visitations have worked in tandem unveiling America's role in God's economy of the ages. It started with the "USA Prophecy" a little over a year ago when the Holy Spirit revealed to me as I was writing, how Jesus had chosen the United States of America to carry the load in fulfilling His sixth church's role in the convoy of churches in Revelation 2 and 3. In my forty years of Bible study, I have never read nor have I ever heard anyone correlate the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the Philadelphian Church of Revelation 3. Having first noted it in the vision entitled "USA Prophecy," much to my surprise, the Spirit kept unfolding the secret of this church in each of the prophetic visitations that followed during the year 2001. Paint was added to the Philadelphian canvas with each interpretation, and, in my opinion, with this one, America's role as God's client nation in her time of history has been clearly established.

It has been an awesomely humbling experience to move beyond the scope of my flimsy, limited knowledge, to dare to dream that I could plumb the depths of God's deep dark secrets. Yet, the Lord has blessed me with understanding and now sharing the profound mystery of the rise of His beloved Philadelphian church, and with it, the secret of the summitry and headquarters of the Laodicean nerve center. I rejoice with Jeannette that we have been honored to give ourselves as "freewill offerings" to blow the trumpet and sound an alarm in the face of staunch opposition in order to warn our church brethren of impending danger.

As usual, I had asked the Lord for confirmation regarding this disclosure that the United States was the command post of the Philadelphian conundrum, only this time I requested that it be from the Word since what I was seeing was not from charted areas in my repertoire of Scriptural knowledge. And "it will come to pass, that before they call, I will answer, and while they are yet speaking I will hear" [Isaiah 65:24]. God heard! It came! He answered! And now I understand! Surprisingly, the answer I sought had already come in "The Flow" six weeks earlier than my call!

As I waited on the Lord for a possible interpretation to this dream, shockingly, I thought the mystery of the Philadelphian church's correlation to America would never quit unraveling. Some Bible scholars propose that the United States of America is not mentioned in Scripture because everything supposedly revolves around Israel. I differ with them because the Bible is God's self-revelation to the world. Israel has indeed been the custodian of His Word, and she was specially formed to become the channel through which Immanuel - God's Son Jesus - would bring salvation to the world. Nevertheless, much of the book of Revelation relates to things, people, or places not directly associated with Israel, as do passages about the antediluvian civilization. Not only is there, in my opinion, a clear picture of the USA in Isaiah chapter 18,1 but I also believe that she is providentially the namesake for the Philadelphian church's prophetic decree.

Many implications for America lie in what follows, but most importantly, Americans need to heed the cry, albeit faint, for her to return to her roots because "…in returning and rest, (she) shall… be saved;… quietness and… confidence shall be (her) strength…" [Isaiah 30:15]. Significantly, the rest of the verse goes on to say "…and (she) would not." Israel refused to return to her roots, and the Assyrians carried her Northern Kingdom into virtual oblivion. America, too, as a chosen vessel, has a mandate from God since she is His Philadelphian bulwark in this dispensation, and as such, she ought to heed cautionary counsel noted in the Word (as well as current prophecies) not to apostatize from the blessed course in which she has found favor since her inception. Like Israel under the Old Covenant, the United States is God's client nation 2 at this turn of history and will be held accountable for failure to responsibly act on the knowledge and blessings with which God has favored her. If in fact the USA does betray her blood covenant edict with God, true believers can praise the Lord that He has promised an escape for Philadelphian patriots who refuse to partake of the naughty Laodicean church.

Oil is For Anointing


When believers are baptized with the Holy Spirit, they are anointed, rubbed, or smeared all over with God's Spirit of life, and they become potential outlets for supernatural manifestations sort of like electrical wall plug outlets. I liken it to saturating a sponge with water. The sponge is a believer's spirit and the water is the Holy Spirit and the Word. After one becomes saturated with the Spirit of life by praying in the Holy Ghost [Jude 20], words of testimony ooze out with power and enlighten others. Without this power, our words are mostly dead letters imparting very little, in any, life. Our lives must reflect that of Jesus by what we do and say - at all times, and we can only do what Jesus would do and say, as we know what He said and did!



An Unction For Believers

Applying oil to bodies or systems is simply adding energy to them.

