Continuation 2

Interpretation of The Flow

By Lee Y. Martin, Ph.D., ©2002




Black Oil



Paradoxically is High Grade

If oil is representative of the Holy Spirit, it has to be pure, unrefined, high-grade oil. When underground oil is pumped out of the ground, in its raw unrefined state, it is thick black crude oil. Crude oil is unrefined and is a mixture of hydrocarbons and petroleum. Yet, crude black oil pouring out of heaven in this dream connects with crude clear oil. What is happening here? The key aspect correlating the two is not in linking its color, although it will factor in, but its raw unrefined state. I submit that the black oil in the dream represented two actual ingredients in the blossoming of America. One, black oil would ultimately become the 'Maine' source [pun intended] from which her expanding luxurious economy derives. It not only signifies but embodies the underground black gold that 1) nourished her visibly conspicuous wealth, 2) sustained and enflamed the industrial revolution begun in the 18th century, and 3) jumpstarted the enormously affluent automotive industry. Two, the black oil pouring out of heaven onto the state of Maine and slowly moving through New England across the states, was representative of a real spiritual anointing of the United States as God's Philadelphian church whose destiny included supernatural protection to fulfill the Great Commission mandate and complete the body of Christ. As America grew, anointing accompanied her expansion.

Black oil is not an anomaly in the interpretation of this dream. It only appears that way. Although underground oil in its raw state is black, olive oil is clear - obscuring a 'clear' correlation between black oil and clear oil. Black is not a color. Rather it is a measure of the amount of light reflected. Total blackness is total absorption of light rays. The Holy Spirit is God, and God is light; therefore, the presence of all rays of light resides in Him. In this regard, blackness characterizes the Holy Spirit whom we cannot see. God the Father is the actinic property in the source of light, which can neither be seen nor felt. God the Holy Spirit is the unseen power source producing the photochemical activity - the calorific property whereby we feel heat but do not see it. Jesus is the illumination emitted from the photosynthesis, which is seen but not felt. In this respect, all three members of the Godhead have a part in producing light and life.

Because the Holy Spirit is the power source of light, the oil in the candlestick in the sanctuary converts its energy into light. It illuminates everything in the sanctuary and reveals Jesus. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit does the same thing in the hearts of men when they are regenerated. While reading the Word, the Spirit reveals Jesus. The Holy Spirit was sent to glorify Jesus and not Himself. One large slit in the fabric of the church in these last days is the elevation of the Holy Spirit above Jesus. Beware of Holy Spirit conferences, because the Spirit was sent to glorify Jesus: "he shall not speak of himself; but…He shall glorify me, for he shall receive of mine and shall show it unto you" [John 16:13,14]. Whenever the emphasis is on the Holy Spirit, it is a perversion of His role, and more often than not, those meetings are loaded with counterfeit manifestations of the spirits.



Supernatural Preparation of The United States for Anointing

  The United States was conceived in 1492, according to history textbooks, when Christopher Columbus first landed on an island south of the state of Florida.This was the time frame of the Protestant Reformation's first assaults against the kingdom of darkness.
Folded America Flag

Because of the strongholds of Romanism and Islamism, God needed to begin a fresh work with a fresh nation if He was going to be able to meet all His scheduled prophetic events. So, He began dusting off the truth through loud dissenters, while preparing a printing press to spread the gospel easily. He engineered English to reach the height of its eloquence as a language at the same time that the earliest Syriac Greek texts of the pure Antiochian stream of gospel water found their way to Europe. This convergence permitted a beautifully written Bible text to emerge from the best available manuscripts written by four dozen of the most scholarly, learned gentlemen in the world all of whom were fluent in Hebrew and Greek and many of whom spoke in more than three languages. Thus, the King James Bible (Authorized Version) was birthed with power as God's double-edged sword with which to unshackle the gospel's chains. Unraveling the smelly cloths enshrouding the dead church in Sardis [Revelation 3:1] would take some time. Therefore, God started planting Protestant seeds in the New World with which to rise up a free people with a pure gospel.

