Refining Fire

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Jeannette saw the Lord Jesus standing aglow enwrapped in flames of fire yet not consumed. Can you remember where that description of our God is found in the Scriptures? If you said it was at the burning bush that Moses saw, you are right.

The Blazing Refiner

Exodus 3:1-2
2 And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him (Moses) in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.

Compare Jeannette’s description:

I saw the Lord Jesus Christ standing in a glow of fire,…in the middle of a blaze of fire around Him, … He was blazing also but not burning (as a log in a fire)…

Moses ,sheep, and the burning bush.



The similarity of the two accounts leaves no room for doubt as to whom the person was that Jeannette saw in her vision. It was none other than the angel of the Lord mentioned in the Exodus 3:2 description above and the messenger of the covenant Malachi talked about in his prophecy. The angel and the messenger are one and the same – Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The Hebrew word ‘malak,’ the word used in Malachi and Exodus for messenger and angel respectively, is therefore translated according to Brown-Drivers-Briggs lexicon of Old Testament words as 1) a messenger, 2) an angel, and 3) the theophanic angel. In Exodus, 3:2, the second definition of angel is used and in Malachi 3:1 the first definition of messenger is used. Angels are God’s servants who bring messages to earth and do His will [Psalms 103:20,21]. Hence, they are called messengers. Isaiah called Jesus God’s servant because He was sent to do His Father’s will in saving men.

Thus, Jesus was called the angel of the Lord, the third definition of the BDB lexicon, namely, the theophanic angel, in the Old Testament. He appeared on earth to men like angels because He did not have a human body at that time and therefore came as a theophanic angel. ‘Theo’ means ‘God’ and ‘phanic’ comes from a word meaning ‘to show.’ Thus we have ‘God showing Himself’ as an angel. When the fullness of time came, however, …God was manifest in the flesh, justified in spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, (and) received up into glory [1 Timothy 3:16].


The returnees from Babylonian captivity were having difficulty rebuilding the Temple and wanted to know why the God of judgment had not come to cleanse this world of injustice. They were seeking God’s holy presence – yet they were not holy! Malachi gave them God’s answer, to wit, ‘who can abide His coming’ since He is coming as a refiner of metals, one who purges out impurities by fire. In other words, ‘you don’t know for what you are asking.’ Yet, they were seeking the Messiah [Malachi 3:1] to come cleanse the world of sinfulness.

Malachi 3:1
1…Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts.

Even today, people ask where is the promise of His coming? Some ask it in contempt and derision not believing He will ever come, and others in desperation wanting Him to come get them out of a present dilemma. The answer remains the same, however, to wit: ‘will anyone be standing with strong unfettered faith when He returns to judge the world? Indications are from what He told His disciples that there might be quite a shock by a number of blinded Christians who are following the modernist pipers to destruction.

Matthew 7:21-23
21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
22 Many will say unto me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

The fact that Jeannette saw Jesus standing with credentials in hand amidst flames of fire proves He is coming to judge, and the fact that He shattered with His rod of justice the nation which He said had been set apart for His will, illustrates the dread of that day when very few will abide the day of His coming. If America is judged for the rejection of her Biblical roots, the Ten Commandments, will other groups of people with less reliance on Biblical principles survive the baptism of fire He is going to put the earth through to cleanse it of sin before setting up His everlasting government? This vision’s Draconian image of Jesus ought to give everyone cause for concern, especially those in America.

Ten Commandments and Aaron's Rod

Credential #1 In His Left Hand

When Jesus appeared to Jeannette, He brought the Ten Commandment tablets with Him as a witness to His identity because they were given by Himself, the Word of God, and written with His own finger on Mt Sinai.


They are the fabric of a holy society and cannot be altered. Does that mean the USA is a holy nation? According to the meaning of set apart, it does. When Jesus said He had set the United States apart for His will, He inferred that we were set apart for His use and hence holy.

Jesus has confronted the United States of America holding the Ten Commandments as His reason for coming to judge the nation He raised up and protected for His purposes for over 400 years. His deposition that He had set her apart for His will could not have been more piercing to the ears. Now, however, because she has renounced the foundation upon which she became great, she has sealed her doom. Moreover, because she has openly avowed through the courts that the Ten Commandments would not be allowed display in public places, she has undermined her foundation. As she flaunts her independence, she shall be shattered like the map on which Jesus stood.

Jesus brought the tablets with Him in the vision to justify why He is judging America and to testify to the reason He was asserting His conferred right to judge her when He returns. His right is incontestable because …the Father hath…given him authority to execute judgment…because he is the Son of man [John 5:26,27]. Nevertheless, because He loves her, He laments,

John 5:30
30 I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.

What is the will of the Father?

1 Samuel 2:30
30 Wherefore the LORD God of Israel saith, I said indeed that thy house, and the house of thy father, should walk before me for ever: but now the LORD saith, Be it far from me; for them that honour me I will honour, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed.

