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Whitestones Ministries came into existence because of Jeannette’s gift of prophetess and seer. After a number of instances in which I was given by the Lord a quick unsolicited interpretation to some of her supernatural visitations, we thought it unusual that so many visions and interpretations lined up with God’s holy written Word about endtime matters. Other visions were of a personal nature some of which I had no understanding but others were right on the mark. A few for which I had no immediate interpretation were put on the shelf because I sensed there was something important there, but I could not identify the vision’s intent at the time it was given. We were surprised when spontaneously and unpremeditatedly the Holy Spirit gave me interpretations for a few of the shelved ones as much as a year or more later.

Noting that this was not the norm where one person would see and another interpret, we asked the Lord why this was happening so frequently and to instruct us concerning this phenomenon. In searching Scripture for a precedent to this occurrence, we found two strong witnesses where this happened to establish it as Biblical. The first witness is Joseph who interpreted the baker’s and butler’s dreams while in an Egyptian prison [Genesis 40:1ff] as well as Pharaoh’s two dreams, the first about the leanfleshed cattle eating up the fatfleshed cattle and the second about the seven thin ears of corn eating up the seven good ears [Genesis 41:15 ff].

Daniel's message to Nebuchadnezzar's Daniel is our second commanding witness because he interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams documenting the four empires that would dominate world history until Jesus sets up His Kingdom [Daniel 2:28ff]. He also interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream warning him to change his pridefully iniquitous and sinful ways or become afflicted with insanity, namely lycanthropy, a mental disorder in which a human being assumes the form and characteristics of an animal [Daniel 4:18ff]. Furthermore, Daniel interpreted Belshazzar’s infamous handwriting on the wall incident [Daniel 5:17ff].

As I have said before, I do not force interpretations on Jeannette’s visitations. If there is nothing immediate, I wait upon the Lord to see if there is anything that He wants done with it. Just like Jeannette cannot conjure up God’s visitations, neither can I conjure up interpretations. We have committed ourselves to being available to be used if and when the Lord so desires.

Several times the Lord has given a message in segments, and sometimes we have had to wait for over a year for the proper time for the message to unfold. This is similar to Daniel receiving several years after Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, a vision about the four Gentile world empires’ characteristics as depicted in the mannerisms of four wild animals [Daniel 7:1ff]. Even though separated by years, one is based upon the other. Moreover, John’s vision about the world empires in the book of Revelation was a sequel to Daniel’s interpretations millenniums earlier.

Message For The Church To Be On The Internet

The outcome of our seeking to know the meaning of this observable fact that Jeannette saw and I interpreted was a word from the Lord in which He told Jeannette that He wanted the prophetic messages related to the church put on the Internet to warn the body of Christ to get prepared to be soon raptured out of the world.

In one way or another, all the visitations on the website pertain to the Lord’s coming. For the most part, they synopsize and telescope an awareness for believers to be rapture-ready because of its nature in being a sudden instantaneous event for which one must already be prepared – hence the title of this latest couplet of supernatural visitations, “Are You Rapture-Ready?”. To prophecy savvy people, it is clearly a red flag that something is about to happen.

Jeannette’s gift may not be as key as those of canonic Scriptural Old Testament prophets, but her giftedness is nevertheless real and from God. He still uses prophets and prophetesses to show people things to come [John 16:13] as well as to warn them of coming judgment so that they can take steps to escape it. In fact, all the prophetic visitations and their interpretations are given for edification, exhortation, and comfort regarding rapture-readiness, a stupendously ecstatic event about which we who believe in a pretribulational rapture look forward with eager anticipation. Ours is not a message of doom and gloom as are the mid- and post-tribulation rapture positions.

Understanding is Dependent Upon Holy Spirit Guidance

Bear in mind that the visitations and their interpretations are primarily endtime messages to the church of Jesus Christ. If unbelievers read them and are saved as a result, we rejoice with the angels of heaven. For the sake of readers who might be questioning their salvation and do not want to miss out on the greatest event of all time, we have a webpage explaining “How To Become A Christian”. Reading this will help you ascertain your salvation status. It is a short simple explanation of how Scripture teaches that we must be born again to get into heaven. Jesus said, …Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven [Matthew 18:3].

