Continued 3: The Interpretation of the Wailing Wall

The Pyramid's Postmortem Particulars


By Lee Y. Martin, Ph.D., 2009

© 2009



It is a fact that the Great Pyramid is situated in the exact center of earth's land mass and is erected so that its four sides point to true north, south, east, and west. Its baselines per side measure 365.2422 cubits exactly, the value of a solar year (and the number of years Enoch lived [Genesis 5:23]). When twice the length of the base is divided by the value of the slope of the angle in cubits of one side to its apex, the quotient is pi, a universal constant – the relationship of the diameter of a circle to its circumference. These mathematical mysteries could not have been known by human ingenuity when the monument was built circa 5,000 years ago.

1. Kings Chambers 2. Grand Gallery 3. Queens Chamber 4. Unfinished Subterranean Chamber 5. Meters: 0-5-10-20-25
  Moreover, the monument has not settled so much as an inch in all its years of existence. This is astounding given the earth's propensity to quakes and tectonic shifts and movements. The reason the Pillar has not shifted is because it is seated on a huge rock slab that is able to support its enormous weight. It has been estimated that there are 2,600,000 stones weighing from 3 to 70 tons each. Do you suppose God knew when He created the earth that this colossal structure would be built there and would need adequate support?
Pyramid Casing Stone - British Museum-August 19, 2008


Given the astonishing facts concerning the altar's geophysical location, we can assuredly say as the Bible does that it is in the midst of …Egypt (Isaiah 19:19). Isaiah called Enoch's masterpiece of architectural design both a pillar and an altar. Both words refer to a monument or testimonial remembrance of some kind. Given that the Pillar is a testimonial for the Lord to the peoples of the world, what is its testimony?

In order to properly justify why the Holy Spirit used the pyramid as the key to unraveling the message of this vision, I would have to recount the numerous facts concerning its arena of arduous arithmetic which I was studying when God visited Jeannette with this vision. Space does not permit a recounting of all, not even a smattering of the stone monument's astonishing features and long held secrets. I have only included a few to illustrate the Pyramid's awesome specifics. For anyone inclined to learn more about it, information is readily available on the Internet and in libraries. My work here is to show that this vision testifies to God's message through Enoch's pillar that the time has come to close out accounts and prepare for the next stage of the ages.


God Is Guide Here

What Saith The Scriptures?


God chooses what is included in a vision, and behold, this vision incorporated a couple of the Great Pyramid's essentials. Not coincidentally, because nothing is coincidental when you are doing work for the Lord, I was studying about things related to the Pyramid, when Jeannette called me that she had been visited by the Lord. Having had a long dry spell I wondered if we were so close to the rapture that there would not be time enough to report on another one to the Church.

I was not surprised to find a pyramidal connection in her visitation since I had been engrossed with studying its features. I sensed in my spirit two days before she called that I would be hearing from her. The interpretation was immediate. It's reporting has not been. Sifting through the multitude of Pyramidal secrets to determine which ones were pertinent to this vision has not been easy because many of them pertain to a rapture.

That I should have an interpretation before Jeannette hears from the Lord has happened before. I personally like this method for when the protasis precedes the apodosis, I feel confident that we have a match confirming that the vision and interpretation is from God. Woe to us if we or anyone tries to produce something in the flesh. Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it… [Psalms127:1]

In translating the message of this vision to the Church, I must say that the Great Pyramid's details reveal that it's time to take a fresh look at Biblical prophecy, to reexamine God's ordained timetable that was settled before the world began. Being God's detailed blueprint for the future carved in stone, unlocked pyramidal secrets are disclosing that judgment is knocking on the door. The Pillar's embedded messages are pointing to a closure of things on earth.

Until recently, the mysterious Pyramid's meaning has eluded men's curiosity similarly to Daniel's concealed book. They both have been undecipherable until recently, until – …the time of the end [Daniel 12:9]. Why? Because only in the last hundred years or so has there been enough technology or literary discoveries to unveil mysteries inscribed in their design so that they could indeed be for signs about an endtime judgment, rapture, change of governmental venue, and victory over death.