'To anoint' in Scripture means to rub with oil, which increases the availability of energy and elevates the power grid of whatever is smeared with grease or an unguent. 1 John 2:20 states: "But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things." The word 'unction' in Greek is 'chrisma' [Strong NT: 5548]4 and stands for an ointment or 'a smearing' with supernatural power. It connotes in John's letter, a supernaturally derived ability to comprehend truth and thus avoid error. In this epistle, he explains in part the role of the Holy Spirit, which he outlined in his gospel written close to the time of this letter [John 16:13]. Because there were self-proclaimed apostles and false shepherds who were teaching false doctrine, he was showing them that they could depend upon the Holy Spirit to guide them into all truth. In short, this is an application of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. He urged believers to quit ingratiating themselves to teachers as if survival depended upon them. Jesus did not leave them orphaned. Having been born again, they had the Holy Spirit, often called the Spirit of truth [John 14:17; 15:26; 16:13; 1John 4:6], who authored the Scriptures and therefore was their helper in discerning truths from lies!

1 John 2:26-27
26 These things have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you.

27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him. KJV 5

Although the exhortation was made long ago, it echoes today. My advice to believers is to quit chasing personalities; quit seeking impartations as if you did not already possess the source of power that gives guidance, deliverance, and makes one holy; quit living your life in the shadow of frail human beings. If God does not so anoint you, quit chasing visions and dreams because the devil will accommodate you with many more than you can handle. Every believer is given access to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, which is where the power of God resides. God does not use the wisdom of the clever, nor the strength of the mighty. He uses the humbleness of the weak and those that tremble at His Word [Jeremiah 9:23; Isaiah 66:2]. His power can only be seen in the foolish and weak things of the world. Get spiritually self-sustaining by studying the Word for yourself and keep your eyes on Jesus. He is the one you should follow and imitate. With study, capacity to sense error comes. An internal witness will alert you to false doctrine or false anointings.

John implores believers frequently in his writings to abide or dwell in Jesus. Taking time to meditate in the Word is how one abides in Him. I started out in the early 1960s putting the Word first place in my life and it has paid rich dividends. The Spirit of Truth, who wrote the Book, will reveal truth as one reads, and it is the truth that is known that equips one to discern error when it is preached. How can anyone discern error when 'the givens' are not known? When someone tells you not to analyze what is happening or what he is teaching, or, when it is recommended that you leave your Bible at home when you come to meetings - RUN FOR YOUR LIFE - because this comes from charlatans who would "seduce" you [verse 26 above]. The Bible clearly tells us we are to judge righteous judgment. We are to search the Scriptures daily to see if the things being promoted are in line with the whole counsel of God. The Bible tells us that the Bereans who did "…were more noble than the people of Thessalonica in that they received the Word of God …readily…and searched the Scriptures daily to see if" what they were being taught was true [Acts 17:11]. How can anyone rightly divide the Word of God [2 Timothy 2:15] without analyzing it?



Oil From Top to Bottom

When Jeannette was elevated above the map where she could see all of the US from coast to coast, she saw black oil pouring out of the heavens onto the 'tip' of the state of Maine. It filled every cleft, crevice, and creek as it slowly flowed southward through New England and then spread out to the rest of the states. Note that she called the place of contact with the earth the 'tip' meaning the uppermost part of the head where hair grows. As it flowed southward and then westward, it eventually covered the entire country ending along the Pacific coastal area. My original unenlightened assumption derived without prayer and Bible meditation was that the black oil was associated with America's rise to affluence and wealth through her oil production that fueled the industrial revolution. A more enlightened proposition is that the flow of oil symbolizes a rise to power and prosperity not from ground oil but to having received an anointing from the throne of God in the heavens.

Kings, priests, and prophets were anointed with oil as well as objects dedicated to God such as the tabernacle, its articles and furniture, and its altars.

Psalms 133:1-3
1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
2 It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments;
3 As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.

