Continued 4: The Interpretation of the Wailing Wall
The Gates OF Heaven Opened


By Lee Y. Martin, Ph.D., 2009
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Jeannette saw the cliffs behind the waterfall turn into the Wailing Wall as the glory-light pulled the river up the stone cliffs to stop its flow. We have seen that the living stones represent the firstfruits of Israel raptured in the middle of the tribulation. This honor guard contingent preparing for rapture underneath the cleansing water emanating from Jesus at the top of the cliffs connects the Pyramid to this vision. Having been selected from earthly Jerusalem's Jewish citizenry, they are at the Wailing Wall in sacrificial service praising God and supplicating for Israel's spiritual renewal. Having prepared themselves to enter New Jerusalem, the Pyramidal/cliffs turned into the gates of the City of God so that its latest citizens could enter heaven.

Having finished their work on earth, the flow of water stopped. Their prayers and wailing for mercy for Israel's safety are complete. The Gates of Mercy open to receive Jesus' honor guard into the city. Their vanishing act on earth signifies that Israel's time for rebirth has come. Being totally forsaken by the nations of the world, Israel is looking for a deliverer [Isaiah 19:20]. When they see that the false Messiah they had received is not their true Messiah, a remnant runs for the hills and turns to Jesus whom they forsook two thousand years ago [Zechariah 12:10].


The River Connection

If the river represents the Holy Spirit's work on earth, why did it stop flowing? We know that the Holy Spirit is ever present to convict people of sin. The answer is that the Spirit's sanctifying work preparing this 'peculiar' contingent of Israeli firstfruits to God for rapture is over. The Holy Spirit's first work is to convict sinners of their destitute condition and that they need a Savior. He convinces them that Jesus is the answer and that they must believe on His name [John 16:6-9]. After regeneration and baptizing converts into the body of Christ [Galatians 3:27], a second work of grace is begun – sanctification and renewing of minds through the washing of water by the Word [Titus 3:5].

The river flows today and anyone can step in it. It's there to prepare people for possible rapture. The water is always available, but each believer must decide to enter the shower for himself. Apostle John teaches: …every man that hath this hope in him purifieth (or cleanses) himself…[1 John 3:3]. What hope? The hope of becoming like Jesus so we can become jewels in the Father's household of faith and not miss the rapture. 4

Halting the river signifies the end of God's great move on earth in harvesting and sanctifying souls. Some misguided hopefuls keep saying they are looking for a last great move of God. If they are, they're backing up because it has been going on for a long time now – at least forty years.

When Israel obtained Jerusalem in 1967, the air became charged with a sense of approaching hoofbeats from the apocalypse of John. Last year was the fortieth year that Jerusalem has been in the hands of Israelis. Forty being God's number of testing and preparation, many Biblicists interested in God's numerics point to Jerusalem's return as a very significant date. Having acquired it in the 1967 war with the Muslims, the Jews have now run the forty-year preparatory course for the return of the Jewish Age. How close are we? Look at the world situation and you decide.

Some Messianic Jews among a few Evangelicals believe that the last week of Daniel's 70 week prophecy regarding the Jewish Age began on the last Feast of Trumpets, September 30, 2008 on the Gregorian calendar, the day Barack Obama announced to the world by television and world satellite that if he were elected president, he would lead the world to peace! Could that have been a peace covenant? [See Daniel 9:27.]

The Feast of Trumpets is the start of a new year on the Hebrew calendar, and the Feast of last year, September 30, 2008 on the world's calendar changed to 5769 on the Jewish calendar to begin a new cycle of seven years. Hence, last year, 5768, was a Shmita year ending a Sabbatical week of seven years that began on the Feast of Trumpets in September of 2001. Can these two cycles represent Joseph's prophetic 5 twin cycles of seven years – seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine?

The Great Pyramid measurements are revealing that 9-11-2001 was a highly significant date related to endtime matters. Space does not permit me to digress on that except to say that many believers believe 911 was a greater pronouncement of judgment on America and the world than we have imagined. It certainly has been a huge factor in changing the world scene.

GANDOLFI, Gaetano Joseph's Dream c. 1790
Many peoples around the world are experiencing a more intense scarcity of food since the economic downturn in the world economy affected the commodities markets last year in 2008 and the extreme weather patterns have upset normal agricultural production. On the other hand, the prophecy about Joseph's cycle of famine could mean we are moving into a famine not only of physical food but also of the Word of God, and in keeping with Joseph's experience, both will get progressively worse.

The message of this vision is to awaken the Church that the forty year outpouring of the latter rain for soul harvesting and cleansing before rapture is fast closing. It's time for her to get under the flow before the water is turned off and get ready for the Bridegroom's thundering shout "Come up hither".

Those three words spoken by a trumpet voice from heaven sucked up Apostle John to heaven so he could receive the Revelation given him by Jesus about the last seven years of the Jewish Age [4:1]. John's ascension to get the Revelation from Jesus' angel suggests that the Church will escape from the apocalyptic terror elucidated in chapters four through nineteen of his final book in a similar manner of swift seizing [1 Thessalonians 4:17]. Those same three words – "come up hither" – will suction up God's two witnesses of forty-two months who witness against the Antichrist during the tribulation. After the Antichrist kills them, they will be resurrected and raptured to heaven in the sight of all the world [Revelation 11:7-12].



