Saturday, May 10, 2008

By Jeannette L. Vetter



Balls of Lights

I was very busy during the day studying and doing many other things and the time had slipped by me. I did not want to go to bed without doing my devotional reading. I have been spending time studying about "the path of love in God", that His love leaps like burning flames of light within us. I ended my devotionals with my favorite Scripture verse of Acts 17:28 and said my prayers. As the morning light was peering into my room I rolled over in a semi-sleep state not wanting to get up because I was still tired from the day before having rolled into 2:00 a.m. before retiring.

As soon as I closed my eyes, I found myself looking into the center of the universe with all the stars in their glory, and as I looked, I found myself gazing at a bright ball of light with a tail at the end. It started coming at me at a slight angle, but then it started coming right at me. As I watched the ball of light speeding towards me, in front of me appeared a white table (parchment, paper, or stone, I don't know for sure) that approached me at the same time as the ball of light. I was watching both of them grow in size as they came closer. Then the tablet stopped, and stood straight up. The ball of light was making a continuous swishing sound like the force of wind one hears with approaching storms. As I looked, the ball of light turned into a hand of light, which was so bright I covered my eyes with both hands for it was blinding me. When I lowered my hands from my eyes, both the hand and the tablet were right in front of me – as close as if you were reading a book. I was amazed I could see the hand of light that was blazing and glowing. With the universe as a backdrop, the hand started writing with its forefinger upon the tablet as they were suspended before me.

As the forefinger started writing from right to left, the end of the finger blazed with fire as it burn what looked like Hebrew letters into the white tablet which was only about 2.5 feet across. I saw the letters written one at a time in black. As each letter was finished, smoke came rolling from it. Then the finger would go to the next letter. The 4th line down, at the 4th letter in the line, the blazing finger wrote the Hebrew letters in red, and they seemed to drip like blood yet in flames. At the completion of the red letters, they lifted off the white tablet and became three dimensional with the backsides still attached to the tablet so that the backside of the letters was not visible.

As I watched the finger write the letters, I was thinking to myself that I could not read Hebrew. As that thought came to mind, the elevated flaming red letters rolled from left to right turning into English, which formed a sentence beginning and ending with quotation marks. This is what I saw:


Following the above sentence written in English was the following scripture reference JAMES 1:17.

After I had read the sentence, the English letters settled back into the stone from right to left reverting back to Hebrew. Then the blazing hand continued writing letters to finish what looked like a paragraph. However, there were no periods, commas, question marks, nor syntax of any kind. I watched until the hand completed writing letters.

Then I heard a sound, looked up, and saw a beautiful light glowing, growing, and speeding towards me. I couldn't take my eyes off the light because I was consumed by what was taking place and what I was seeing. As the letters were smoking on the tablet, the hand of light hovered in mid air while the brilliant light brighter than white was speeding towards me with powerful pulses of electrical energy. To me I heard the sound of God, felt the power of God, and the love of God consuming me as the Presence of God, the white tablet, and the blazing hand of light enveloped my whole being. I awoke with awe and wonder.








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