The King James Bible was ready to travel in 1611, and the Pilgrims were ready to move. A relatively free people, with the gospel message of Jesus, carrying a pure Bible landed in New England simultaneously. God had engineered a miracle and started unveiling to the world a sneak preview of His Kingdom of Heaven to come. It took some time to purify the gospel because it had been imprisoned for so many centuries. This is the reason that the oil was black pouring from heaven. It signified that initially, the crude gospel, being mixed with inaccurate heresies, needed anointing from heaven to reach its zenith of purification. This would not happen until after the Wesleyan Movement had done its work of sanctification in the 1700s. Nevertheless, with the Bible out from under the Catholic altars, hidden gospel truths began resurfacing. The anointing on a crude gospel made it appear black at first but the oil of the Spirit was doing its work. Over the next two centuries the pure Protestant gospel of salvation by faith alone would impact the world. The 'clear' message that it is "…not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost" [Titus 3:5] spread like wildfire. By the time of America's Constitutional Convention the sanctification process had reaped a harvest. Revivals sprang up everywhere, in hills and dales, and country camp meetings became the vacation of choice. With little opposition from entrenched religions, satan met his nemesis. He could not successfully contend with the anointing of the Holy Spirit that followed the good news, so he had to change his tactics. Always and ever, deception through confusion is his game. He began to mask the true anointing of the Holy Ghost with false anointings and believers were caught in a trap. The mole was in the camp! But, like Job, He cannot hold the faithful in bondage forever.

The natural result of America being hedged about with God's anointing was blessing and prosperity. America prospered in everything - food, industry, education, church growth, finance, mercantilism, brain trusts, money trusts, et al. But most importantly, as Christianity spread in the rural areas, so did the anointing cover America. Let me emphasize that it was the separation of the gospel from the urban areas that kept it pure. For this reason, Jeannette was told not to go into the cities. She was commanded to skirt them although she could look within. Her anointing of the suburban places would seep into the strongholds of mammon and save some. As the nation grew, the pure gospel popped up everywhere, and because there were few Catholic outposts on the frontiers to confront the pure truth, Protestantism flourished.



The Message in The Flow

Have you guessed that Jeannette represented a pure gospel being carried over hill and dale? If you recall, she had two companions on either side of her. Can you guess who they were? They symbolize the two olive trees whose branches fed golden oil to the Candlestick. The Candlestick was thus anointed with holy oil for measuring out, developing, and spoiling the United States of America [Isaiah 18:2,7], in like manner that they depicted the special care and protection of God in the rebuilding of Israel after the Babylonian captivity.

Zechariah 4:11-14
11 Then answered I, and said unto him, What are these two olive trees upon the right side of the candlestick and upon the left side thereof?
12 And I answered again, and said unto him, What be these two olive branches which through the two golden pipes empty the golden oil out of themselves?
13 And he answered me and said, Knowest thou not what these be? And I said, No, my lord.
14 Then said he, These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the LORD of the whole earth.

Cyrus the Great, king of Persia and servant of God [Isaiah 45:1], commanded the Israelites to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple. Why did God do this? It was in the providence of God that Israel would become a nation, so He conceived her supernaturally, nurtured, and protected her throughout her development to become the most prosperous and glorious nation on earth under Solomon. Being out of pocket after the dispersion, God had to get her back in the land to fulfill His will. As His client nation, He planned for His Son to save the world through her. In like manner, God supervised the building of America to carry forth a pure gospel to the world so that He could get it preached in every nation and bring back His Son to rule. "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come" [Matthew 24:14]. To accomplish this prophecy by Jesus, He planted His Word on the shores of her Eastern Seaboard, and with a pure Bible in the hands of settlers, God greatly prospered America in order to finance the enterprise, and gave her supernatural protection to fulfill His will. Notwithstanding her many foibles, God elected her as His client nation, and He honor her as His visible Philadelphian kingdom of priests in like manner that he honored the corrupted office of high priest when Caiaphas ruled. [See Addendum 2.] Since her inception, the United States has enjoyed Divine protection from encroachment by other countries of the world as she symbolized the flowering of humanism, which ironically will cause her ruin.



