The Message
  Dream: March 3, 2005
  by Jeannette L. Vetter

No sooner had I closed my eyes than I felt as if I was traveling at a great speed through great distances. It was as if one minute you are here and then in a blink of an eye, you are in another place. This is how I arrived. I was completely enveloped by the light of Heaven. It was so fresh and pristine. I stood for a little while in the spot where I had been placed. I looked at my arms and noticed they glowed with light. I moved my left hand and the grass moved with it. I thought to myself, wow!!! I saw mansions to my right made of the same light. The lines were crispy and the designs of the homes were exquisite. The gardens and flowers flowed with your movements as you walked. The air was fresh and the trees, flowers, and everyone was inner-connected together. At this point, I noticed there were people because I heard them.

People were busy going here or there as if they were preparing for a great event. They were clothed in white as I was, but they were far off so that I could only see the commotion of their activity at this distance. I thought, I am going to go looking for my Mom and Dad (who are deceased). Then I heard a voice resonating from a beam of light that was more brilliant than the sun. His voice consumed me and I no longer thought of self nor my emotions. There was no happy, sad, nor tears. I was one with God. God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost filled me as I basked in His presence. All I wanted was the voice of God.

As I looked up at Him, I saw waves of light flowing down upon me. Then He spoke, the His voice boomed as thunder filling me. He spoke these words, “Jeannette, it is not time yet. Look over the bridge.” At this, I saw I was standing on a bridge and could see down through the clouds. Then I heard a noise like I have never heard. I looked down, and intently focused on a chiseled-like creature riding upon wheels. He looked human but was robotic-like. He looked very determined about what his mission was. You could hear the wheels as they made double sounds while turning within each other. There seemed to be four sets of these wheels whirling against each other in opposite directions but yet going forward. I was about to ask the creature where he was going and what he was riding on, but the Lord said, “Jeannette, do not distract him. He is my messenger. He is the beginning of many that are to follow him.”

At this point, I realized God and I were talking without verbal communication. He knew my thoughts and I knew His. He spoke to me in this way. He showed me the path I was to follow. This is when I took note of the pathway I was on. It glistened like gold. Let me repeat, heave was basking and resonating with the glory of God.

As I was walking, I was led to a Way Station (Note: this station was a directional switch of which path one was going to travel). This was a place where people switched paths. I opened one of the two doors at the entrance of the Way Station. I walked over to sit down on a bench as the Lord directed me to do. The other door at the entrance led back out into heaven where I had been. I saw Jesus standing by me as I was directed by God to be seated. Before me were three doors on the left. In front of me in the wall was a doorway with a door. It was continuously open. Through this one, which was opened, I could see women waiting in line to get inside the way station. Through another, which was opened, I could see a line of women going back down to earth. This line of women disappeared in the distance. The first group of women coming in was composed of people I knew. The first in line standing in the open door was a professional woman and her assistant.

Jesus and I communicated the same way I did in heaven. I would turn to Him and without speaking I knew that He was telling me to pray for the person. It did not matter what she was praying for – a touch of God, an anointing, a direction, ability to hear, just wanting to be held and tears dried up, a word spoken, healing of physical ailments, healing of emotional pain, or deliverance's of any sort. As Jesus spoke, I saw the powerful oneness of being in touch with the truth of God. I knew their pain and experienced an oneness of love for them. As each one received her answer, she turned around the corner of the station and went into a cleansing area that you could call a washroom. Some would wash themselves in water that poured from a faucet. Others would rid themselves of demons or disease by heaving. Others would just wash their hands, or straighten their hair. Some would apply makeup. These were the ones that had physical damage to their bodies or faces. I saw some healed of emotional damage that life inflicted upon them. Each one took the time needed as they were ministered to by the Holy Spirit. The mirrors reflected Jesus not only in their hearts but also on their faces. On the tables in the cleansing area were tools for their life’s requirements: makeup (God’s image of reflection imprinted upon their souls), books, tapes, blessings, all that Jesus had to offer them. All of the tools, gifts, and blessings were given to help them on their life’s journey so that they could reach their divine destiny.

I awoke from this and was amazed at what God had shown me. I could not move for about an hour. I was so disappointed to be back home. I had just witnessed living miracles and wanted to stay with the sweetness and taste the honey of God. I eagerly look toward the door that leads back into heaven.


My Beloved Savior and Lord





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