A Summons To Eternal Life

Jeannette was summoned to heaven in the vision by the same anointed command to "come" as was given to John and the two witnesses. Isaiah prophesied with similar vernacular that righteous people would hide themselves in their chambers (mansions) while the Almighty pours out His wrath upon earth to judge it [26:20]. It is feasible that these chambers referred to by Isaiah equate to the mansions in the household of God Jesus said He has been preparing for His people [John 14:2].

It is clear that Jeannette's vision is about a rapture. If so, people who refuse to step under the waterfall for purification will miss out on the blessed event of being raptured and will have to die a death by decapitation according to the book of Revelation [20:4]. Because there has been no rapture yet, anyone reading this message has time to step under the shower and clean up. God is not willing that any should perish [Titus 2:4] nor miss the rapture. Being raptured is a blessing and God desires to bless all His children. That is probably why so many people of late are having warning visions of doom. We are thankful God has permitted us to look on the brighter side to give a heads up on rapture imminency. Nevertheless, each person has to decide for himself to prepare so as to be blessed. The signs of the times could not be clearer. Are you ready?

A Tribulational Harvest Ofr Souls

Another great harvest of souls occurs right after the rapture when people see that the true Church is gone. Isaiah records that Israel will lament and cry out for help during their laborious birth. In the time of their trouble, they will see that …the righteous perishes, (Hebrew: disappears or vanishes), and no man lays it to heart that merciful men are taken away (righteous believers are raptured), none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come (the tribulational period) [Isaiah 57:1]. Could there be any clearer image of a rapture taking place at the time of the end?

There are differences of opinion about how it all plays out, but I suggest you err on the side of being ready because there will be no time to be getting ready after the trumpet blows as the parable of the ten virgins indicates [Matthew 25:1ff]. The ones who were not ready were shut out of the wedding.



Because the vision's scenario is about the Jewish firstfruits of the tribulation period, the implication is that the true Church, the Bride of Christ, has already gone home. Because the Bride is still here, and because the vision is about the honor guard's rapture, we can infer that the midnight hour is fast approaching when the Bridegroom comes to snatch away His bride from Jacob's trouble. In olden days, it was customary at Hebrew weddings to announce by a town crier at the eleventh hour that the Groom is on his way for his bride, and the Bride has less than 30 minutes to gather up her things. Some people call it the midnight cry. If she is not ready to go immediately when he knocks on the door, her beloved will leave without her because it is dishonoring for a bridegroom to have to wait. If it is dishonoring for an earthly groom, how much more is it for our heavenly Groom?

The Jewish Wedding Artist: Moskowitz, Ira (Poland, 1912 - New York City, 1985) c. 1970

God programmed into Jewish customs prophetic pictures of what his plans are in redeeming the world. This scenario of readiness by the bride in Jewish weddings beautifully illustrates the blessing of the rapture of the Church. Can you see why God uses this website to bring messages about the urgency of being ready for departure?

How close are we to midnight? Turning off the spout where the glory comes out in our vision signifies that the midnight hour is upon us and cleansing for translation to heaven is almost over. Jeannette told me not too long ago that God spoke to her while praying, "We are seconds before the end, and the war will begin in Jerusalem". That's all He said.

Since there is nothing to interpret in that pronouncement, we decided not to put it on our website. However, the way things are going in Israel with her being abandoned by all nations, the prospect of war with Iran has heightened and could begin any day now. If so, it will begin because of Jerusalem. Regardless of whether the actual engagement starts there, Jerusalem is the burdensome problem that will precipitate the war be it unilaterally or with alliances formed between nations of the north, south, east, and west.

It was stated earlier that the Western Wall at the Temple mount in Jerusalem was the place where Jewish people gathered to plead for mercy and deliverance from oppression. The wailing goes on even now as their prayers for help escalate. Being the back wall of the eastern-facing Temple mount, it is not possible to get any closer to the inner sanctum of the Temple where the Holy of Holies was located which housed the Mercy Seat on top of the Ark of Testimony. Therefore, to pray by the Wall is considered beneficial because it is the Gate to Mercy.

Whether in solitude or on special occasions when tens of thousands come together to express gratitude to God and supplicate for divine mercy, God is listening. And at the proper time, the set time for deliverance, the Mercy Gates will open as we noted in our vision. From the looks of things – pestilences, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, economic upheavals, volcanic eruptions, disturbances in the heavens, et al – the set time has arrived. The transformation of the towering cliffs into the Wailing Wall and tower of David depicts that the appointed time for deliverance by rapture has arrived for the 144,000 witnesses. David's high tower is Jesus, and He is beckoning His honor guard to step into His palace to become His eternal escorts around His dominion.

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Jesus's arms are open to you!




VERONESE, Paolo Conversion of Mary Magdalene c. 1547: National Gallery, London
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See Appendix 1 for information regarding becoming a jewel in the Father's house. (Halting)
Some Bible scholars believe that Joseph's interpretation of Pharaoh's two dreams was not only prophetic of the current world situation at the time but was also prophetic of how it will be on the world scene at the time of the end when the fire judgment begins which was prophesied by the Bible and Enoch's Pillar. (twin)

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