Picture Maine as the head of the political organization of the United States and the west coast as the bottom of the USA's garment. The oil Jeannette saw starting at the topmost part of Maine, the 'tip,' symbolized the New England area where the Pilgrim's, who were the beginning of a myriad of solid transplants to the new world, first landed. Jamestown, Virginia, being the place of the actual first settlement, was the beginning of the heartbeat of the nation and just happens to be located in the visceral section of the USA around the Washington D.C. Because godliness comes by renewal of the spirit of one's mind [Ephesians 4:22], the spirit and soul of America likewise came from its head, New England. America's Protestant spirituality formed its solid roots in New England's educational system. Its Christian heritage was indelibly stamped upon every youngster educated via the New England Primer Book for spelling, which was for 200 years the basic textbook used in all the states for learning to read. I believe that this textbook was God's sword that kept the devil and his minions from gaining a strong foothold in the United States to thwart her development as God's beloved church. Children were given the basics of Bible doctrine at the most critical period of their lives when their values are being formed. The ABCs were learned using Scripture references and its influence spread across the nation as a guardian angel shielding her expansion from occultic forces that occasionally tried to subvert her destiny. Although the Puritans wanted children to learn the pure truth from the Word of God, the inaugural motive for educating them was tied to the demeaning of illiteracy.


Prescription For Prosperity

The New England populace required that its children be educated using the Bible as its textbook. The settlers had come from oppressive governmental regimes that would not allow people freedom to pursue truth according to the dictates of one's own conscience. This flight to freedom to pursue happiness without governmental intervention was the heartbeat of America, and indeed our Declaration of Independence so states it. The Biblical truth of salvation by grace and not forced became the foundational spiritual principle upon which this nation was built. The Protestant Reformation's unveiling of Biblical truths heretofore concealed by extrabiblical edicts and ecclesiastical, hierarchical structures is what propelled this nation into existence. Hence, this nation's growth parallels that of the Reformation's enlightenment that ended the Dark Ages. In point of fact, God raised up America to ensure that the enlightened gospel would not again be put out. The purity of the gospel was her core fiat from heaven and sanctioned her role as the emerging Philadelphian church.

The first drops of anointing oil in the dream landed in Maine, flowed through the state of New York symbolic of the neck, and then covered all America. We learn from Strong's concordance that the word 'beard' connotes age. It comes from a primary root word 'zaqen' that means 'to be old' [OT: 2204]. The majority of the men who attended the United States Constitutional Convention primarily lived east of the Allegheny Mountains within the modern Megalopolis area from Boston to Virginia Beach, Virginia. This area would correspond to the beard of a Jewish man because these men who attended the convention are known as the 'aged' founding fathers of our country.


  Jeannette said the oil was thick and flowed slowly but steadily like honey connoting a slow steady development of the United States. Indeed, it was two hundred years before America's original 13 colonies declared their independence as a nation, and it took another 170 years from 1788 to 1959 to grow to her present size of 50 states.The oil changed colors as it moved westward across the states ending up as a clear substance at its end. As the anointing oil on a man flows down his garment it thins out somewhat as it filters over the vesture, and as America developed, the western states in like manner being developed in later years as the gospel received refinement, contributed in a large way to the pollution of the Word. 

California became the hot bed of all kinds of cultic activity, and I heard people joke in my childhood that Southern California was the seat of satan during the early part of the 20th century. It was not too long before San Francisco took over the dubious distinction of being the cradle of deception.

Oil Wells...


Psalm 133 above mentions that anointing a priest is precious and pleasant. It is like brothers and sisters who stay together in unity. This verse has been misused (or should I say abused) to promote the culturally liberal theological position of unity for the sake of peace. The concept is noble and certainly virtuous, but at what price? Is it worth unifying if one risks eternally losing his soul? The two Addendums to this interpretation clearly show what God wants in the way of worship. The law delineates who may worship in Exodus 30, to wit, the redeemed, the cleansed, and the anointed. Any person who came with sacrificial blood was welcomed. The blood sacrifice had to be killed by the worshipper and accompanied with the washing of hands afterward. Then the sacrifice had holy anointing oil poured on it. When all was done according to the specifications, God accepted the worship. Read the Addendums to learn that God welcomed only holy things.

