Linen Cloths


Friday, May 8, 2009 By Jeannette  L. Vetter


  It was a time of rejoicing, a time of completion, a time of healing, and yet a week of sorrowfulness. Not quite knowing, but knowing! My thoughts and words I spoke in everyday life I purposed them to speak life and give life to others. I felt the present of My Lord and knew I must press as close as possible to my Heavenly Father. As the week slowly ended, I was exhausted. Life was changing and the unknown was approaching on the horizon. I fell into bed grateful for one to sleep in. I felt a deep peacefulness come over me.
The Dream

I slowly approached and found myself placed inside a tomb for the dead. As I was standing inside this tomb, I observed and noted the particulars of this tomb, since I have never been inside one. I was not afraid, but wondered why I was here in the first place. I noticed the walls were hewed out of stone, and it almost looked like a cave. Then to my amazement I realized I could see everything. In the tomb, there was only one thing to see and my attention was focusing on it – a stone slab.




On this stone slab was a body. The body was wrapped in beautiful white linen cloths from head to toe. The cloths were handsome and glistened with radiating white light. The whole body glowed with pure white light coming forth as a steady stream, pouring forth from within the body. To my awe, I saw a heavenly beam of light streaming down from above and covering the whole body. At this moment, I realized the body was me.
Stone Slab


My head became an intensely brilliant white light similar to the light of a laser. I could hear the humming power of the heavenly light encompassing me. My body was a mass of pure energy as I felt the heavenly power pour forth over me. Suddenly I felt the presence of darkness approaching my body. However, the light energy within my body was so powerful with the heavenlies pouring forth from above and radiating outward into the tomb that it repelled the dark force. There was a distinct area of light and dark within this tomb as the heavenly sound flowing from heaven went through me into the tomb repelling the encroachment of evil. The evil was beautiful in the form of a man, and I knew full well I was looking at the devil. As I watched him, I could see he could not look at my heavenly empowered body. As I studied him I noticed he was absent of light and also absent of color. He was so evil and monstrous that he would transform to both beautiful and then evil at the same time. There was an overshadowing of both forms. He held his left arm up to hide the light from his eyes as he approached my body. He had a hooded robe on, and he held a grotesque dagger in his right hand in a downward position ready to stab my body. Thankfully, he was driven back with the force of the heavenly light, heavenly sound, and the power of God shining forth that caused him to stumble backwards. He retreated into nothingness and vanished!

I awoke with awe towards
My Heavenly Father
thanking Him for protecting me from such evil and satan himself.





Burial Tomb



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