I am thrilled that the Lord has confirmed to us at Whitestones Ministries by a heavenly visitation that there is a Pyramidal connection to the rapture because it heightens awareness to the signs of the times. Others may know about the connection but I doubt that many have had the privilege to have God confirm it to them personally. Although we have expected such an event as the rapture, it is somewhat disquieting to think that the trumpet could actually blow any day now. Yes, the stones are shouting that this year could be the year of the awakening blast. Hallelujah to God. But like the Biblical codes, the song and tune can only be perceived by those with eyes to see and ears to hear.



A Pillar At The Border

The Pyramid of Giza is named such because it sits smack-dab on the ancient border between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. The name 'Giza' means 'border'. Since Isaiah wrote that there would be an altar and a pillar at the border of Egypt memorializing something [19:19], could a translation of persons through rapture be the sign and witness to the peoples of the world, i.e., Egypt?

As noted, it is named the Pillar of Enoch because Enoch built it, yet there is nothing inside the pyramid except an empty coffin – no mummy, no markings, no paraphernalia, no signature, no nothing. Pyramids were built to commemorate someone's death, to witness that someone crossed over to another world. They are intensely religious in symbolism, purpose, and meaning. But there are no markings of any kind like in other pyramids to indicate why it was built nor whose unattended coffin is in the King's chamber. An empty tomb is itself a cryptic sign about its purpose.

Standing in the midst of a most idolatrous country where emblems of religion were affixed to everything, the total absence of such on Enoch's monument speaks loudly that something significant is at work here. It has taken several millennia for its measurements to speak.

A Witness

Pyramids were monuments to death in Egypt. In truth, they were testimonials to a belief in life after death. Except for the pyramids that were pillaged, dead bodies have been found in them all, and they all with the exception of Enoch's monument contain artistic memorabilia to a life after death. Their occupants were mummified in hopes of being resuscitated. It is instructive that the fetal position of skeletal remains unearthed in the oldest crypts of ancient Egypt are silent witnesses that the owner/builders of the mausoleums expected to be reborn and come back to earth to reclaim their bodies.

The promise of eternal life may incline some persons to prepare for another existence even to causing people to be buried so as to facilitate a rebirth, but mere words are not motivational to most people. Yet every unearthed ancient crypt of the pre-flood vintage was invested with hope of being reborn. Something exceptional, even supernatural must have happened which a number of significant persons witnessed for such psychological and physical exertion to be expended to the belief of an afterlife.

The Pillar of Enoch was not invaded until around 840 A.D., and when it was breached, the only item found according to the intruders was an empty sarcophagus testifying to a missing occupant. No body implies no death. Hence, the Great Pyramid's vacant coffin infers that death is not the end.

A Sign

People studying Giza's Pyramid have been awe struck by strange weird phenomena inside its confines as well as its outstanding numerics. As has been noted, a precise time for the rapture of the Church is believed to be encoded in its measurements, for there are uncanny correspondences between them and pivotal dates on the Jewish calendar. However, gurus unveiling the hidden secrets are equivocating as to which date is the one that closes the age.

Some of their speculations are impressive because they denote the rapture experience to occur this year. Even if they are off, miscalculation is only by a few years. Do you think it presumptuous to believe that the Holy Spirit would reveal the rapture date in the altar He commissioned Enoch to build? Jesus said we would not know the hour or the day, but does hour and day amount to date? I think not. Let's not be paranoid about date setting for or against it because the Bible says that in searching out God's concealed things, it is an honor to do so since we are kings and priests unto Him [Revelation 1:10].

Proverbs 25:2
  2 It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

According to Pyramidal measurements, the Church is on the threshold of moving out of the world of darkness into the Kingdom of Heaven as we saw Jeannette do at the end of the vision. As soon as the waterfall had done its work in cleansing and preparing God's people for departure, she walked up the path to the opened gate where she peered into heaven itself. Why did the cliffs change to the Wailing Wall? It was because as we have noted, according to Jewish sages, the Wall represents the Gates of Mercy, i.e., the Gates of Heaven, and the implication of the waterfall is that God was informing His gems of translation [Malachi 3:17 See Appendix 1] that we are changing hyperspheres into another dimension. Are you ready?

A Cliff Dwelling Of Living Stones

The Great Pyramid had a covering of thin white polished limestones which are pertinent to this vision. Their size is not although their number is. What is important is how they appeared to Jeannette. Originally the beautiful white shiny covering glistened in the sun. According to Herodotus and others who visited the Pyramid, the edifice looked from a distance like a huge gemstone. They wrote that it was breathtaking to behold.