Given that God rejects impurity, how can Christians promote the false assumption that God receives anything offered? Unfortunately, much of what goes on in the church satan puts in his coffer. The unity thrust has abused grace and destroyed the doctrine of separation. The Psalmist said that it was "pleasant for brethren to dwell together in unity" [verse 1]. Brethren means blood covenanted people to the Lord. This is associated with anointing oil signifying the baptism with the Holy Spirit. Hence, brethren should dwell in the same assembly where is God's anointing, where the Holy Ghost is welcomed and not put out. This is the place of the fragrance of the holy anointing oil. Mixing with other people of other persuasions can get you hurt. "Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners" [1 Corinthians 15:33]. Contamination is inevitable and the Laodicean church is a model. A biblical illustration is Jonathan. He made a blood covenant with David and should have stayed with him even though it meant leaving his father's house. He did not dwell with his covenanted brother, went back home, and was eventually killed with his father King Saul. Association killed him. The implications are clear for the Laodiceans and for you and me.



The Philadelphian Mandate


Map of USA

As the dream opened, Jeannette found herself standing in the center of a United States map in the state of Texas. Beside her were two companions, one on each side.

The fact that they shadowed her closely, went everywhere she went, and paced along with her at her speed, accelerating and slowing down when she did, fascinated me. Her jargon indicated that she could not get rid of them even if she wanted to. Their significance was not clear at first. However, as things unfolded, the companions were packed with meaning. The flow of oil was explicit and discernable to older Americans who grew up in an educational system that fostered patriotism, and I hope one sees the connection between the United States' educational system and the flow of oil across America.



A Strategic Traveling Itinerary

The Spirit impressed upon me that the key to unlocking the interpretation of "The Flow" lays in the logistics of Jeannette's travel plans, so let us re-examine them. Her travel itinerary was limited to the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Curiously, she was told not to enter into any cities as she marched and hiked throughout the area. She could not contact urban life, yet she had permission to inspect it from afar. Duty-bound, she walked around the cities as if they might incur her harm, and since she was instructed to stay in this region, we can set the boundaries for her travels. Although she climbed the mountains, she stayed primarily east of the Allegheny and Blue Ridge ranges trekking from foothill to peak and rambling all the way up to the Atlantic shoreline. By inference, we can assume that a crossover to the west of the Appalachian Mountains was forbidden. It is obvious from these instructions that whatever she symbolized was constrained by early American culture because her travels took place within the confines of the original thirteen colonies that formed the United States. A less noticeable indication that this prophetic activity related to America's early history was the instruction that she take back-woods' roads, walk deep within counties while staying outside population centers, and visit farms, homes, and ranches located in hills, valleys, and forests. We now have the delimiting factors defining what this dream is all about, to wit and in sum, confirmation that there has been a providential hand favoring the rise to power of the United States of America and intervening in the affairs of her governance.

The Anointing of America
Eagle of America

I do not intend to paint the United States as a model par excellence of virtue and goodness because there have been times of scandal, malaise of opportunistic non-partisanship, and weakness of fortitude and integrity in her existence as a nation. Coloring America is the job of historians. I am called to awaken the church and perhaps prod her to preparedness for changes that must come due to a larger federal involvement in the affairs of men resulting from more effective programs fighting terrorism, and are tied to the implicit outworking of God's prophetic decrees in these last days.

The activity of this oracle gives encouraging hindsight about the role of the United States in God's timing. In this regard, believers can better understand what is happening as the War on Terrorism plays out. Even though we live in a world of shadows with limited opportunity to change the course of events, Bible knowledge makes us more proficient in judging the moves of God. This is important because if God is speaking, we need to pay attention, stay in tune with His will, and be ready to move when He moves. "…My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" [Hosea 4:6] is not idle talk. There will come a day soon when the still small voice of God will become the thundering blast of the trumpet on the one hand and the piercing roar of the mighty lion of Judah on the other. Then it will be too late to escape "…things which must shortly come to pass…" [Revelation 1:1].

The Anomaly of Black Oil

In this dream, Jeannette witnessed black oil being poured out of heaven and slowly change into clear oil before it stopped. What did this signify?

Symbolism of Power

Most people know that fire, water, and oil are symbolic of the Holy Spirit in Scripture.

