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Interpretation: Eyes of the Word

By Lee Y. Martin, Ph.D.,

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


A Transformation


Notice the progression in the vision from scene 1 to scene 2. The vision starts in the Presence of God. Until we find a quiet place to seek God, as Jeannette was doing when she was called into the Presence of God in the chapel, we cannot know God’s plans. It takes time to get into the Presence of God. A few minutes of devotional time will not cut it. In our quiet time, God will come and visit us if we do not allow worldly things to distract us and quit before He shows up. After studying a while, did not Jeannette see the Redeemer come into the chapel? I submit He was coming to tell His disciples His immediate plans.

We need to have a Bible with us when we meet with God so we can meditate in the Word during our worship time with the Lord. How else can we know our Lord’s agenda? Recall that Jesus began immediately to recite the Bible. He skipped over the first three chapters of Revelation because they speak about the church on earth. He started at chapter four which is the exact place where the church is raptured to heaven, is the place Jeannette was called to receive information, and is the place in time where the world is now. What an ominous sign in this message to the church!


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Bible with cross and dove

There was a voice in verse one of chapter four that said, Come up hither… In like manner, our visionary said she heard a voice call out to her, “Jeannette, why don’t you go to the chapel in heaven?” The entire chapter four is about believers in the Presence of God in heaven, and. the entirety of scene one was in the Presence of God in the Tabernacle. The similarities are too striking to ignore.

Note that the change of venue from heaven to earth came at the place in the Book of Revelation where the Savior/Redeemer’s expression became serious and stern. He was nearing chapter six, which begins the time of Jacob’s trouble on earth.



The scenes of heaven in chapters four and five of Revelation change and the writer now moves down to earth for chapter six, the beginning of devastations on earth. Likewise, the scene in the chapel in Jeannette’s vision changed and moved down to a boardroom on earth. Let us see why the change of location occurred in the dream.


Oil Is For Power

The people in the boardroom were communing around a table covered with a white tablecloth symbolic of the fact that this was a gathering of people made righteous. Since everyone was a disciple of the Chairman at the head of the table, the scene corresponds to a boardroom where members of the board are receiving information about projected events affecting Kingdom business.

Oil, olives, leaves in a bowl of oil
  Every seat was set with a bowl of oil with leaves in the bottom. Note that the bowls of olive oil were placed in front of each one signifying that the believer had the option to partake of the bread and oil or not. The Chairman did not pour oil on them, but asked them to dip their bread in it and eat. Eating reflects a vital infusion of the ability of whatever is ingested be it poisoning or be it invigorating. The fact that each one had to dip his or her pieces of bread in the oil showed that they had to make the first move in acquiring this powerful anointing oil in their lives. Having to break the bread and eat it piecemeal shows that one must have repeated infusions of this power.
Bread in Scripture always speaks of the person of the Son of God, and oil denotes the Holy Spirit. Having to dip bread in oil signifies that for power, you must have both. You cannot Fellowship with God without the Word – Jesus Christ – or the Holy Spirit – the power source of all things. The Spirit unveils the Word to you and makes the Logos word become a quickening Rhema word. Denying the necessary empowerment that comes with the baptism of the Holy Spirit is dangerous, especially in these last days of turmoil, for rebuffing Him can quench Him [1 Thessalonians 5:19] and being grieved [Ephesians 4:30], He might never return to empower you.

Nevertheless, not everyone wants to partake of the fellowship at this table because Jeannette saw people outside the door who debated whether to come in and dine. That the door was open showed this was not an exclusive secretive gathering. Whosoever would, could come in and fellowship with the Savior. The closer one got to the door, the more enticing it seemed to them. This is in keeping with the observation that people who come to know the Lord Jesus intimately are rarely disappointed in Him. The gathering at the table revealed that these people knew each other very well and relished participating at the ‘Holy Spirit’s’ table.

Most Christians are aware that we should fellowship with the Father and the Son but are not so clear about the necessity of fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit. Note the following verse.

  2 Corinthians 13:14
  14 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.

All three persons of the Godhead are mentioned above, but communion is attached here only to the person of the Holy Ghost. Communion means having social intercourse with some one. We understand we should take communion in remembrance of Jesus’ work on the cross, yet few people realize the importance of communing with the Holy Spirit. Is not this scene on earth a powerful picture of communing with the Holy Ghost? The only way you can commune with Him is to get so full of Him you overflow with love and joy. Moreover, without Him a believer cannot work miracles. A miracle might occur, but ability to work a miracle when needed and not just a happenstance occurrence is going to be necessary in these end days. This is one of the reasons this vision message was sent. The Father wants you to know how to get His power so you can use it to promote the Kingdom of God on earth. Saturation with the Holy Spirit denoted by the soaking oil is imperative.

How do you get it? I started out this section by explaining the progression of the dream vision. First came our getting into the Presence of God the Father and quietly waiting for Him to show up. Next came fellowshipping with God in His Word as depicted by the Jewish leader who entered the chapel and started quoting from the Book of Revelation. Then came our transition to earth where the Holy Spirit was waiting to empower us if we would let Him. This means you must seek getting baptized with Him – not by Him, but with Him.

  Matthew 3:11
  11 I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire:

When you are baptized with the Holy Spirit, you become immersed or saturated with Him. When you are saturated, you are full of Him. Hence, the term infilled with the Holy Spirit means overflowing with love, joy, and peace and is the result of sanctification. Sanctification through repentance is necessary prior to the infilling of the Spirit because the Holy Spirit will not fellowship with sin. These steps are necessary if we are to be ready to accomplish God’s objectives on earth prior to Jesus’ coming to snatch us out of here. Do not wait. God is gracious and will speed up things if you will only start the process.

As the group convened, the Leader kept speaking out of the Book of Revelation with the same intensity as in heaven. Since He was at the place in the Book where the tribulation was just beginning, we know that the oil in the bowls was for power to overcome what He was speaking about out of the Book. He told His followers when He first met them in the Tabernacle, “In the end times you shall do these things.” Then He started quoting the Book of Revelation. Before moving to the boardroom, however, He spent time with them in worship in the Tabernacle. If anyone has read and understood the Book of Revelation, you will know that empowerment to overcome strange things will be necessary. That is the reason for the boardroom scene, which depicts the importance of being filled or saturated with the Holy Spirit.

Indeed, the leaves at the bottom of the bowls signified that there will be coming terrible calamitous plagues for which there are no remedies save the supernatural healing power of God. We really do not know how much believers will have to endure before the rapture. So, learn all you can now. Scripture declares leaves are medicinal and for healing [Ezekiel 47:12; Revelation 22:2]. Therefore, they signify a scarcity of medicines at that time. We will need to be vaccinated with the Word of God and empowered by the Spirit to use it against oppressing demonic plagues. Ability to access God’s supernatural healing power will be necessary to survive and to spread the gospel till our Lord returns.

Jesus’ anointing oil is available for any of His brethren. However, not every believer will accept His gracious offer to be anointed with oil. We know that oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and that God’s power is manifested through His Spirit. To just be sealed by the Holy Spirit and not receive His constant daily infilling will not be enough in these last days. We need the full strength of God’s Presence symbolized by the oil running down the Redeemer’s clothes and soaking into the participants’ bodies. In sum, this dream vision shows that sanctifying power comes by repentance, 3 spending quiet time in the Presence of God, reading His Word, and staying filled with the Holy Ghost.

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See the vision entitled The Message of The Reels for a discussion on what sanctification is about. (spending)

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