In the above verse, we have the reason God has turned America over to judgment. We see that God’s will is to reward in like kind. Does this verse not conform to the primal law in Genesis chapter one regarding sowing and reaping – the seed is in itself [1:11]? God is not changing His mind as it appears, but rather, He will make sure that Eli reaps what he has sown. God’s blessing that Eli’s house would forever walk before Him was based upon obedience to His commandments as is the case with all blessings. Disobedience cannot reap blessing although sometimes it might appear that is the case. In due time, the piper is paid. Sooner or later Eli’s house would be cut off as was King Saul’s and King Solomon’s for their disobedience. Eli’s sons all died before giving birth to any male children due to their bringing contempt upon the high office they held.

Why did God judge Eli as unworthy to have his house continue in the greatest honor a person could have – the closest position to Almighty God, Creator of all things? Eli was remiss in his duties as High Priest. For one thing, He did not reprimand his own two sons concerning their depraved behavior. According to Scripture, they were causing the congregation of Israel to sin by engaging in adulterous behavior with some of the women right at the door of the tabernacle [1 Samuel 2:22]. Moreover, Eli and his sons had become fat from eating the Lord’s portion of the sacrificial meat – the fat that was not to be eaten by man but rather consumed in burning because it was the chief of all the offerings and belonged to God [1 Samuel 2:29]. In short, the family of Eli was cut off from sitting in the office of High Priest forever because they esteemed the Word of God lightly. They blatantly disobeyed its commandments. How many people today handle the Word of God loosely? And how many Christians consider time spent with God in His Word of utmost importance?

The word ‘despise’ in verse 30 above comes from a primary root word meaning ‘to disdain’ or ‘to hold contempt’ for something. In esteeming lightly the office they held, the family of Eli showed they were not worthy of God’s favor. Scorn is disrespect for something. Hence, they disrespected the high privilege of approaching a holy God. It is hard to believe they regarded the privileges that went with the office beneath them. But the actions recorded of them prove the root of the tree [Matthew 12:33]. Therefore, they reaped the curse of God in that He allowed their despicable behavior and attitude to reap its just deserts. Spiritual privileges are not irrevocable rights, they bring responsibilities. Can you not see that America is following on the heels of Eli’s mistakes?

The one comment that Jesus made in the vision speaks volumes. “I have set the United States apart for My will” implies that America has been God’s client nation 3 ever since her beginning. 4 From her inception, she was cradled with the King James Bible and watched over carefully as she grew and enlarged. When she came of age, she adopted her Constitution based upon Biblical precepts in Philadelphia and became the backbone of God’s Philadelphian church era. 5 She has prospered because of God’s holy commandments.

Will she survive because she has been God’s chosen nation to carry the banner of the Philadelphian church? I suggest you look at what happened to Israel when she refused to hear the prophets warn of coming judgment as she rebelled against her spiritual heritage. Having had supernatural protection and guidance for the purpose of enlarging the invisible Kingdom that has incubated in the hearts of men and women for 2,000 years, America’s function in the plan of God has reached its climax, and she is now ready to be judged. The Kingdom of God has come to term and the baby wants to be birthed.

God never maintains the letter at the expense of the spirit. Rather, God’s holy truth that one reaps what one sows obtains. Having renounced the Ten Commandments as our ‘spiritual’ authority, and having joined the temporal ‘letter’ of the new world order, the United States is now relegated to a mere nation among nations. The last vestige of hope that God’s anger will be stayed a bit longer is the public display of our roots on monetary coins ‘In God We Trust.’ Should this ever be removed, all hope for survival of our cultural milieu will have evaporated, and she will no longer hold the Scepter for God as His special client nation.

God’s primary work in America at present is to get the believer priests inside her purged and ready for recall to their homeland, the Kingdom of Heaven. Since God is in the business of ‘Goodness,’ I believe it’s His purpose to have His true church, the ones who are the real born again ambassadors of the Kingdom, removed from earth in a blaze of glory. Truly, the latter house or tabernacle of God will be greater than the former house [Haggai 2:9]. I believe the believer priests with great faith will in the days ahead do mighty exploits for God and perform miraculous feats for His glory. They will joy in proving He is the God of promise.

When God decides to lift the restraint on evil, He will recall the Holy Spirit back to the homeland and when He goes, He will take all those whom He indwells with Him. Pray that you are found worthy to escape all the things that will come on earth after He leaves [Luke 21:36]. So go for the gold and get born again if you are not already.


Credential #2 A Budded Rod

Numbers 17:5
5 And it shall come to pass, that the man's rod, whom I shall choose, shall blossom: and I will make to cease from me the murmurings of the children of Israel, whereby they murmur against you.

We have seen that the tablets in Jesus’ left hand signified the reason for the coming judgment of the United States. Now we need to look at the emblem in His right hand. Both items were deposited in the Ark of the Covenant as witnesses testifying to God’s expectations of Israel’s national behavior.


God expected Israel to behave differently from other nations because they were set apart for His use in the salvation of the world, and being set apart for God’s use is the meaning of sanctification. God is holy, and His utensils must be holy, for if they are not, they will be consumed by His radiant power. Consider Ezekiel’s description of God when he saw Him in a vision:

Ezekiel 1:26-27
26 And above the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne, as the appearance of a sapphire stone: and upon the likeness of the throne was the likeness as the appearance of a man above upon it.
27 And I saw as the colour of amber, as the appearance of fire round about within it, from the appearance of his loins even upward, and from the appearance of his loins even downward, I saw as it were the appearance of fire, and it had brightness round about.