The Sons of Oil

Impressionism: Grove of Olive Trees, Van Gogh, Vincent Willem,1889. PicturesNOW!. Render for design purpose.

The two olive trees bespeak of Christ. One represents His kingship and the other His priesthood. The entire chapter 4 is a prophetic exhortation given to Zerubbabel and Joshua during a time of despondency as they tried to dispatch the Lord's command to rebuild the Temple.

It also speaks to future generations of believers not to despair or give up on their faith in God's Word that a King will yet sit in Jerusalem ruling after the order of Melchisedec. In Zechariah's day, the Jewish people were freed by Cyrus of Persia and permitted to return to their land. God had given them favor with the Persians and they were no longer in servitude. Most of the Jews chose to remain in Babylon, however, where they established prosperous businesses. They chose city life rather than return to serve the Lord God at His chosen place of Jerusalem. Zerubbabel was the exiled king in line for the throne, so God commanded him to return with Joshua, the exiled high priest, to supervise the rebuilding of His Temple. Let us explore how the two olive trees relate to the United States of America.

Both Zerubbabel and Joshua are pictured as standing beside Jesus who is the King/Priest "Lord of the whole earth." Since Jesus had not come yet, this prophecy was given to exhort them to continue struggling to rebuild because no matter how many interruptions there would be (and there were quite a few), the Messiah King would subsequently rule in Jerusalem as a priest just like Melchisedec. He would be the Mel [King]-chisedec [of Righteousness], King of Salem ['shalom' = peace] antitype - the king of Jerusalem ruling in righteousness with peace. The message still rings true. The name Joshua is the word Jeshua (Jesus in Greek)meaning Savior, so it is fairly easy to see the connection of Joshua to Jesus as a high priest. [Read Addendum 2 to see when Jesus was anointed as high priest after the order of Melchisedec.] Zerubbabel means descended from or born in Babylon. Nevertheless, there is another deeper significance to his name.

'Babel' means 'confusion', and Strong's Concordance reports that it comes from a primitive root meaning to overflow, specifically with oil, and by implication, it means to mix. Babylon is a section of the world where black oil oozes out of the ground, which is a mixture of petroleum hydrocarbons. Thus derives the words confound, mingle, fodder or mix feed. By inference, the word took on the meaning of confusion because of the mixture of idolatry in the city of Babylon. 'Zerub' means 'descendent of' and comes from a primitive root 'zarab' that means 'to flow away' [OT: 2215]. Get the picture? He was the king who, in coming back home to Jerusalem, 'flowed away [Zerub] from confusion [babel].' Did not the gospel message that a Messiah King was coming who would rule the world one day, come to America having 'flowed away from confusion' in the Old World? There is a definite type-antitype picture here with Zerubbabel being a type of Christ. Moreover, the message flowed westward to America following the "Sun of Righteousness" [Malachi 4:1]! In order to fully understand the interpretation, keep in mind that the two sons of oil that anointed the gospel message of the Kingdom of Heaven, flowed away from confusion or admixture with idolatry, first from Babylon in Zechariah's day and second from Europe in the Philadelphian day. In its separation, its purity was preserved and eventually enhanced. Separation from mixture is the key to remaining true to God.