All three elements have the ability to release or dispense energy through burning or oxidation. Since the Holy Spirit is the Father's power source to bring to pass whatever is decreed, association of these three elements to visibly represent the Spirit of God in a temporal world is quite appropriate. Being liquid and powerful, oil and water both move and flow according to physical laws; and in Scripture, we often see this natural characteristic ascribed to the Spirit in order to depict spiritual truths. Where there is life, there is movement. Death is ordinarily denoted by cessation of movement. In this respect, because oil and water move and flow, they are appropriate symbolisms for the Spirit of Life that flows out from Christ Jesus [Romans 8:12]. "And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them (God's two witnessing prophets killed during the tribulation), and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them" [Revelation 11:11]. Actually, death does not mean ceasing to exist; it is rather a change of state of existence for physical bodies and a change of domicile for spirit beings."



Black Oil vs Beaten Oil

Addendum 1 details some important information regarding the Holy Spirit and anointing. Beaten oil is explained in the Addendum as the first oil derived from beating olives by hand and is the clearest oil. Beating in olden days was considered the natural way to obtain pure oil. The consequences of being pressed in mechanisms that squeezed it out, are such that the extract indubitably contained minute pieces of pulp, which would necessitate refinement. This was done twice after obtaining the first oil by hand. The two subsequent pressings produced lower grades of less clear oil, but since it was refined, it could not be used in the service of God. The surgical work of oil-presses meant that human ingenuity was associated with the oil. These lesser grades were used for purposes other than those associated with God such as cooking.

Why did God command that only beaten oil be used for His service in the sanctuary and for making the holy anointing oil? God deemed anything unnatural as impure, and if man refined it in any way, having been touched by human hands, it was esteemed contaminated and unfit for use in the service of God.

Exodus 20:25
25 And if thou wilt make me an altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stone: for if thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it.

As noted, before the law, altars to Yahweh had to be made of unhewn stones - natural, unshapen, and unstructured by human hands. Why was this required? The works of man reflect human good and are unacceptable to God because of his rotten, perverted sin nature. They are tainted and contaminated from the 'get-go,' and in this regard, working for salvation is fruitless no matter how good the works are. "Though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing" [1 Corinthians 13:3]. 'Charity' here is the exclusive 'agape' Greek word for the love of God, which is only produced in our hearts by the Holy Ghost [Romans 5:5]. If one does not have the Holy Spirit, then he is not reborn or saved, and has not the love of God in him, thus all his human good efforts, including martyrdom, are to no avail. Whatever worship man brings to God must be uncontaminated and pure or it is not acceptable.

The foregoing reaches into the heart of what apostasy is all about. Contaminating God's Word with extrabiblical revelations from self-proclaimed prophets, elevating popery edicts above the Canon of Scripture, or mixing disparate religious dogmas or ritualistic rites of other dead religions, mythologies, or mysticism with the worship of God, puts one at risk of becoming eternally lost. Jesus said, "…the seed is the Word of God" [Luke 8:11], and God said, "…thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed…" [Leviticus 19:19]. Many people do not realize that apostasy does not mean that a person totally divorces himself from church going. Rather, it signifies that the faith one was regenerated with has been abandoned through contamination with a mixture of beliefs, which excludes or perverts critical commandments inhering in the salvation package, and destroys it. Sound doctrine is pure dogma and unsound doctrine is a mix. With the loud clamor today de-emphasizing doctrine for the sake of unity, it is no wonder Jesus was so livid when He gave the "The Great Apostasy" prophecy to Jeannette. Paul said, "…there will come a time when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears…" [2 Timothy 4:3].

We live in critical times when much worship is corralled by the devil. As a whole the church is so infected with ecumenism, be it interfaith or intra-faith, confusion reigns. The messages from the Lord on this website have trumpeted as in the days of Ezekiel the necessity of cleaning out the Temple of God. Believers are the Temples of God. The spirit of man cannot be cleansed and renewed in his mind toward holiness as long as he or she remains in worldly churches mixing worship with activities that appeal to the flesh. Some say - but then we would have no fun! Well, it is either restraint now and heaven to gain, or fun now and hell to pay.

Meanwhile, back in the sanctuary, the Scriptures indicate that only pure beaten oil, which was clear, crude, and hence raw and unrefined, was the only kind of oil that men could bring as an offering for the service of God [Exodus 27:20; Leviticus 24:2]. In Old Testament days, it was considered the purest, and it is important for this dream's interpretation to understand that the pure crude oil from the olive was clear.

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Isa 66:5
Hear the word of the LORD, ye that tremble at his word; your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my name's sake, said, Let the LORD be glorified: but he shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed.

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