Messenger: The Lady

Vision of Jeannette L. Vetter


Thursday, September 04, 2003

  1:30 AM



As I closed my eyes and crawled into bed after a long day of travel, my last thoughts were I am so glad to be home. Before I fell off to sleep I suddenly had a vision. I saw a lady come and talk to an interpreter (I could not see the interpreter), but I heard her language, and it was foreign to me. I repeated the words I heard to myself to remember them and quickly fell asleep because I was so tired. As soon as I awoke, I immediately got out of bed and wrote them down.

The lady was very well dressed as a person of importance would be; and her demeanor was that of a lady. Her hair was groomed in the fashion of today; and she kept looking at me with that look of excitement like whatever it was she wanted to tell me was very important for me to hear. She was constantly glancing in my direction and our eyes would meet. She smiled and seemed please to deliver the message. Her voice was clear and she pronounced her words very precisely. She spoke them twice, and I repeated them in my mind. Although I could not understand the language,these are her words that she spoke to the interpreter. (Note: Since I did not know the spelling of the words I sounded them out as best I could.)

“Parodgum etenum te verbum dumus knox lumina statcheura de yero untous unum doclus.“

The next morning I proceeded to look up these words but only two words made sense to me. After searching for quite some time, below are the words I found. The web site address 1 of my search is posted below.

1. Prodigium or prodiggii a prophetic sign, token, omen, portent, prodigy
2. etenim for, for truly, and indeed, because, since
3. tu thou, you
4. verbum a word
5. donamus to give as a present, bestow, grant, voucher, confer
6. nox night
7. lumina light
8. stutura to stand upright
9. de from, away from, down from, out of
10. uero true, real, actual, genuine
11. uentos to come
12. unmum one, single
13. oculus an eye
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1 The Perseus Digital Library, Gregory Crane, Editor-in-Chief, Tufts University. (of)

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