Upon A Black Horse

  Vision: Sunday, March 8,1998
  by Jeannette L. Vetter


The vision happened before the guest speaker for our church spoke and before the young lady gave her testimony of what the Lord had shown her in a vision that week.


I was worshipping the Lord and singing songs with the congregation when I felt an ominous heavy spirit upon me. I thought, "What is this? This spirit does not belong here." Immediately my spiritual defenses came up within me, for I sensed that this spirit was not of God. I wanted to run out of the church, but I knew I had to stand. So I prayed in tongues. Again it made its presence known to me, and I held onto the chair in front of me. I was comforted that Lee and my husband were on either side of me. I was determined to stand and not run outside. I continued to pray in tongues because I could not sing the song. I knew I must not say those words nor listen to them. (Note: I have sung this song before, but I knew that this time I must not sing this song.) As I stood motionless and looking toward the front I saw the walls of the church disappear even though they were still physically standing. The back wall of the church behind the podium melted away and all of the walls supporting the roof remained although transparent. I could see into the distance and upon the horizon a mirage was coming towards us. The closer the mirage got the more ominous it looked. I could hear the sound of hoofbeats pounding the earth, and I could see dirt flying up as the black horse's hoofs dug into the ground. I turned away not wanting to see this. I looked to Lee then back to my husband. They were not aware of anything happening. I looked at our pastor to see if he saw this black horse and its rider coming. I looked around to see if anyone else could see or sense anything. I saw no indication of anyone seeing what I was seeing. I look to the LORD for my strength and to learn what to do. I heard nothing from Him. So I stood my ground and did not flinch. I calmed my fear and prepared myself as the hoofbeats came closer.

  The black horse and rider came into the church. The horse snorted and pawed the carpet. It promenaded back and forth with its rider in the front of the church. The rider's attire was that of a knight in armor. The armor was steel of a light-colored metal. The helmet was down so I could not see the rider's face. The knight had a banner in his hand that was connected to a pole, which was held in place by the stirrup. The flag was red; all of the rider's saddle ornamentation was red; and the horse's reins were red. All of a sudden the knight and horse charged down the center isle of the church. Then the horse and rider swerved to charge me. At the charge I said, "In the name of Jesus Christ you do not belong here, the Lord rebukes you!" I spoke it once and stared at it. I was not going to back down or flinch, for I knew this was a battle. I had spoken the Lord's name and knew he had to leave. He also knew that I was going to hold my ground. The horse looked straight at me before pivoting and galloping off into the distance in like manner as he came. As soon as he was gone, I asked Lee what a black horse meant. She said it means death. She asked me if it came into the church. I said, "No," but what I meant by no was that the horse and rider did not touch the people or hurt them. I was still on alert at this point waiting to see what would transpire during the rest of the morning service. The rider's attire was that of a knight in armor. The armor was steel of a light-colored metal.







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