The prophecy said that the 'two oily ones' would feed the candlestick with anointing oil (they would keep the light burning) while the King of the whole earth was absent. They were the ones who would keep the hope of the Messiah's future reign alive by rebuilding the Temple. The Temple needed rebuilding because a standing house signifies that there would come a householder in due time. In Joshua's day, the hope of the Master of the house coming was fulfilled by Jesus' first advent. As we will see below, in our day, the hope of the return of the Master is kept alive by anointing the message with the manifestation of miraculous power to heal the sick and afflicted exemplifying what heaven would be like, as well as with the hope of unbelievable benefits listed in the last will and testament of Jesus before He left to go prepare a place for those who love Him.



The Two Companions

The two companions that followed Jeannette everywhere she went portray the two sons of oil, Joshua and Zerubbabel.

Jeannette represents the gospel. We know that the gospel means good news and is associated with the preaching of repentance for the Kingdom of God is at hand [Mark 1:14,15]. The good news is that the Messiah, who is the "The Anointed One" whom God said that He would send to save the world, has come. Further, He will inaugurate (by His death and resurrection) a new covenant for anyone who will believe the message that, whoever makes Jesus Lord, can become a king/priest in a kingdom of kings and priests. What an offer! The only reason anyone would shy away from accepting such an offer is because persecution comes with citizenship. The reward is sure, but the cost is faith to endure to the end. This offer was so unbelievable in Jesus' day that many could not accept what He was saying as true. But it is true! His death activated the Will - the New Testament - and His resurrection proved its worth.

The Bible says that a time is coming when a kingdom of kings and priests will manifest. Hear John teach this in his book of Revelation: "…(H)e hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father" [1:6]. Let Peter be the double witness: "…ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation…" [1 Peter 2:9]. Glory to God! If we are a "royal priesthood," we must be regal intercessors, kings (or queens) acting as priests to God. A believer/priest is one who speaks directly to God on behalf of others. A believer/king is one who rules with Jesus. To contemplate such an offer and knowing that God cannot lie, makes one sort of euphoric over the prospects. Did not Jeannette say that she had a glowingly 'warm feeling' sort of like warm honey flowing down and covering her body during this dream? She was actually feeling the anointing. The gospel message is so good one, it seems incredible - and, it is free! Indeed, an alternate meaning of 'zarab' in Zerubbabel is 'to wax warm' which makes me know that this prophecy in Zechariah was meant for today, because it confirms to me that the dream is true. The United States, having been blessed by being covered with an anointed pure gospel message for so many years, grew into a representation of a kingdom of kings and priests because, being a Christian nation from its beginning, it has birthed, either directly or indirectly through missionaries, many citizens into the Kingdom of Heaven. In that respect, God has rehearsed His coming Kingdom of Kings and Priests using America as a stand-in. Woe to her if she fails to repent of her foolishness in following other gospels.


  The two olive trees depict assurance that this kingdom will come by their constant flow of oil to the lampstand. In verse 14 above, they are referred to as "the two anointed ones that stand by the Lord of the whole earth." In Hebrew, it reads the two 'sons of oil.' Because one was a priest and the other a king, each one depicts an office of the coming King. One represents the civil and the other the spiritual office, which offices inhere in Jesus.
The Candlestick

They are the messengers of the message, which message is that Jesus is Lord and soon coming king. Their golden oil is the power supply of the message, i.e., the Holy Spirit. They are said to "stand by the Lord of the whole earth," which is only used three times and each time it refers to the coming reign of the king of the millennial kingdom. The golden pipes supplying golden oil to the candlestick in verse 11 portray their offices. Their personification as a priest and a king sends a message through time to the final harvest of souls that a kingdom of kings and priests is coming and with it opportunity for you to be a king/priest in it. This message has never changed because the oil in the prophecy is a continuous supply. We know this since the olive trees are still standing by the Messianic message in the tribulation in the persons of the two messengers. As God's two witnesses, they proclaim the same message as in this prophecy that "the God of the earth" is coming [Revelation 11:4]. The candlestick in verse 11 of Zechariah 4, represents the recipient of the oil supplied to it, to wit, Christ and His body of believers, the church. The churches in Revelation 2 and 3 are called "candlesticks" implying that they are the light of the world in their time span representing Jesus and will forever be a light in eternity if their candlestick is not put out. If believers do not endure to the end, they will not become overcomers and inherit the kingdom blessings. Believers receive a preliminary anointing to the two offices of king and priest when they receive Jesus' message of the Kingdom. Anyone is welcome. But one has to come by the rule, that Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords as well as high priest, and every citizen in this kingdom must submit to His Lordship.