Because the limestones were polished and smooth, it was impossible to climb to the Pyramid's platform top until greedy foreigners who indentured Egypt broke them off little by little to use in their own buildings. Except for the top where a few of the beautiful stones remain in place, most of these numbered stones are missing exposing the subterraneous stones as a sort of ladder useful while building. A few broken shards from the covering stones remain at the bottom. Being of same size it is easy to project mathematically how many it took to cover the whole edifice.

An important clue to making sense of this vision is the fact that the cliffs Jeannette saw were not jagged nor casually spaced as nature would do but rather were constructed from neatly cut stones placed back slightly as they ascended just as you would need to do to build a stairway to heaven. This alerted me to the fact that the Great Pyramid had a part to play in this vision.

The "cut stones set in place" as Jeannette described them represented the Pyramid's ascending unpolished six-sided limestones. The basal stones have been estimated to be in the neighborhood of 30 tons each. They are the largest and so precisely cut and set in place that the space between them measures less than a quarter of an inch. Each row of stones being of same size graduate smaller in dimension and mass as they ascend upward, and each row becomes a ledge for the row above it. There is extraordinary order in this structure similar to the cliffs Jeannette saw. Hence, the Pyramid forms a stepping stone ladder to its top, a symbolical stairway to heaven and eternal life much like Jacob's ladder seemed to him.

The stones with people standing on them suggest that this is a dwelling made of 'living stones' that represent a spiritual household [1 Peter 2:5] where sacrifices of praise and worship are being offered to God. Indeed, the people embody God's great household of faith [Galatians 6:10; Hebrews 3:6]. Each believer in the vision had his own stone signifying his own mansion in God's house [John 14:2]. Thus we can conclude that both the cliffs and Giza's Pyramid represent New Jerusalem.



The New Jerusalem Connection

The New Jerusalem by Jeannette L. Vetter, copyright 2009

Some Bible scholars suggest that the New Jerusalem of Revelation will be in the shape of a pyramid, and after studying about the Pyramid and receiving the Holy Spirit's inspiration for the interpretation of this vision, I'm inclined to believe it.

Because Jeannette saw a round disc emanating brilliant light and radiating waves of energy so strong she could hardly look at it, the form of a disc implies as reported earlier that heaven is a planet where God, who is the source of all energy, dwells. Given that heaven is a planet, the point within heaven where the power resides is New Jerusalem, the City of God.

Revelation 21:16-17
  16 And the city lies foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.
17 And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits…

From the above, we can see that the city of God is foursquare, as is Enoch's Pillar at the base, and its height is equal to that of its sides. Because of being noted as being foursquare, some Biblicists believe that New Jerusalem's shape is a cube, others believe it's a globe, and others a pyramid. The last possibility is alluded to in our vision.

It is noteworthy that the 'fire in the middle' mentioned earlier strongly suggests that New Jerusalem is pyramidal shape. As has been noted, scientists have called this 'fire in the middle' biocosmic energy. They tell us that this energy hinders decay which is the instigator of death. 3 Thus if New Jerusalem is pyramidal shape, the fire inside it would be eternal because Jesus is the source of all energy and He is the Mayor/High Priest of the city. Is the Great Pyramid again disclosing its function as a revealer of eternal heavenly secrets, this time telling us the form of God's City?

The Bible tells us there will be no need of light in the New Jerusalem because Jesus will be the light and dynamo energizing it. He is forever the glory of God and source of light energy for He is Eternal Life.

Revelation 21:23
  23 And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.

Since Jesus is the glory of God, and since we will be like Him, believers' new bodies probably will have glory light flowing through their veins instead of blood. If so, glory light will permeate every inch of the New Jerusalem as its glorified residents constitute the 'fire in the middle' of the city. Wherefore, the Pyramidal edifice and Jeannette's cliffs in the vision could reference the New Jerusalem.

The 144 cubits measurement John was given in his apocalyptic vision leads us right into considering that the facade of the Pyramid collaborates with the cliffs in our vision proclaiming that we are on track to an imminent departure.