Becoming a new creature through the new birth helps in understanding the visions and dreams on this website because they all align with the Scriptures, and one needs the Holy Spirit who penned the Bible to reveal their meaning. I want to emphasize that all the prophetic witnesses that Jeannette has received concerning endtime things are documented with Scripture throughout the narrative else they would not be a part of Whitestones Ministries’ website.

We Report, You Decide

There are many divergent views regarding this greatest event and high point of the ages known as the rapture. Therefore, we thought it proper to explain the viewpoint of Whitestones Ministries. It is the point of view from which the Holy Spirit has given the interpretations to me, the interpreter. Regardless of which position a believer holds, whether pre-, mid-, post-, or partial rapture theory, believers in the Lord Jesus Christ will wind up in heaven and be forever blessed. Thank God for His mercy.
But, participation in the tribulational seven years will not be pleasant as so many of the visitations of the Lord placed on this website indicate. Thus, rather than being unsavory and disquieting, the visions and dreams are exhortations for unbelievers and backsliders to change their ways, get prepared for eternity, and join in the most exciting moment of human history – the rapture experience. One could even call their cumulative evidence for a forthcoming rapture a gracious reprieve for foot-draggers so that they can get their act together.

I feel honored to have been assigned by the Lord to interpret Jeannette’s powerful gifting in like manner to the prestigious Joseph and Daniel who both interpreted other peoples’ dreams and visions. It is not because of any great wisdom in me to understand the visitations. Rather, God has given the interpretations to me, and it happens quickly as if to say, “Eureka! I have it”. I have never studied how to be an interpreter nor do I have a desire to do so. And never have I checked through a concordance of symbolic meanings for things and events, if there is such a thing, for I rely totally on the Lord’s leading as I wait on Him in prayer to see if He has something to give me.


Confirmation About The Soon Coming Rapture

This visitation entitled “Are You Rapture-Ready?” relates to the essay that has been placed recently on the website entitled “The Rapture Series”. The two visitations of the couplet together form a double witness confirming our decision to present a full although not complete explanation of the rapture experience as the Holy Spirit has revealed it to us through Scripture. Since it is so integral to endtime events and has been the culminating focus of the majority of God’s visitations to Jeannette, we felt it helpful to better explain why the interpretations flowed in the direction of a pretribulational rapture occurrence.

The essay describing the rapture from the pretribulation position is placed at the beginning of the website on the home page for any reader who has a limited knowledge about it. Because of its length, it has been divided into four parts for convenience of those who have to stop and return to complete reading.

We believe that Scripture teaches God wants His children to escape the coming holocaust known as the Day of the Lord in which God will judge sin in the world. Rather than being a cowardly attitude as some contend who are antagonistic to the pretribulation position, it is a comfort to know that God, being the loving Father that He is, does not want His children put to the horrific test of the tribulation. Jesus Himself commends those who escape the tribulation as being blessed overcomers because of their worthiness in being seized out of the world before the trial begins. Hear His Words:

Luke 21:36
36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted WORTHY TO ESCAPE all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

If our Lord thinks it is a worthy thing to be raptured to escape the tribulation, then I think it too. Can one be in any better company than Jesus? A thorough account of this Scripture verse in Luke, as well as the Day of the Lord, is explained in the Rapture treatise. So I refer you to its webpage for further information about this thing that is about to happen.

Most of the prophetic visitations making up Whitestones Ministries’ website refer to the rapture event either directly or indirectly. Some, however, are devoted exclusively to the tribulation period that follows the rapture event. In these messages, God forewarns people about what they will endure if they miss being a part of the rapture. May the Lord anoint your eyes and ears as you read this latest message confirming that the rapture experience’s time has come.



If you did not read the webpage about the rapture, you will not get the full implication of these two visions and their interpretations. As has happened before, they are a couplet that together forms one message to the body of Christ that the rapture is upon us – at the very door. And they confirm our decision to put an explanation of the rapture event on our website.

The first visitation named “Twelve Gates” in March of 2007 consummates the message, while the second visitation named “Raise Your Hand” in February of this year 2008 is the forerunner of it. The visitations were experienced in inverse order, which is one reason I could not get a word from the Lord on “Twelve Gates” when Jeannette had it a year ago; therefore it was shelved.