In our dream, Jeannette went everywhere with the gospel spreading the true message that citizenship in the kingdom of God is at hand, that its citizens will be kings and priests who will inherit all the benefits that accompany royalty. Is it not customary to ask what the benefits are when applying for a company job? You will find them all listed in the last will and testament of Jesus before he died - love, joy, happiness, health, wealth, peace, a family, security, a diamond ring with Jesus' new name engraved on it, and much more. Read the Will! Let me dispel a misconception. The Will does not say believers would become 'little gods.' This is a delusion on the part of many today and is part of the confusion causing the Laodicean lie to enlarge. We never become 'little gods'; we are only adopted sons of god with all the benefits of a true blood heir to a will. This is the meaning of "joint-heirs with Christ" in Romans 8:17. Even so, it is mind-boggling to think that we will be like Jesus, a king/priest, when we see Him face to face. What an offer!

The companion on one side of Jeannette denotes the oil of the message of kingship feeding the gospel - we are going to rule with Jesus - while the other companion greases the notion that we will be unblemished priests with ability to actually contact face-to-face the Almighty God, the holy One who created everything. We are going to be intercessors for God in some unknown capacity in His universe. Perhaps we will be ambassadors to one of His planets. What a prospect! Note that when Jeannette was taken up with the helicopter, her companions ascended with her. This seizure out of earth came on the side of the map where the pure gospel was being preached. She was in the Philadelphian bias where the message first began not yet having been refined or contaminated with human hands that add to or take away from its sound teaching. What does their disappearance signify? We shall see.

Cities of Confusion?

The city of Babylon was a place of confusion - as are all cities.The hustle and bustle of city life impedes and defies one to concentrate on God. Duplicating city-life on earth to mimic the City of God is the brainchild of satan. "Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, …knew his wife,…conceived and bore Enoch; and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch" [Genesis 4:16,17]. The first work of satan as the new god of the world was to build a city. The word 'Enoch' means teacher of initiator, one who instructs. What was he the instructor of? City building and city-life. Read the account in Genesis 4. This was the opposite of what God commanded people to do. He told them to spread out, separate, and multiply. Enoch of the godly line through Seth was a 'teacher of righteousness' because he "walked with God." Cities are the breeding grounds of confusion because diverse philosophies congregate there, mixing, and perverting the pure commands of a holy God. Sin natures of men cannot do otherwise because the heart of man is dead, dark, and deceitful. The Bible insinuates that satan was the city manager of the City of God in heaven [Ezekiel 28], so he is skillful in the business of city building and city management. Cities are places where people with sin natures dominate others. The 'Lord-haves' lord it over the 'Mr.-Have-nots.' The weak are the servants of the strong. Centralizing government is a real problem for freedom-lovers. The idea of whether a federal government should be stronger than states was a big issue at the US Constitutional Convention. Strong opinions on both sides eventuated with a separation of powers and system of checks and balances. This was an inestimable blessing coming from the forefathers. We do not have time nor space to dwell upon the merits of this issue. What we need to know is whether God indicates a preference for one or the other in this message before us. I think He has. He commanded Jeannette to stay clear of the cities because where cities are, confusion abounds. Jeannette could look inside the cities but not enter them. By peering in, she could see the difference between the pure and the profane, and it was her job to spread a pure gospel. Until the turn of the 20th century when there was a flight to the cities, the message stayed true.