Can you not see a similarity between Ezekiel’s description and Jeannette’s? Indeed the man in the vision we are researching is the same man as Moses and Ezekiel saw. Why did He appear in our vision in similar form as in the Old Testament? I submit that it is to testify to the authenticity of the message of the vision that the United States of America is on the verge of judgment. Because she has been greatly blessed by being set apart as God’s client nation to perform His will in these last days just like Israel was His client nation under the Old Covenant, God’s expectations of her behavior is proportional to her privileges as a client nation to God.

There is a correlation between being used of God nationally and being God’s chosen vessel to propagate the gospel. Greater authority and power means larger accountability.

Luke 12:48
48 But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

Since Jesus used a rod with budding leaves, we need to understand the meaning of the rod in His hand. The meaning is wrapped up in the incident when Moses had to defend His and Aaron’s God-given positions of leadership. One of the Levitical priests pridefully attempted a assume privileges in serving God that they had not been granted. With the help of some Reubenites they rebelled against the positions of authority God had assigned to Moses and Aaron.

More likely than not, the Reubenites convinced Korah that since the whole congregation was holy given that they were a nation set apart for God’s use, every Israelite male should have the privilege of ministering and approaching the Lord and not just Moses and Aaron. They refused to recognize Moses and Aaron as God’s personal choice to be spokespersons to all the people. How powerful is the strength of ambition and short the memory of arrogance! Only months had past since two of Aaron’s four sons were consumed by fire for attempting to offer unauthorized incense to God. Regardless of their motivation, the incense was unsanctioned and dubbed strange fire because the Book did not warrant it.

In less than a year, Korah and some rebellious Reubenites were attempting to again trespass protocol and operate in another man’s office – the office of High Priest. In consequence to their rebellious attitude, they and all their families were swallowed up when the earth opened its mouth in a quake. You can read about it in the Book of Numbers if you are interested in the details. I shall cut to the chase and point out its significance for our vision, i.e., why Jesus appeared using a budded rod as His scepter and gavel.

The doomed men had acted unwisely even after God Himself had given Moses detailed instructions in how to approach Him. In order to prevent anyone else from attempting to intrude on the office of High Priest, God set up an occasion to perform a confirming miracle that would prove to all the congregation of Israel whom God had chosen as His representatives to mediate between Him and the people.

Each of the twelve tribes was told to bring a rod inscribed with the tribe’s name on it to the tabernacle so that Moses could lay them up before the Ark overnight. Aaron was of the tribe of Levi, and even though Levi had a representative rod with his name on it, God told Aaron he should bring a 13th rod with his own personal name on it also. The upshot of the event was that the person’s rod that budded and blossomed overnight would be God’s choice for approaching Him in the office of High Priest. Aaron’s rod budded and this settled for all time whose family God would allow to approach Him the closest without being consumed by His power.

Wherefore, the budded rod signified that this man holding the rod in our vision was God’s choice to mediate in the office of High Priest. Indeed, Jesus is the Apostle and High Priest of our profession [Hebrews 3:1]. And no man taketh this honor unto himself, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron [Hebrews 5:4]. There is one difference between Aaron and Jesus. Our Lord received His ordination after the order of Melchisedec and not Aaron. Because Melchisedec was a King, Jesus also stands in the High Priestly office as a King. Aaron did not. Hence, the budded rod was symbolic of Jesus’ Kingship as well as His authorization by God to stand in the office [Psalms 110:4]. Moreover, the rod in Scripture is symbolic of strength and power, and who has a better right to hold the budded rod than Jesus who has been given all authority in heaven and earth by the Father God [Matthew 28:l8]?

Jesus used the budded rod to shatter the map of America. This rod has double significance. On the one hand it is our King’s scepter signifying His sovereign right to choose, and on the other it is the gavel of Jesus as Judge. Our Lord has a right to judge America because she has reproached her sanctified position as a nation. Jesus’ one statement authenticated the fact of her sanctification because sanctified means set apart for God’s private use, and Jesus said, “I have set the United States apart for my will.” What was her preordained usefulness to God? She has been the backbone of His Philadelphian church which church was prophesied to spread the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven around the world.

Revelation 3:7-8
7 And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;
8 I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.

The gospel of the Kingdom had to be spread abroad so that every person could have opportunity to enter it prior to its open manifestation. When this is done, Jesus said the end shall come [Matthew 24:14]. It has been done, if not through the personal presence of missionary activity, then certainly through the airways via telecommunications. The messenger of the covenant shall suddenly come.

It is during the incubation stage of development that the various parts of a body are established. Each cell in the body has to find its God ordained place so the baby can be born. The people who discover their destiny and fulfill it will be the ones ruling when the Kingdom comes forth in glory. Therefore, it is now during the incubation period that we determine how much ruling authority we will have when the Kingdom is openly established.

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