144,000 Reasons

The Great Pyramid Witnesses For A Rapture



You might be asking what does 144,000 have to do with our vision? It is precisely this number that signaled me that this vision relates to the Great Pyramid whose function is partly a testimonial to an imminent rapture. In other words, the Pyramid's function is its role in this vision – a prophetic testimonial to something ordered, specific, and supernatural.

In Revelation chapter seven, we find a contingent of 144,000 Hebrew believers who are selected from among their brethren for a specific purpose in God's plan of the ages. They assure the world that God is watching over His beloved nation Israel. Their selection publishes that Israel will soon become a heart-circumcised, newly-born, client nation to God.

Jeremiah 31:31-34
  31 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:
32 Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the Lord:
33 But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the Lord, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people.
34 And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord; for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.

According to Jeremiah above, there is a spiritual rebirth of the nation of Israel that happens at the closing of the tribulation period. The 144,000 are the firstfruits of it. The fire bath that the Bible forecasts upon the world culminates at the conclusion of the last week of the Jewish Age about which Daniel's 70 week prophecy speaks. So the 144,000 firstfruits denotes Israel's spiritual rebirth.

Being firstfruits of this reborn nation, these Jewish believers will at some point in the middle of the tribulation be raptured because firstfruits always belong to God. Firstfruits are special unto God and figure prominently in the bride of Christ. Therefore, these converts will be raptured to take part in the bride of Christ like Enoch was and the raptured righteous firstfruits from out of the Church will be.

The disappearance of the 144,000 by rapture is deduced from comparing Revelation chapter seven with chapter fourteen. They were saved and sealed in chapter seven and are seen singing songs in heaven with the redeemed of God in chapter fourteen. After being sealed and cleansed by the waterfall, and after their work on earth is finished, these 144,000 believers will walk up the path to the heavenlies as did Jeannette who depicted them, for the gates will open to them.

How do we know that the people giving adoration and praise to the Lamb of God represent the 144,000 saved and sealed Jewish converts selected in the tribulation period? The Holy Spirit showed me that because the stones were perfectly arranged, cut, and ordered, the people standing on the rocks were standing at attention in honor of God as they adored Him. They were chosen out of the twelve tribes of Jacob – 12,000 per tribe according to John's vision of the apocalypse [Revelation 7:1-8]. These elect will serve an evangelistic role when the appointed time arrives. Being firstfruits of the last seven years of the Age of Israel, they begin the process of restoring Israel back to her calling as God's ecclesiastical government from which He rules in the Millennial Age.

Another reason we know they will be raptured during the tribulation comes from John who said in his apocalypse that these 144,000 Jewish firstfruits sang a new song only they could sing because they are a special group of people to God. That is perhaps the song Jeannette heard as they robustly sang under the waterfall. Why could not anyone else sing that song? I'm coming to that.

What are these Jewish adapts doing between chapter seven and chapter fourteen where we see them singing a 'peculiar', to use a Biblical term [Deuteronomy 14:2; 1 Peter 2:9], song? They will be enlightening people to the truth that Jesus is the real Messiah, and not the Antichrist ruling the world. They will tell people wherever they go, "Behold the Lamb" [John 1:36]. "Jesus is our Messiah." They will inform people that John the Baptist's proclamation about Jesus was true.

When Pilate said at Jesus' trial, "Behold the man,…I find no fault in him" [John 19:5,6], he was unwittingly testifying that Jesus, "the Man", is the Son of Man, God's innocent lamb being led to the slaughter as Isaiah prophesied He would be [53:7]. Pilate could just as well as have said, "Behold the Lamb, your prophesied Man"!

An Honor Guard For The King

The sealed 144,000 will have a special role in God's scheme of things and thus have supernatural protection from harm while on earth before rapture. They will become Jesus Christ's honor guard in the heavenly Kingdom. They are harvested righteous converts purifying themselves under the waterfall for rapture. …Every man that hath this hope (the rapture) in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure [1 John 3:3].

At the time of their election, the true Church is gone having been numbered into the body of Jesus and raptured. A person's body has an upper limit to the number of cells in it. At the completion of the body, it stops growing. It does not keep growing on and on and on. However, saved believers are innumerable according to Revelation chapter seven.

Revelation 7:9
  9 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;

Therefore, numbered groups of people have special roles in heaven. The tribulational 144,000 Jewish believers' special role unto God is that they are the firstfruits of Israel's recovery to God as His wife and time-piece of history.