Cities consolidate and enhance covetousness promoting the worship of mammon through the notion one must keep up with the Joneses. Stroll through any mall and you will see the antitype of a temple of idols. Cities are not places conducive to spending time with the Lord. I am not saying that it cannot be done; for many true believers live there and some have given their lives to successful missionary work in inner cities. But, the upsurge of megalopolises is part of the reason God has to judge the world. This dream is subtly illustrating why America's Philadelphian strength is waning and she has unwittingly become the mother of the Laodicean lie. Could it have been avoided? No! The Millennial Kingdom's perfect environment demonstrates that the problem is the heart of man. At the end of a thousand years of true worship in perfect environment with no corruption in government, there is prophesied a rebellion that forces God to junk His whole creation in order to form a more perfect one with people without sin natures.

The Lord watched over the development of America and preserved a pure gospel by enticing people to the frontiers away from centers of population. It is significant that as the nation grew, the flowing oil changed color as it thinned out, demonstrating that the gospel message was becoming refined and hence adulterated. The surgery from the Protestant Reformation purified the Word of God, and it was gloriously heavy at the time of formation of this nation, "…crying grace, grace unto it" [Zechariah 4:7]. God answered by blessing America because always and ever, we reap what we sow, and we have if we do not ask amiss. The gospel of grace and mercy was sown across America with her expansion, and her people reaped grace and mercy. As the nation matured with age, and megalopolises emerged, the anointing oil, being refined and clear, thinned out as it seeped westward, implying it had absorbed pollutants. Yet, the Lord kept on blessing. When it reached the West Coast, it met up with eastern mysticism and many cults. A mystic gospel spread eastward in the opposite direction from which the 'Sun' was moving. New and strange theologies husbanded at Hollywood, Berkeley, and the Esalen Institute, and found their way into the 'Sunlight' of the Bible refining its precepts and darkening its message of life. The pure gospel began to apostatize. Diabolically and paradoxically, the clarity of the oil on the western half of the United States' map symbolizes heavy refinement or contamination during the last half of America's existence as a nation.



The Map

USA Map: Clear oil-Black oil-Light oil


Look on the maps and you can readily see that the anointing changed colors almost exactly half way across the states representing the time when the pure gospel started changing. The dates of entering the nation as a state have no significance in this dream's interpretation. I was immediately impressed that there was a distinct separation between the lightest and darkest oil and only a smattering of medium grade oil. I asked the Lord why it was so abrupt and did not gradually change colors. The Spirit showed me that God wants us to know when the apostatizing began in earnest, when the Philadelphian banner was handed to the Laodicean sprinters who would charge to the finish line of the Church Age. Remember that in a relay race, runners run parallel for a while before one drops off. The Philadelphians continue to run although diminishing in speed, until the last seven years of the Gentile Age when they stop and disappear. Notice on Map 1, 2 ½ time zones are east and 2 ½ time zones are west of the division of lightest and darkest oil. I sensed that the line of demarcation down the middle of the 48 states dividing them in half was important. Considering that we have been a nation a little over 200 years, the half way mark was around the turn of the 20th century. This was the time that the putrefying leaven of modern pseudo-Christianity started its corrupting influence within the Philadelphian evangelical branch of the church. For the first fifty years of the century, the two endtime churches were probably equally represented in the United States. About midway, around 1950, the evangelicals made a bad mistake. They chose to stay inside their churches, instead of separating, and try to change their apostatizing worldly brethren. A few departed to build anew, but the majority did not because 'headliner evangelists' chose the modernist way of evangelizing.