When I heard about the vision last year, I thought how absolutely beautiful it was, but I had no interpretation forthcoming. Now I see why. Its message was not completed and it was to be put on hold until what might be the prophetic finale of all the visitations for this website. The culmination vision of this couplet might be signaling the climax and end of God’s calling out a bride for His Son. Could there be any other visual experience better than the “Twelve Gates Of Heaven” to finalize the closing moments of our sojourn on earth? I can sense we are so close to being raptured that my heart is becoming aroused for my beloved, and I’m thrilled at the way things appear to be shaping up in the Middle East for they indicate I shall see my Redeemer very soon. This message like no other one on this website has heightened my yearnings to see my Lord.

Heretofore, Jeannette and I were not impressed with a sense of urgency to include an explanation about the immanent event of the rapture that could happen this year given all the turmoil over God’s chosen dwelling place of Mt. Zion in Jerusalem [2 Chronicles 6:6], the place from which He has stated He wants to rule when He sets up His Kingdom [Psalms 132:13]. The shift in Israel’s mood to willingly acquiesce to Palestinian and United States pressure to give up jurisdiction of Jerusalem and land for peace has changed the dynamics of Middle Eastern geopolitics to bode well for a prophesied brokered covenant with death that Israel will make with the last endtime ruler the Bible calls the Antichrist – but it won’t hold up according to the prophet Isaiah.


Isaiah 28:15, 18

15 Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:…

18 And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.

MICHELANGELO Buonarroti: Isaiah 1509 Fresco, Cappella Sistina, Vatican

How sad are the misguided actions of the present irreligious ruling party of Israel. They are taking refuge in lies because the Arabic governments have openly stated they seek the annihilation of Israel. Consequent to their blindedness, the Israeli people are hiding under deceptive pretenses and will reap the whirlwind in a short time, namely in three and a half years after signing an agreement for a sham peace [Daniel 9:27]. According to the above, their covenant with death will be disannulled and broken like Daniel prophesied at the end of 1290 days at which time a holocaust worse than WWII will erupt upon them and the whole world.

Ah, but this message is not about the tumultuous tragedy of the tribulation. God has saved the best until last, and as is His style, He graciously warns before judgment. Without doubt, this message is a clear picture that the rapture is knocking on the door, and those who are ready will be transported to heaven. Are you, as I am, enthusiastically awaiting the sound of the trumpet and the voice of the archangel dispatching angels to personally escort Jesus’ beloved bride – one angel per each royal member of the body of Christ – up into the clouds of heaven as we see happening in the “Raise Your Hand” vision?

Vision Raise Your Hand

There are no cryptic meanings in the trappings of this vision. All is face value understood because it is short, sharp, and swift……. to depart for closure in the next vision.

Jeannette represents individual believers in the Lord Jesus Christ as she so often does in many of the visions on our website. She was awakened by brilliant rays of light streaming into her room. Her account that she was awake and asleep at the same time depicts the state of most believers who are temporally awake but spiritually sleeping regarding the sudden appearance of their Lord coming to seize them off the earth. They have done little thinking about whether or not they are ready to meet their Lord. In fact, many will sleep on and not hear the joyful sound [Psalms 89:15] of the trumpet call of angels sent to escort the bride of Christ to heaven.

Jeannette was bewildered about what was going on because she found herself standing at the foot of the bed facing a glorious spirit being whom she knew was an angel. He beamed in on light rays that lit up the room. A strong inward witness impresses me that His appearance and announcement was one of myriads of angels all over the planet, one angel per believer, who all at the same time ask the question, “All those who believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth raise your hand.”

In quantum mechanics, we are told by physicists that in the atomic world, a strange phenomenon occurs. Being strange is nothing unusual in quantum theory however. The movement of subatomic particles affects other like particles in exact duplicate manner at the same time everywhere, even on the other side of the universe. They all act in unison in the same way.

Similarly, angels could speak at the same time everywhere to Christians espoused to Jesus asking the same question, which is why the question opened with, “All those…” Since the rapture event will be an instantaneous occurrence for all who are to be raptured, and since there were no other people in Jeannette’s room, the question directed toward her was inclusive of every member of the corporate body of believers even though they are in different parts of the world. So it appears as if it the same question will be presented to all prospective bride members at the same instant, those who are potentially to be raptured which is why angels ask the question of them. Why potentially?

God does not force His will on anyone. Even though He has made arrangements for all believers to be raptured, He does not force His will on them. All through life people choose their own destiny. In Deuteronomy we are informed that God sets before His people life and death, blessing and cursing, and then He advises them to choose life and blessing [30:19].