Revelation 14:1, 3-4

1 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Zion, and WITH him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads. (Notice that these Jewish firstfruits stood with the Lamb as honor guards do while displaying great respect for significant persons.)
3 …And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed FROM the earth. (The preposition 'from' means 'off' or 'away from' indicating they were raptured before the end of the tribulation, before the concluding eight chapters of the apocalypse.)
4 These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goes. These were redeemed FROM AMONG men, being the FIRSTFRUITS unto God and to the Lamb.



Being firstfruits of the tribulation period, these Jewish converts will know they have missed it, repent, and turn to Jesus as their Messiah/Lamb of God. The Lamb selects them out of all repentant Jews who are sorrowing for they know what is coming. Perhaps they are not elected until there are enough repentant Jews to select from. Perhaps you are a lost Jew from the stock of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and are reading this interpretation at God's behest to prepare for your election. However it happens, these chosen 'peculiar' people will accomplish God's purpose and perform His will in getting the message out that the world has entered the time of Jacob's trouble.

This coterie of worshipers will enlighten, preach the gospel of the Kingdom, and will warn people not to follow nor take the mark of the Antichrist who at that time will be forming his coalition of citizens to populate the final kingdom of darkness. To do so will mean eternal death with no hope of forgiveness [Revelation 14:9-12].


The 144,000 Connection

Significantly, the Pyramid of Giza was covered when it was built on all sides with a smooth façade of shining white limestone blocks as has been mentioned. Defacers have removed most of them. Thankfully, the few at the top, and broken pieces at the bottom attest to the entire surface having been sealed with them. From the remains, it is possible to compute the number needed to seal the entire edifice with a limestone covering. The number is – you guessed it – 144,000!

Visitors to Egypt who wrote about the Pyramid in BCE such as Herodotus and Alexander the Great report that the structure could be seen miles away and the white limestone covering made it look like a beacon of light. At night the reflection of the moon off its sides lit up all of what is now Cairo, Egypt. Could Enoch have visited heaven and had a first hand look at the city of God so that he could make a replica of it on earth?

The Scriptures say that Moses was shown the Temple in heaven before he built the Tabernacle, which was meant to be only a temporary place where God could visit among His people. The Tabernacle was constructed as a spiritual lightweight replica of the Temple to be used until the time when the gloriously magnificent heavyweight Temple could be built. According to historians, the Temple blueprint was passed down from Moses to him who would be its builder. Since David could not be its builder because He was a man of war, we are told he gathered the necessary materials having seen the blueprint and knowing what was required. His son, Solomon, was chosen and honored to direct the work of construction.

Paul said he had visited heaven and was so awe struck by the City of God he could not write about it. Given that holy people were shown heavenly things, it is not a stretch to believe Enoch was shown the New Jerusalem before he built his Pyramid. It's awesome appearance caused some people to report that it looked like the mountain of God from a distance.

Could Abraham when he went down into Egypt have visited the structure and became so overwhelmed by its beauty and imposing majestic appearance that he wanted nothing on earth except a tent to live in [Hebrews 11:9,10]? Perhaps the Pillar was still in good array when he was in Egypt. After all, Abraham was less than 400 years removed from the flood and it was not until many centuries that pillaging foreigners denuded its covering by breaking off the outer thin layers of polished limestone to be used in lesser imposing structures.

If Enoch saw the New Jerusalem and built the Great Pyramid according to blueprints and specifications given him by God, perhaps that is why the Egyptians were so preoccupied with an afterlife. Having a daily reminder of what the heavenly City would be like when they crossed over to the other side, it is no wonder that the country of Egypt became obsessed in idolatry. They feverishly tried to work their way into heaven. Any and all idolatry are works systems building false paths to heaven, and that includes secular humanism. There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof is death [Proverbs 14:12; 16:25].

Thus I believe that the Great Pyramid was built as an altar commemorative of New Jerusalem and its future occupants, just as Solomon's Temple was constructed as an altar commemorative to the heavenly Temple and God.


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Mordecai and The King's Guards.


Sounding the Trumpet
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In 1963 a biologist from an acclaimed University tested the skins cells of an Egyptian princess who had been dead several thousand years and discovered that they were capable of living! Could the fire inside her pyramidal tomb have anything to do with this phenomenon? (Thus)

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