The leavening had started its corrupting influence in earnest and was well on the way to permeating the whole. Once corruption sets in, it cannot be reversed. It will work its evil unto the death. Since the gates of hell could not prevail against the church, satan was hamstrung. He decided he had to infiltrate it, neutralize it, reorganize it and use it to take over the world. Wow! What a plan! It appears as if it will work. He has been consolidating his gains and preparing his counterfeit bride known as the harlot church in Revelation 17 from the ranks of the Laodicean apostates. Remember that leaven works slow at first, but towards the end, one must keep close tabs on bread or it will get out of hand and become bloated with large empty air pockets - vanity upon vanity - looking like it is some grand loaf. Jesus said that the Laodicean church would become rich and increased with goods thinking that it needs nothing. In the end, the leaven of the Pharisees who add to the gospel and the Sadducees who take away from it will have done its work in producing the antitype prideful bloated loaf of bread offered to God as a prophetic type of the church at the Feast of Pentecost.

The turn of the century turned up New Greek texts, which began to underlie all modern pseudo-Bibles. 6 Occultists Westcott and Hort admitted during their mid 19th century tenure at Cambridge University in England that they wanted to undermine the pure Textus Receptus Greek text underlying the King James Bible, the Version with which this nation was anointed. Undermining the pure gospel that came out of the Reformation began in Europe in the early 19th century with liberalism clutching the reigns of the institutes of higher learning. Modernism was close behind. Undermining made its way to the United States around the turn of the 20th century when in 1902 the American Standard Version of the Bible based on Westcott and Hort's Greek text was published. The outcry by the Purists was loud and bold stamping out the smoldering firestorm for a while. It took some time for apostasy to recover from that setback, but satan had found a way. He brought a facsimile of the Holy Spirit inside the gates of the gospel and the era of the Charismatics arrived. Although small and hardly seen, the leaven of power had been inserted into the pure gospel message, and it was only a matter of time before it would without question work its will.

The turn of the century was also the time when American education took a turn for the worse. Secular humanism latched on to the centers of higher learning and these facilities became a nursery for avant garde movements that would sap the life of American's greatest minds. Monopolistic enterprises began to eat the lunch of little men, and the super wealthy took over the reins of government through the Internal Revenue System. Their wealth was not taxed and was sheltered forever in non-taxable foundations earning interest and dividends on Wall Street while middle America footed the bills. America's anointing was becoming transparently thin. The brainchild of our forefathers, the system of checks and balances, however, kept us secure for the rest of the century. Men of Congress, made up mostly of representatives from the areas of purest anointing - the outlying rural ones - voted not to join the League of Nations after WW I to the consternation of the ruling elite. This set back the actualizing of a one world governmental system for at least the duration of the 20th century. God's grace once more shielded us from the big guns' sites, their wicked pursuits and schemes. Without further ado, may the brief foregoing explanation suffice to let it be known that we are at a critical point in our history, mainly because of the contamination of the gospel. God is forever in control and secular humanistic endeavors cannot touch us unless He removes His shield and hedge.

One last word about the map. The medium colored oil was seen in the mid southern region of the US and that represents the Bible Belt. For a long time, the south continued to receive God's anointing because the Baptists, Assemblies of God, Church of God, and other evangelical denominations were holding fast to the purity of the Word and its claims of infallibility. This kept the leaven of the Sadducees for the first fifty or so years out of the hands of Word-changers and kept the road signs in place. How long do we have before the Philadelphian banner will be gone? According to Jesus, surviving patriots of early America will be whisked out of the world before the hour of temptation begins. All we know for sure is that we are on a fast track to the New Age due to recent heavy refinement of the pure Protestant gospel.

Perhaps the greatest impurity of the Pharisaical leaven, which has caused God to lower the threshold of our protection is that of the 'new wine.' This teaching has opened the door to let any 'new revelation' posing as truth inside the gates. All kinds of new thoughts are sapping the life of the church and perverting its pure teaching to prepare and wait for Jesus' return. It has weakened the church to the point that she had a massive heart attack on September 11th. The War on Terrorism resulting from it has affected many life styles and has caused the federalizing of many heretofore freely accessed services. The noose is tightening. Freedom is diminishing in proportion to the leavening of America. Hopefully, it will cause enough people to repent so that this nation can be preserved for a season of harvesting.

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