Although God told His people Israel that He had given them a blessed land flowing with milk and honey, they still had to go into Canaan and take it. Even though it meant a struggle would ensue, God was on their side and nothing could stop them from possessing it. They refused to believe Him and go in and take the land, therefore they refused life and blessing, choosing cursing and death instead. All of them from twenty years old and upward except Joshua and Caleb died in the wilderness because they refused to do what God told them to do. Does that mean God was to blame? Absolutely not. They chose their bed and they had to lie in it.

Because God has given man a free will, He does not force anything upon anyone. We choose our own fortune. Choosing life means finding out what the God of all flesh [Jeremiah 32: 27] wants done, and then doing it. If you do not seek God, by default you have chosen death be it temporal or eternal. Therefore, it is not God who programs misfortune or condemns to hell. Our fate is in our own hands.

The rapture experience is a blessed provision of the covenant He has made with His people to escape experiencing His wrath on earth when He judges sin. But we know from Scripture that everything you get from God you obtain by faith. He is a faith God [Mark 11:22]; this is a faith planet [11:23]; and without faith you cannot please Him [Hebrews 11:6]. Therefore, the question the angel asks is the same question all believers will be asked to determine who is rapture-ready. Everyone who has searched out the matter will be rapture-ready and will quickly and expectantly respond with a raised hand as we saw Jeannette do in the vision. A quick affirmative answer is a person’s passport into heaven where the escorting angel will take him or her and where the gates of heaven open as we saw in the sequel vision.


Can One Be Without Portfolio For The Rapture Excursion?

We can ask the foregoing question in another way. Is it possible that one who hesitates answering the question that the angel asked Jeannette could be summarily denied transport in the rapture? Hesitation implies indecision, and indecision infers doubt. Doubt and faith cannot coexist so is it possible to miss the rapture without faith? The Bible tells us that Enoch, the rapture prototype, was translated from this world to heaven by faith [Hebrews 11:5], which is one reason every Christian ought to search out what he or she believes regarding the rapture. 1

Faith stops at the question mark. Questioning faith is encumbered by doubt, and doubt means double mindedness. James admonishes believers in his letter to brethren to purify their hearts by getting rid of double mindedness [4:8]. Whatever is not of faith is sin according to Paul [Romans 14:23]. And James states that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways [1:8]. It is impossible to have faith if one is double minded and not sure about something. Therefore, doubt and faith cannot coexist causing faith to stop at the question mark.

An angel can disappear just as quickly as he can appear. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians that rapture-ready people will be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye [15:52], which bespeaks of no time to be getting ready when the trumpet sounds.

1 Corinthians 15:51-52
51 Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,
52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

In other parts of the Bible, Scripture reports that God’s voice sounds like a trumpet when He speaks [Exodus 19:16,19; Revelation 1:10,11]. Is it therefore possible that the trumpet sound accompanying the rapture incident Paul is talking about in his Corinthian letter quoted above is the voice of an angel asking for those who believe in Jesus Christ to respond in the affirmative in order to be quickly transported out of harm’s way as the tribulation gets underway? Our vision so implies.

Jesus likened the rapture experience to what happened when God judged Sodom and Gomorrah [Luke 17:29-32]. The angels escorting Lot and his family out of the city had to literally take them by the hand and drag them out with orders not to take the time to even look back. His wife did look back and she lost her protective shield through disobedience and turned into a pillar of salt.

When speaking about this to his disciples Jesus said, Remember Lot’s wife [17:32]. He was emphasizing that Sodom’s judgment came quickly, decisively, and thoroughly, and one must be willing to drop everything at a moment’s notice when God’s angel comes to transport you to another hyperspace. Furthermore, it corresponds to His teaching that He will be coming back like a thief who suddenly appears without fanfare to take a spoil.

Remember Lot's Wife

Considering Jesus’ teaching, a person ought to be fully ready to exit this planet without hesitation if and when an angel comes asking whether you are a believer in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is one time when haste does not make waste. Remember that it takes faith to receive anything from God, and participation in a rapture is a blessing about which believers ought to be seriously considering now before it occurs because Scripture suggests that due to its suddenness, failure to experience it is possible.

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This possibility has been discussed in “The Rapture Series”. (Faith)

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